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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"A Moment of Silence for 9/11 So Just Shut Up And This Means You!!
August 13, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well, here we are on the second anniversary of the day when Our Great President did not run and hide so stop saying that. It was only two years ago Thursday that our country was attacked by cowardly terrorists who hit us knowing that George W. Bush was reading about The Pet Goat to second graders and would not be available for hours.

But they are laughing out of the other side of their necks now that they have seen what a good job Our Great President has done in Iraq, which is why he wants the U of N to join us and send soldiers and money as soon as possible. I guess we all can see now what a good idea freedom fries were!

But instead of jumping in and sharing in the excitement and triumph, other countries are sitting on the sidelines and muttering ugly terms about like "quagmire" and "disaster" and "another Viet Nam" and "no exit strategy" and "war based on lies" and the like. Who would have thought it, except those of us who knew foreigners were no good?

And what is with LIEberals? For years they have been wanting to throw money at education and job programs and housing and health care and lots of other wasteful things that would benefit no one. And now that George W. has told them it is all right to throw money at Iraq, they do not want to! Gee wiz! I will cut some cheese to go with that!

Why can they not follow the wise advice of Britney Shields, who disgusted everyone in America by kissing McDonna? It was all I could do not to be totally grossed out by the pictures I cut out of newspapers and magazines.

Do they not realize that if they followed the advice of Britney, who was actually kissing McDonna with her mouth open (Britney although come to think of it McDonna's mouth was open too) in hot girl-on-girl action such as every decent American is outraged and would not look at more than once.

But Britney is right about Our Great President who I am sure would also be horrified like me by this open display of affliction between two women as if they were of the lesbianic persuasion or something.

I think everyone in America ought to think about what Britney had to say about trusting Our Great President and just except that she was led astray by an older depraved person into evil. And that is all I am going to say accept to point out how disgusting it is.

Meanwhile, I am sure we all believe that when Our Great Vice President Dick Cheney was told not to come to the September 11 ceremony by the Mayor of New York for secruity reasons, it was not because the families of the victims could get their hands on rocks and loose debris to throw at him. So stop saying that!

And what American did not feel proud when Secretary of Defensive Donald Rumfilled (who has not got fired yet) said that Americans who criticized Our Great President were helping the enemy? What is wrong with Democraps? Do they not realize how important it is to make the rest of the world see that Americans are ready to die like a fanatical unthinking fighting machine that will not question tour leaderís wims? How else will they ever learn about freedom?

So let us not begrudge a poultry $87 billion of debt for Our Great President for Iraq. After all, how will Americans ever learn about the evils of Big Government unless the government gets bigger and more evil? And that will be George W.'s legacy, and I am glad to be here to see it.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who can hardly believe that they would put pictures of McDonna and Britney in hot girl-on-girl action on the Internet but you cannot access it at the public library. You can send him pictures of it at if you are as outraged as me.

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