Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
Freedom Toast Will Show Our Enemies We Mean Business And How!!"
March 14, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Now at last our enemies will know that America means business when it comes to those who would be our enemies. We have named French Toast "Freedom Toast" and French fries "Freedom fries." That will be a mighty blow that will bring our enemies to our knees for daring to disagree with Our Great President, all right.

I told Mrs. Rosenfeld and Secret Service Agent Brown that, and they said "What about Freedom kissing?" and laughed and laughed. I did not get it.

Freedom toast is just the high point of a couple of weeks that had many high points for George W. It had perhaps the highest point yet, when the whole country got to hear him tell the "so called" press that Sodom Husane needed to disarm and had defied the world for 12 years no matter what question that was asked.

And Mrs. Rosenfeld is just appeasing Sodom like the un-American LIEberal she is when she pointed out the big pauses in between the words of Our Great President and suggested he was stoned. The ordasity of some people, I tell you!! For one thing, George W. has been clean and sober for many years and even then you can only prove he was a drunk and not only because the records are sealed. And for another, I am sure his niece Noelle has stopped forging prescriptions after the judge threw the booklet at her.

Besides, Rush Limbaugh edited out the pauses and sped up the tape so he sounded as if he was normal. Wala! Another problem solved on our way to war, which we would be if not for the evil U of N which is still peacemongering.

It looked only last week that there would be a new resolution in the U of N this week and Colon Powell and others said we were within striking distance and only one vote away. And so Our Great President began working the phones. But it is not his fault that now there is no chance of a vote this week, I am sure, and anyway, who cares what foreigners think?

Not our Great President and not his little friend Tony Blair either. And they will go to war without the U of N, and then the world will be sorry!

And yes, Donald Rumfilled said Britain may not go to war, and yes, lawyers ruled Tony Blair could be put on trial as a criminal in case of war, but do not think George W. is afraid of that (and not because he already has a criminal record so stop saying that). Besides that is British international law and not U.S. international law which is probably different.

Besides U.S. law is sovrin, which does not make Richard Peril a hippocrit because he is suing the New Yorker magazine in England. Besides, that piece was written by a terrorist who aims at demoralizing American moral by pointing out how rich Richard Peril and Newt Gingrich and some sleazy arms dealers are getting in secret. Who wants to know things like that? I ask you.

Do they not know Sodom must be stopped from getting nuculear weapons, even if the evidence that he has them is fake? Do they not know that Sodom has aluminum tubes? Do they not know Sodom has little vials? Do they not know Sodom has a drone made out of balsa wood and duct tape?

I guess all of those people who were laughing about duct tape when Homely Secretary of Security Tom Ridge (who is not an idiot so stop saying that!) told Americans to buy duct tape. Perhaps if we had bought more instead of laughing and jeering and sneering and making fun of Homely Secretary Ridge, there would not of been any in the stores for Sodom to buy and then we would not be living in terror of a plane made out of duct tape, with only tanks, planes, missiles, satellites, ships, 150,000 troops, and the MOAB bomb to protect us from the balsa wood of doom.

And who sold him the duct tape? I would bet it was our enemies in the country formerly known as France but now called Freedom by real patriots like me. That is why when we take the oil from Iraq (which we are not stealing but just using to pay for the war so stop saying we are stealing it) we should not give them any.

Speaking of the MOAB bomb, was it not scary to see what Our Great President and His Great Brother Jeb did in Florida? And no, I am not talking about getting Janet Renchburg to hide the result of her department audit showing Jeb had soaked $500 million from the government into his state pension fund and would have to pay it back until after Jeb was re-elected which she had to retire from the job she had due to her father ignoring the Florida voters and appointing George W. Bush as president which anyway you cannot prove any of that, so do not try. It is all just a coincidence anyway. And anyway, who cares? Not me.

No I was talking about Our Great President and His Great Brother Jeb setting off the MOAB bomb in Florida, where it will scare all of the Iraqis who were on hand to see it.

Another news, at last we see the depravity and extremism of antiwar actors and grandmothers and ministers and lawyers and teachers and the like. In California a "support our troops" wall at a used RV dealership was tore down by fiendish anti-war demonstrators. And certainly there is nothing suspicious about this story just because a bunch of cops watched the vandalism without doing anything at all.

No, there is no way it is fishy in any way. After all, what possible motive could a used R/V dealer have in trying to get free publicity through some kind of phony stunt?

That was good responsible policing, not like the LIEberal police state we have here, where an innocent ordinary citizen can be snatched off the streets by stormtroopers just for selling discount phone cards that it could not possibly be proved he knew were fake, and be forced to testify against Carl with the tattoos and the black leather jacket who hangs out by the Warehouse Liquors who came up with the idea and talked him into it. Especially since Carl was able to get out on bail.

Yet when you hear all these human rights mongers wailing and snivling just because American citizens are being held without trial or a lawyer, or because the government is spying on libraries, you never hear them talking about the many innocent victims of Democrap tyranny who are forced to testify to stay out of jail no matter how mean the person they testify against is or how bad my back is. And a war veteran too.

Well, as you can see, I have not been afraid to speak up, especially since Carl does not go on-line. And I hope you will not be either, unless you are going to oppose Our Great Presidentıs every wim, in which case I hope Bill O'Reilly gets you like he will Barbara Strysand and the guy from Mash. There ought to be limits to free speech.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who is not hiding when he ducks under the table at the library but merely being alert for a terrorist attack. Besides, Carl is not so tough unless he reads this in which case it was not my fault.