Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"An Other Triumph For George W. And You Cannot Prove Those Are My Baboon Noses!!
September 5, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

As Janice Jopman once sang, "Summertime and the lemon is easy, fish are jumping and the captain is high." And yes, fish ARE jumping up and hitting people in the head in Missouri, like it says in the Bible, and yet we see Godless LIEberals and moderates dragging the Ten Commandments out of a courtroom in Alabama just because the law said so. Really, is that any excuse?

But at least instead of having the Ten Commandments dragged out of a courtroom under a LIEberal socialist like Al Gore, we are having them dragged out by a moral God-fearing true American like George W. Bush. And that is something I am sure we are all thanking Jesus for, which the Reverend Cloyd would confirm except he is still angry and will not speak to me. And I do not know what he should be so angry about since they cannot prove it was me who burned down his church a few years ago.

Meanwhile, what a triumph in Iraq for Our Great President! Yes, there are still soldiers getting killed, but I am sure that will end now that Donald Rumfilled is there in Bagdad, which he did not sneak in because he was afraid.

"The U.S. intelligence community has imperfect visibility," Our Great Secretary of Defensive said, and even Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld had to admit when I asked her that she could not see any sign of intelligence there at all. So the plan is working like a charm, whatever it is.

Yes, George W. did send Colon Powell to the United Nations to allow them to admit they were wrong and should have joined the war and send troops, but not because we need to be bailed out or anything. And yes, Germany and the nation formerly known as France but now called Freedom said No, but what did you expect? They are just like the rest of the chocolate makers, and George W. is right to sneer they are irrelevant after all.

But let us not forget that hardly anyone noticed that we have pulled all of our troops out of Saudi Arabia, which except for being the home of Osama Ben Ladin and 15 of the September 11 hijackers, and giving all of the September 11 hijackers visas to come to this country, and giving lots of money to Alkaheeda, has next to nothing to do with terrorism. And yes, pulling our troops out of Saudi Arabia was something Osama Ben Ladin demanded but that does not mean that Our Great President is appeasing Osama. Instead he is bringing peace in our time.

And so refreshed from his 35-day vacation, Our Great President threw his dog to the ground, rolled up his sleeve and came back to work. The dog will have to make his own way, just like poor sick people, who will no longer have the "easy out" of emergency rooms to coddle them. It is a hard lesson but I am sure those kids will be better off learning them.

Enclosing, let me mention that you cannot prove that it was me who got the email from Dr, Eze Emeka from Nigeria about the thirty one million five hundred dollars that he wanted to send to someone honest. And you cannot prove I know how Dr. Emeka, if that is who it was, got the name of Secret Service Agent Brown, or how the suitcase full of baboon noses ended up at the airport in Amsterdam or who Dr. Emeka expected to meet there. And that is the truth, as British intelligence told me.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who is far too smart to except a suitcase filled with currency that turns out to contain baboon noses which have probably gone bad by now anyway. He can be reached at bobboudelang@yahoo.com, especially in regards to certain matters concerning pending transactions about undeclared Nigerian oil revenues and not baboon noses under any circumstances, okay?

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