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Traitor Democraps Should All Be Killed For their Hate Speech!"
December 1, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Now, who is not shaking enrage and walking down the street angrily muttering to themself while holding their George W. Bush action figure proudly for all to see?

Well, I am for one. But I always do that. No, I guess there must be millions of real Americans doing the same all over real America at the news that the Demoncrats are making hate speeches about Our Great President George W. Bush. And what did Our Great President ever do? Nothing. Thank you.

But is that enough for hate-filled Lieberals and moderates? They should be lined up and shot, which I would be glad to do myself if only someone would buy me a gun. Perhaps Santa will leave one under my tree Xmas morning if I have a tree, which I will not.

Nor I will have no electricity for Xmas lights which I did not pay the bill. But it was not because I lost the money at the track, but out of protest for the energy bill being filbert-busted by Democrap extremists just like they filbertbusted all those judges, including the Mexican guy, which he was Mexican and yet his qualifications was questioned in public! And he was Mexican! So there!

Why should not the swell corporations that already make billions selling us energy make billions more from the government? Otherwise that money would be wasted on schools and jobs and medicine for old people instead of rich people paying less taxes who will turn around and create new jobs by moving the ones here overseas. THAT is the Bush economic miracle and I am only sorry some people refuse to see it.

But at least the Speaker of the House David Hasper, or whatever his name is, was able to force Republicans to vote through the bill wrecking Medicare. That will teach those lazy old people not to depend on socialism for their perscriptions. Hooray for Speaker Hamper or Hesper or whatever! And hooray for free enterprise getting government money! Now perhaps there will be no more mention of Senator Doctor Frisp stealing all those billions from Medicare, which fortunately there was hardly any mention lately.

Speaking of Doctor Senator Frrisp, who was not glad to see that he has finally proved to one and all that Iraq is not another VietNam? Yes, it was in VietNam that Our Great President Who Said He Was Not A Crook Nixon and the other guys said there was a light at the end of the tunnel. But Senator Doctor Frisp says there is no light at the end of the tunnel in Iraq. And that is that. Now maybe we will hear no more silly talk about Iraq being another VietNam, although I doubt it myself.

Speaking of Iraq, which I wish people would stop doing, did everyone see last week that all those Italian soldiers got killed over there? That should be proof to every one what a great international collision Our Great President has built and shows that it is not just Americans that are being killed and wounded in droves over Saddam's weapons of mass destruction and ties to terrorists, which you cannot prove George W. ever actually said there were.

The Italianos actually had a day of mourning for their dead soliders instead of sneaking them back in the country so no one can see them George W. Bush's America does. I guess it is because they do not know over there in Italy what it means to have a great leader like Our Great President seize controland impose his will on people.

And it is not just a few dead Italians in our collision, nosireebob. There are also some South Koreans in the collision, and they are still alive, believe it or not,. Yes, they are hiding from the Iraqis on their base and not coming out, but that does not mean that they could not get killed too to show that Our Great President means business. So that is something for all us Republicans to hope for.

Speaking of meaning business and George W., was it not great to see the way he went to England inside an armored car and read a speech mentioning John Lock, whoever he was? Yes, he canceled his speech in Parliament and refused to answer questions, but you cannot prove that it was because he was stupid and afraid so do not even try.

Enclosing, let us all have a Happy Thanksgiving like Americans should, and not obsess over silly things, like who is stealing what from who or why our soldiers are getting killed and wounded or how Rush Limbaugh paid for all those pills or what has got dumped in the drinking water and who will pay for getting it out.

Instead, let us gather in peace and harmony and let bygones be bygones like the Pilgrims and Indians did so long ago, just before the Indians were killed because they did not believe in predestination and their land was taken. And let us give thanks that more and more Americans see Our Great President for what he is, which is not a corrupt incompetent drunk, so stop saying that!

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader and sportsman with an interest in thoroughbred horses, except for Stewball which must be part dog to run that bad and how could the tip I paid Shifty Lenny for be so wrong? I blame the Democraps.

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