Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
Hooray For Our Great President's War Which is Not a Failure Even Though There Are No WMDs!!"
April 11, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

What a glorious day this was for freedom-loving people who hate the UN and peace everywhere! Last night as the flames and smoke rose above Baghdad, it was not caused by US bombers for a change but by happy Iraqis looting and burning themselves. Another miracle performed by Our Great President George W.! I hope the garsons and madams choked on their freedom fries in the country formerly known as France but now known as Freedom when they saw that.

I would not have been surprised if some arden patriot, infused with the glow of patriotism for the glorious George W. had broke a window at the Liquor Warehouse and started a fire to toast the Iraqis and their new found freedom. What better way to celebrate America's victory over the sinister forces of peace, diplomacy and the UN here at home than doing what the Iraqis did?

Now the liberated Iraqis will no longer groan under the heel of the tyrant Saddam but instead under Ahmed Chalabi, who has only been convicted that once of fraud, and then only in Jordan, which doesn't count. And there is nothing crooked about Our Great Vice President Dick Cheney's old company Halliburton making money from Iraq oil by getting a contract without bidding while he was still on the payroll. That is what our soldiers fought and died for, was free enterprise and no competition.

And yes, more than half of our soldiers died because of mistakes and not the Iraqis, but so what? It would be unfair to blame our Great President for that so do not even mention it. Mistakes are mistakes and anyone can make them. Even me and you, especially you.

And yes, there turned out to be no links between Alkaheeda and Iraq, and yes, there turned out to be no nuclear weapons, and yes, there turned out to be no chemical weapons, and yes, it turned out Iraq's army was not much of a threat. But that does not mean that the war was wrong so stop saying that. Saddam would of gone on defying the U of N and invading countries if he could of, so instead of complaining because the Great George W. defied the U of N and invaded the country because he could, we should thank God (which Al Gore would of outlawed) that we have a strong president instead who was too elected (if you don't count the votes) and is not an incompetent drunk.

I am sure the Iraqis know that we invaded their country and bombed and shot them for their own good. Anyway, we did not target civilians unless we thought we could justify it. That is humanitaryanism of the highest form, and shows why George W. is such a compassionate conservative.

And yes we did blow up journalists, but let's face it. Anyone more concerned with printing the truth instead of being inbed with us deserves what they get.

Now we can turn our attention to Syria, where Saddam must of shipped the chemical weapons we cannot find, as Donald Rumfilled said, so we do not have to look at things here at home. Not that things are a disaster here at home, because Our Great President has a plan. More tax cuts for the very rich will continue the Bush economic miracle, which is still the fault of a certain ex-president whose initials are Slick Willy Klintoon.

Speaking of Slick Willy, yes, the FBI agent who was trying to prove that Slick Willy was passing secrets to the Chinese turned out to be passing secrets to the Chinese himself, and yes, the Chinese spy turned out to be a big wig in the Republican party, but that only goes to show how corrupt the Clinton years were. It is time we ex-impeached the ex-president!

And it has good to see that the House has passed a bill so that those brave people who make guns cannot be sued for any reason no matter what it turns out they do. Imagine poor gun dealers charged just because they are missing few hundred measly guns, like the gun shop in the Beltway sniper case. Do we want to live in tyranny like the slaves of Communist Canada and Sweden? Or do we want to be free like the people of Iraq, where nearly everyone owns a gun?

What would of happened if our brave troops in Iraq did not have guns? They would have been defenceless with only missiles and bombs and tanks and grenades and flame-throwers to invade with. That's what. Arrest my case!

So enclosing, let us raise a glass to Our Great President, who did not let international law, the Pope, the leader of his own church, the United Nations, or all those people marching around the world protesting keep him from doing what he wanted to do. It is time we all got down on our knees like Americans would and cow-towned to his every little wim, whether it is making the rich richer, or ending taxes on the wealthy. Amen.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader and has not been hiding while Carl was out on bail which is just a lie.