Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"Oosy and Goosy Husane Are Dead So Now Let Us Forget Whether Bush Lied About The Reason For War And So What That He Did?!!
July 25, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well, who can deny NOW that it was worth having 250 American soldiers killed and a thousand more wounded since Oosy and Goosy Husane (or whatever the hell their name was) are dead? Yes, the war in Iraq has cost more than $70 billion in debt so far, but who can deny it is worth every penny to have two guys dead that the entire civilized world feared, even if they never heard of them before some time in March.

But instead of printing out the pictures of dead Oosy and Goosy from the Internet and gloating over them like any normal American patriot would, Democraps and Socialists and Moderates are wining about how American principles, credibility and honor is shot to hell just because Our Great President told a few little white lies to get us into the war, which you cannot prove so do not even try. Well, I'll cut some cheese!

I am sure our brave soldiers and soldierettes over there would say it was all worth the killing and wounding too, unless they would not say so, in which case they should be severely punished. After all, how are the Iraqis ever going to learn about freedom if people are aloud to criticize George W. or Donald Rumfilled, or Great American Institutions like Brown and Root to reporters? That we run the risk of not having the next war in Iran or Syria, or worse!

After all, why should not Brown and Root profit from the war? After all, they started it!

I am sure those of us who went to "Support the Troops" rallies (or would of if we were not busy) meant "Support the Troops If They Keep Their Mouth Shut And Die Quietly For Our Great President!" I know I did. That is what I done when Our Greatest Ever President Ronald Reagan and I was protecting slackers and cowards here at home from the tyrants of Grenada. And you did not hear me complaining, even though I was shot in the ass with friendly fire, and not because I was running away either, so stop saying that.

So instead of complaining because it turned out that Our Great President misspoke himself with statements that were technically almost accurate but are now inoperative which does not mean that he lied, we should just ignore that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and that there are no WMDs anywhere despite what Our Great President claimed, and that the CIA DID tell our Great President about the uranium forgery before he said it in the State of the Union anyway, or that Sadom Husane would not allow the weapons inspectors into Iraq that also could not find the weapons that we cannot find. Instead we should go on not paying attention to what is going on in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Because neither one of those is a quagmyer or another Viet Nam, so stop saying that. And the longer we ignore them, the better each will seem. Where as if we pay attention we run the risk of noticing the problems, and who wants that? Not us Republicans, and anyway why don't we hear the Democrats offering solutions to these problems that aren't happening? I ask you.

Meanwile I am sad to report that Rush Limbaugh continues on the radio unabated instead of giving his program to me now that he has a job pointing out how much blacks and LIEberals and Feminazis are ruining football. I hope you have all called to point out that no one knows how he smells. After all, if I get his job on the radio I can quit the fish market and then I am sure the fish gut smell will go away and the cats will stop following me everywhere.

By the way, it is probably not true that the new ship, the USS Ronald Reagan is just drifting aimlessly out at sea. I am almost sure that is just a joke Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld was making, or at least I hope so.

Enclosing, let me add what a good thing it was that the Republicans called the cops when the Democrats had the nerve to try to discuss a bill that Bill Thomas was trying to put through you-nanimusly without dissent. That sort of terrorism, where legislation is examined before it is put through, has no place in George W. Bush's America, and do not forget it!

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader and proud of it. You can reach him at bobboudelang@yahoo.com and do not forget to call and remind the radio people that you do not know what Rush Limbaugh smells like.