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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
Now The Entire World Is Seeing the Jenius Of Our Great President!"
October 25, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

What a week of triumph this would be for Our Great President George W.! Except that every week is a triumph and so this one is no different, except for being slightly more triumphy.

But at last the rest of the world is getting to see what America has been looking at with amazement up close, and except for the riots and the heckling and the demonstrators and having to hide from ordinary people, it was a successful trip, to far-off foreign countries like Bali and the Filipeens and Australia and Hawaii.

And yes, the Australian parliament heckled him, but they hardly represent Australians.

In the Filipeens, Our Great President pointed out that we were doing in Iraq what we had done there. And yes, we took over the Filipeens for nearly 50 years and thousands died, but that was then and this is now. What makes George W. such a dynamic leader is this keen ignoring of history and facts and his concentrating on ideals like other nations paying for Iraq and sending troops which they refuse to do.

Meanwhile here at home George W. is saying he will veto the $87 billion for Iraq that he asked for and got, which will be a stinging defeat for those who put selfish concerns with America ahead of our ideals in Iraq. Imagine the nerve of Democraps and other moderates making some of the money a loan! We should just give them the money without making them pay it back, and not because George W. bombed them for no reason and lied about it so stop saying that, but because it is the right thing to do.

But instead of knuckling under to Our Great Presidentís slightest wim, some people have the nerve to ask rude questions although not very loud. What happened to the missing $4 billion? they say. Well I will cut some cheese to go with that. Who are they to ask George W. about money? After all, even Congress does not do that!

What is a poor LIEberal to do faced with a jugglenaut like Bush? As George Will and other very smart and not crazy commentators have pointed out, they cannot even prove that George W. ever said Iraq was an eminent threat. No one can prove there was any reason at all we attacked Iraq, and that is leadership with a capital B, all right!

And that is the walmart of decisive people with a plan who are getting things done. Like Our Great Homely Secretary of Security Tom Ridge who did not sit around and do nothing when he got a e-mail from somebody who had smuggled boxcutters through airport security and hidden them on airplanes and told him exactly where they were. In just five short weeks he read the email and had the guy arrested. And let that be a lesson to terrorists everywhere who send e-mails to Tom Ridge.

Meanwhile Our Great Secretary of Defensive Donald Rumfilled, who has not gotten fired yet so stop saying that, had a memo leak to the press. And yes it seems that he does not know what he is doing, but that is not what he says out loud so do not worry. "Is our current situation such that 'the harder we work, the behinder we get?' " he said, and I could not of said it better myself. Do we want the war run by someone who asks questions like that, or by someone who actually had some sort of plan? I ask you?

Who can doubt that we are not winning the war on terror? Not me. Look at the great people we have on our side, like General Boynkin, whose God is bigger than anyone elseís. General Boynkin has an actual picture of the devil which he can show people. Nobody working for slick Willie Clinton could make that claim, you bet.

Then there is Colonel Crocodile, who did such a great job writing the same letter for all those soldiers who did not know they wanted to write to the editor of their local newspaper around the country and talk about the good job they were doing in Iraq.

Those are the kind of stories people will be telling their kids years from now about the war! It will be notorious!

And here at home DemocRats must be steamed about how George Bush is actually appealing to black voters by appointing a blacko-American judge. And they will even let blacko-American journalists ask questions out loud about her, just as if they were normal people and their opinion counted.

And yes, the former head of the National Republican Committee who is running for Congress in Mississippi is being supported by the Council of Conservative Citizens that says it is proud to be racist, but so what? It is typcial LIEberal hippocracy and bigotry to be opposed to white racists.

And at last the Bush economic miracle is being recognized. There is a new book called "The Bush Boom" that tells you how things have never been better with the economy, despite no jobs. So there!

So enclosing, let us think how much better we have it here than in some backward foreign country like Azabajinia. In Aberzajian, the son of the former president has taken office in a fraudulent election. He was the head of the oil industry there, too. There was biased media coverage, interfering in people voting, fake vote counts, and opponents were intimidated or roughed up. So we should thank our blessings that we live in the land of the free and home of the brave with Our Great President and not some two bit dictatorship like Aboriginia. Amen.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who wishes someone had written letters to the editor and put his name to them back then about the great job we were doing in Grenada back then where he was shot in the ass by friendly fire instead. But is he bitter? Yes and it is liberal Demoncrats fault, too. Put that in your hat and smoke it!

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