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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
Our Great President Will Have His War No Matter What Everybody Else Says, Including Turkey, So There!!"
February 21, 2003
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Who is not steamed and mortarfied as I am by the ugly unAmerican way millions and millions of Americans marched in the streets last weekend? Imagine! As if they had the right to protest Our Great President's every wim!

Fortunately, George W. Bush did not get where he is today by noticing what was right in front of him. He said the worldwide protest was a "focus group," which was the same way Homely Secretary of Security Tom Ridge says he got the bad idea about duct tape and plastic wrap which would have been a good idea if it had worked and people hadn't made fun of it.

Where does someone who wasn't elected get off making a decision about whether this nation goes to war or not? Only a mentally defective person or somebody with some sort of substance abuse problem would have that sort of arrogance!

Our Great President is going to plow ahead and have war with Iraq no matter what the United Nations or the countries next to him and France and Germany and our other enemies have to say about it. And it has nothing to do with stealing Iraq's oil. It is because Sodom Husane might have weapons of mass distraction like North Korea has. But North Korea is reasonable and can be dealt with through diplomacy, which is why Our Great President is not talking to them.

Meanwhile after all the arguing with NATO and our enemies Germany and France over Turkey, now the Turkeys are asking for more money before they join in the war (which is not a bribe so stop saying that!) What is wrong with them? Do they not know how terrified and helpless they are?

Meanwhile, I am pleased to see that there will be a "Rally for America" to counter those marches last weekend. It is the idea of a guy who is like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage and G. Gordon Liddy (my hero!) and Shawn Hannity and the others on the radio, which I did not steal. As he says, "The Rally for America is for the people that are the backbone of this country; people who despise war but understand that are times when we have to fight a war. Both against our enemies aboard, and those within who look upon the regular average American citizen as something less than decent and caring."

Once the bombs start falling, the people in Iraq will understand how decent and caring we are. And it would have bene a good idea for more police to break some heads to show how decent and caring average Americans feel about anyone who would dare to open his mouth and criticize Our Great President in public.

However it is good to see that the threat of terrorism is not keeping Our Great Attorney Genral John "The Eagle is Sore" Ashcroft, who is not a dangerous nut so stop saying that, from pursuing other dangerous criminals. Just this week he put a man in Kansas in jail for having dirty pictures on his computer after accusing him of having child pornography that he didn't want but that was delivered to him any way. That would never of happened when Janet Reno was in office.

And I am sure investor confidence will come rocketing back although it has never left now that poor Harvey Pits has finally left as head of the S.E. & C. and has been replaced by that keen-eyed watchdog William Donaldson, who you cannot prove had anything to do with illegal tax shelters in the Caymans, and is only involved in one measly little investor fraud case.

So all in all we are on the right track, not that we were ever on the wrong track. Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight, as Shakespeare said. And remember, there is nothing wrong with this country that another tax cut cannot fix, even if Allen Greenspam says no.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who wasn't nearly suffocated last week duct-taping Saran Wrap around his head so stop saying that.

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