Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
All Our Great President Is Saying Is 'Give War A Chance!'"
September 20, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

What a tragedy this is for the entire world including the Middle of the East! Just a day after Our Great President told the United Nations that Sodom Husane had to admit the arms inspectors or there would be war, Sodom Husane agreed to admit the arms inspectors to avoid war?

Could there be any clearer evidence of the dishonest treachery and treacherous dishonesty of this evil tyrant? Clearly he knows in advance that the arms inspectors will not find any evidence of his weapons of mass distraction. That is not because George W. was lying when he said he had that evidence, which he will not show anyone, including the UN. That is because he is treacherous and dishonest.

I was so proud of the way George W. stood up before the UN that I put this picture up at the barbershop. And would you believe, some terrorist sympathizer vandalized it while I was at lunch and yes I really did eat something? Thank goodness Secret Service Agent Brown was there getting his haircut at the time.

You or I or anyone with half a brain would be discouraged at the threat of looming peace but not Our Great President, I am glad to say. Instead he said that what Sodom did was just a ploy which it is. And we are a nation that will not be ployed with!

Ari Fleischer, who is a Jew but almost as good as if he was saved, said "He has a history of playing rope-a-dope with the world." But George W. will not be fooled and will keep on punching as hard as he can.

As Our Great President has said, "There's an old saying in Tennessee, I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee, fool me once, shame on...shame on you...fool me...you can't get fooled again." Who can argue with that? Not me! I could not have said it better myself.

Even our allies in Germany have taken notice of Our Great Presidentıs popular tactics and have compared George W. to one of their countryıs leaders of the past.

But still the Dumbocrats refuse to knuckle under like all patriotic Americans should and continue to spread their gloomy agenda of tolerance, progress and fiscal sanity.

And Congress has had the ordasity to actually hold hearings about the September 11 attacks instead of just excepting that they are all Bill Clintonıs fault. After all, who was ex-president at the time? Arrest my case!

Instead they are announcing that the CIA is refusing to explain what they told the White House last summer. Like there is anything to hide beyond all the warning memos and the Bush familyıs business with the Bin Ladens, and who cares about that? That is just blood over the damn, as far as patriots like me and Ann Coulter care.

Meanwhile, I am very disappointed that there has not been more excitement over the Orange Alert! Mr. Munchino seems to think that it was all some fake instead of a serious response to the warnings that were just like the other ones that George W. said he didnıt get and why do not people believe that? He will not keep the barbershop door locked (Mr. Munchino, not Our Great President) and he seems to think just anybody should be allowed to get their hair cut without having to sign a loyalty oath or being fingerprinted and D and A tested.

You would think he would except the help of a patriot and war veteran, but you would be wrong. "Pipe down, stupid," he advises when I make a helpful suggestion along those lines.

And the Daisyview Trailer Park might as well be Bayroot or Cobble the way security is fragrantly neglected. There is no camoflodge netting and no guided missiles, although I know a guy who could probably get us one that I met at the Great American Patriot Heartland Values Survivalist Expo and Gun Show of God (which was not a crackpot bunch of white supremacists and malicious despite what the LIEberals at the local paper made it sound like).

But the Demoncrats continue to try to distract voters from our Great Presidentıs war of liberation where he will save the Iraqi people from the tyrant that oppresses them by dropping bombs on them. Yes the stock market is in the 7,000ıs now but you cannot prove that the tax cut had anything to do with that so do not even try.

Instead let us join together and give war a chance. As Thomas Jefferson probably said, "the blood of patriot guns cries out for the sons of liberty to sacrifice." It is time for American kids to take up the mantle so that patriots like Dick Cheney and Ken Lay can keep their assets safe in the Cayman Islands. That is what America is all about.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who is not some sort of nutcase despite what the LIEberals at the barber shop say behind his back when they do not realize he is keeping an eye on them. So much for the politics of personal destruction. You can reach him at bobboudelang@yahoo.com