Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"Yes, He Did Not Tell The Truth, But That Does Not Mean Our Great President Lied, So Stop Saying That!!!
July 18, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Who is not shaking in rage like a leaf on a fuzzy tree, as Elvis Prestly would have said, about the latest outrageous and inflammatory partisan political charges from Democraps and other Saddam appeasers that Our Great President George W. Bush lied, just because he did not tell the truth?

I am for one, and I am sure many other patriotic Americans are too, even if you cannot see them. It has got so bad that I was unable to go back to my job at the fish store, and not because I was hung over, but because I was so concerned about the fate of Our Great President and this nation of his and needed to concentrate by resting my eyes.

And I am not talking about there being no WMDs found at all yet in Iraq, so stop saying that. They will be found, mark my words, and not everyone will believe that they were planted either. Nor am I talking about him saying combat was over in front of the banner that said "Mission Accomplished," which it is not his fault all those soldiers have died and got killed afterwards. Even if he did say, "Bring them on" about the attacks, which was actually brilliant strategy-izing which you cannot prove has backfired so do not even try.

No I am talking about the State of the Union address and the uranium forgery letter, which could of happened to anyone.

And after all, it was only 16 words and British intelligence made George Tenant put them in. And they technically were not a lie, as I told Mrs. Rosenfeld, who won $500 at blackjack with Secret Service Agent Brown when they were in Las Vegas there together and now is Mrs. Brown. And anyway, do not the DemocRATS think it is all right for a president to lie, and not about trivial matters like war, but about important things like his pants? "Do not forget what the meaning of is is," I said, and she said "It all depends what the meaning of lying asshole is" which I do not get.

Imagine if Bill Clinton had said "British intelligence did not have sex with that woman" when he shook his finger on T and V! Then we might never have had the impeachment which that Slick Willie only got by on do to the legal technicalities of "not guilty" and "no evidence of wrongdoing." I shutter to think of it.

Meanwhile things are looking brighter in Iraq, if you do not count the soldiers getting killed. Yes, there were soldiers complaining that they were working for Brown and Root, but so what? Our Great Vice President Dick Cheney works for them too and you do not hear him complaining!

And yes there were soldiers saying Donald Rumfilled should resign. But what do soldiers know about military affairs? And there is good news about that. Our new general there has decided to clamp down on letting soldiers complain in public to the press.

Also the group of judges that went over to set up the Iraqi courts were kept from talking to the press about how they could not do so because Iraq was such a mess. There is no better way to show the ignorant Iraqis about the difference between a brutal dictatorship and freedom than by keeping Americans from speaking out.

If only we had more of that and less news! But instead the yellowdog lacky LIEberal running dog media keeps up its constant drumstick of stories about this and that instead of telling about Our Great President and all the good things he has done for this country, which I would so here right now if I could think of any.

Besides, Sodom Husane is probably laughing out loud when he reads about dissent in our country from where he is, although you cannot prove he got there because George W. made any sort of deal. So let us forget about Afghanistan, even if the Taliban is coming back, or Korea, where there is shooting with machine guns that is nothing to worry about, but instead let us be united as one and knuckle under to obey every little wim of Our Great President (who is not a crooked drunk so stop saying that), like real Americans would do. Let there be no mention of impeachment unless it was over Monica and not over a paltry matter like soldiers dying and being wounded so Dick Cheney can steal Iraq¹s oil. And let the healing begin, except for Democraps who are all traitors, as Ann Colter says.

By the way, I notice that Rush Limbaugh has been hired to talk about how LIEberals and Negroes are ruining football. I hope this means I will be back in the running to do his program, since I am tired of cleaning up fish guts and no one can tell how you smell over the radio. Please write your station and point this out. I can be reached here at the Daisyview Trailer Park, which is as bad as Communist Canada.

Remember, call your local station where Rush is and say "No one knows what he smells like." I am counting on you!

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who can also be reached at bobboudelang@yahoo.com although he only checks at the library once or twice a week for email although they cannot keep him out any time he wants to go according to the judge.

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