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I Am Not Running Away Like the DemocRaps in Texas And This Fire Was not My Fault Either!"
May 16, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

It is horrible the way LIEberals and moderates are flaunting their immorality and wickedness by making fun of Bill Bennett because he indulged in a little innocent gambling and lost eight million dollars. What could show the hippocracy of the Democraps more than this? After all, did Bill Bennett ever point out every little failing of theirs, or mention that they were responsible for every sort of wickedness on earth?

It is not like there is anything wrong with gambling, and anyway he only did it in the backrooms where high rollers go, and yes they have hookers and cocaine for high rollers there but I am sure he did not indulge. So Bill had his wife announce that he is not going to do it again, but not because there is anything wrong with it, and that does not make him a coward and a hippocrit. Get that straight!

Sure, one casino owner said "There's a term in the trade for this kind of gambler. We call them losers." But those people are just sore winners.

And yes, another casino said they delivered slot machines to Bill Bennett's room so he could gamble naked but so what? After all he is under a lot of stress from his job, which is going from place to place to point out to people like me how wicked and perverted liberals and others who believe in helping the poor and needy really are.

Meanwhile in Texas, the Democraps had the nerve to shut down the government. And not the good way that Nude Gingrich shut down the government back when that was Clinton's fault, but by leaving!

What is wrong with these people? Do they not realize that Jesus has handpicked Our Great President and people like Debbie Riddle to run this country? But instead of getting down on their knees and knuckling under to every wim, they have the nerve to keep up their constant harping and work. Cut some cheese to go with that!

And after all, they only have their hatred of Our Great President. America knows they have no real issues except for public education, gun control, environmentalism, workers rights, business regulation, diplomacy, civil rights, health care, Social Security and Medicare, housing for the poor and other nonsense that only the tree huggers, the gays, the blacks, the femiNazis, the Hispanish, the Orientals, the gun-grabbers, the union sympathizers, the LIEberals, the moderates, public school pimps, the poor, city-dwellers, human rights mongers, sock-her moms and people like that care about.

I mention Debbie Riddle because she has bravely spoke out down there in Texas. "Where did this idea come from that everybody deserves free education, free medical care, free whatever? It comes from Moscow, from Russia. It comes straight out of the pit of hell," she said. It is about
time Republicans were speaking out like that.

But instead of letting great people like Debbie Riddle and Tom DeLay (who is not a dangerous nut) redistrict Texas so that Democraps cannot be elected, these cowards ran away. Who can blame Homely Director of Security Tom Ridge for getting involved? He took time off from cutting airport security and thinking of new colors to hunt down the DemocRATs.

And it is not his fault that he could only find one of them, for they had gone out of the state. And yes, they were in the only Holiday Inn in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and yes, they were putting out press releases. But do not forget, Tom Ridge is not part of the press and so it is not his fault he
could not find him. After all, he cannot find Osama or the anthrax killer either, and hardly anybody on Fox News cares.

And it was not because Homely Security Director Tom Ridge and his friends were more interested in getting rich than in doing the jobs they were supposed to do. Gee wiz! Why are people so obsessed with whether Richard Perle or Dick Cheney or Tom Ridge is getting richer? Why do they not focus instead on the results these people are getting? After all, that statue of Saddam got knocked down on TV. That is almost as good as actually catching him or stopping the looting or finding the weapons of mass destraction or rebuilding Iraq, isn't it?

After all, it was only a few weeks ago that Our Great President flew by himself to that aircraft carrier that was probably really thousands of miles away and not right next to San Diego. And the whole country heard him say Alkaheeda was not a problem any more, while he was standing in front of that banner that said "Mission Accomplished!"

Of course, just this week Alkaheeda killed 29 people and wounded 194 in Saudi Arabia, but that was a mark of how desperate they are to make Our Great President look bad.

George W. said the killers would "learn the meaning of American justice." By which he did not mean like in Enron and Arthur Andersen that they would stand around doing nothing while evidence got shredded, like Mrs. Rosenfeld's son said, which you cannot prove Our Great President had anything to do with. Anyway that was Ann Richards.

"Anytime anybody attacks our fellow citizens, we'll be on the hunt, and we'll find them and they will be brought to justice," Bush said to people in Indiana who were pretending to be normal. "Just ask the Taliban."

And it will be easy to ask them since they are making a comeback in Afghanistan, but that is not George's fault but Bill Clinton's, for reasons which is so obvious I do not even have to explain it to you. But it is obvious to anyone with half a mind like me.

And so the brave Texas Republicans were forced to give up their plan to take over the state forever by adjusting things so black and Hispanish votes would not count for much. It is the tyranny of the minority and should not be put up with. After all, if it were not for the greedy demands of elderly, sick and poor people, there would not even be a debate about giving aid to
CEOs and others who really need a helping hand.

And speaking of Democrap Socialists, who is not proud of Officer John Mott for forcing his way into that school in Vermont where students were making subversive art? I cannot think of a better way to show those misguided kids what America and freedom is all about than having armed citizens break into schools in the middle of the night to secretly photograph what they are up to.

Thank goodness that this country has courageous patriots like Officer Mott, who refused to give the pictures to the Police Chief, the School Board, or the Town Manager. Instead he sent them to Rush Limbaugh where it would do the most good. One look, and you can see what sort of seditious and dangerous propaganda is being spread in that classroom.

I was so inspired by Officer John Mott's bravery and courage that I went to the local high school just the other night. I did not have a camera, as Mrs. Rosenfeld cravenly refused to lend me hers and her vicious watchdog Cujo would not let me get near where she keeps it.

I figured I would appropriate the art (and yes that is the right word and not steal) and take it to Fox News in New York City, where they would put it and me on the air and I could be the next Bill O. Riley.

Well you would not believe it even though it is the truth and not a lie, but a roving gang of minority youths were also vandalizing the school at the same time, and they were the ones who broke those windows and set the fire, not me. You cannot prove otherwise. So remember that when you hear the lieberal media smears about drunken vagrants monkeying with a bunsen burner, which is just the demoncrat politics of personal destruction.

Meanwhile I am leaving the Daisyview Trailer Park and all my friends, but not running away like the Texas Democraps. Instead I am going to and fro in the earth, and walking up and down in it, always ready to spread the good news about Our Great President (who is not an incompetent drunk, and who was too elected if you don¹t count the votes) and all the good work he does,
even when no-one can think of any. Amen.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who believes it is time for a road trip. You can contact him at as most libraries let you work the internet no matter how you smell, even if you cannot look at naked teens in bondage which he never does.

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