Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
I Am Beating My Chest Because Rick Samtotum Is No More A Bigot Than Trent Lott!!"
May 2, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

What a glorious week for Our Great President who has announced that the combat in Iraq is over (except for the killing and wounding, but we are not suppose to notice them so I will not). I would hate to be a Democrap loser watching the glorious moment when he pretended to fly on to the aircraft carrier and the sailors were ordered to cheer.

You will notice that Bill Clinton never went on an aircraft carrier except that once, and even then he never pretended to fly the plane and people like Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Peggy Noonan and Bill O'Reilly and the Washington Times (which, yes, is run by the Reverend Moon but that does not mean it is some sort of crazy cult thing) and all the rest did not go on and on and on about how brave Clinton was in flying in a Navy plane to a Navy ship. So it just goes to show.

And what a great speech, in which unlike last he did not sound like he was drugged which was a liberal lie about last time. This time he was alert and it was a thrill for all patriotic Americans to see his little eyes darting this way and that as he read his speech, in which he made hardly any mistakes.

Our Great President said "No terrorist network will gain weapons of mass destruction from the Iraqi regime," and he did not mean because there weren't any and he was lying. He will find the weapons his dad sold to Saddam even if he has to put them there himself, believe you me!

And yes, he does not know where Saddam is and yes, he does not know where the weapons he said Saddam had are, but that does not mean he is lying when he says he knows they are no threat anymore. So there!

But of course, he has to put up with LIEberals carping and being unpatriotic. Soon I suppose they will be asking "Where is Saddam?" the way they ask "Where is Osama?" Where is the anthrax killer?" "Where is Chic Omar?" "Where is the surplus?" and "Where is Ken Lay?"

Really! Rome was not burnt in a day, you know. Why is it Democraps would give Hans Blix three whole months not to find any weapons in Iraq but will not give George W. more time when he is doing the same? Especially since Our Great President has so many more people looking. And they are looking and not just guarding the Oil Ministry or shooting Iraqis who are protesting about the swell new government we are going to make them have.

It is annoying that some people who are liberated that they think they have some right to pick their own government if you know what I mean. That is not why we bombed them back into the stone age. What is good enough for Florida should be good enough for Iraq. After all, Americans did not vote for Our Great President either, and you do not hear us complaining, except for the unAmerican ones who do.

And speaking of unAmerican complaining, who has not noticed the fuss being made in some quarrels over the comments by Rick Samtotum, one of the greatest Republican senators that no-one had ever heard of before?

It is horrible to see DemocRATS and other socialists and homos complaining just because he attacked homosexualism when speaking about the law in Texas that makes it illegal. Samtotum says he loves homosexuals, he just hates that they have homosexual sex. That means he is not a bigot. Get that straight. Neither was Trent Lott, who after all did not hate black people but only the color of their skins. And yet we see the LIEberal media blowing this out of context like they did with poor Trent.

Yes it did freak the AP reporter out to be talking about "man on dog" with a United States senator. When I mentioned this to Secret Service Agent Brown, he told me that Texas had made that legal in 1974 the same year they made gay sex illegal. "Guess they have been lone too long down in the Lone Star state," he said, which I am sure he did not mean as a slur against Our Great President.

Another news, Donald Rumfilled announced he is pulling our soldiers out of Saudi Arabia where they are not wanted and putting them in Iraq where they are not wanted. And yes, that was something that Osama Bin Laden demanded but that does not mean Our Great President is appeasing Osama Bin Laden in any way because he isn't. Get that straight! Besides, I am sure that if he was appeasing Osama Bin Laden he would say so.

So that is why I am pounding my chest as General Jay Garner, who is taking over Iraq and complaining about Americans being told our soldiers our shooting protestors, said. "Damn we're Americans!" he said, we ought to say, and it is good to know that when we say that the people in Communist Canada cannot. Nor can the people in that enemy country formerly known as France but now called Freedom. I am pounding my chest and jumping up and down, too, and I don't care what other damn Americans stops and points and laughs. I'm proud to be a chest-slapping jumping up and down shouting American, and so should you. Amen.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who has not been in jail even once this week, despite what you might have heard.