Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"Time Magazine Has Some Nerve Printing the Truth About George W!
August 9, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Now we see the ugly hatred of the Marxist lapdog vicious yellow journalism lackie leftist press for ordinary working people like Our Great President! Time magazine has had the nerve to "print" a story showing how George W. stopped the plan to attack Osama Bin Laden before September 11th instead of telling Americans why we ought to attack Sodom Husane next. It is almost like they "care" more for truth than for the next great war.

By now we have all forgot about Osama Bin Laden except to show how Bill Clinton is responsible and now this! Besides, the plan Clinton had was only to roll back Alkaheeda and not destroy it, and even though George W. did not do anything to destroy it and only discussed it twice in the first 100 meetings. You cannot prove that is because of any deal with the Bin Laden family, either.

If this is allowed, next thing you know the press will be discussing what is going on with the war in Afghanistan that no-one wants to know about. And then we will be bogged down talking about missing top secret information and innocent casualties instead of focusing on what is important, like why Al Gore is anti-business.

It has got me down to the point where I can hardly stir during the day, and not because I am a lazy drunk but do to concern for the direction this country is taking, as anyone who knows me would tell you if the rent wasn't late.

Not even Our Great President meeting with the rescued coal minors cheered me up, although it could of if Mrs. Rosenfeld had let me watch it on television, and I wish you would tell her that.

Our Great President said "Spirit of America" 11 times in 13 minutes, which he had to do because they could not get him a backdrop.

"Before their against-all-hope rescue, they made a pact to live or die as a group, shared one meager sandwich and huddled to stay warm. It is that spirit that's going to prevail in the big challenges we face around the world," George W. said. "It is the determined spirit of America and our optimism and our ability to solve problems, which will help us deal with the economic downturn."

I hope it will help investors and Wall Street to think of themselves as trapped underground and banging on a rock for help. I know the rest of us feel that way thanks to George W. and his honesty and leadership.

I was pleased to see also that the great people of Mississippi were happy to welcome Our Great President without asking about Harken or Enron or Time Magazine. "There is no more easy money," he told them, and that is true because now WorldCom is under investigation and great Republicans like Chip Picklefinger have to get half a million dollars elsewhere. Chip is the nephew of Judge Picklefinger who was unfairly rejected by DemocRats just because he refused to be PC and condemn some innocent cross burning.

I had put a picture that I cut out of the newspaper of George W with a young admirer in Mississippi on my trailer door, and you would not believe it, but some evil socialist LIEberal who came all the way from the bus terminal to spy on me defaced it like this.

So I went and got another picture from the paper and it was not me who broke the machine either. And would you believe it, they did it again.

Fortunately, Secret Service Agent Brown was right there on the spot, as he is still keeping an eye on Mrs. Rosenfeld. He had her under surveillance until late at night all this week. I would tell you what he found out about her subversive connections, but the dog will not let me near the flowerbed.

In leftist California, Our Great Vice President was speaking when some leftist bent on the politics of personal destruction yelled "Cheney is a corporate crook." Really! Who could possibly think such a thing just because he changed the accounting at Halliburton to report money held back by angry customers as if he got paid and did not tell investors how much money was owed on asbestos. Those were honest mistakes.

No, Our Great Vice President was not avoiding William Simon, the great Republican who will be the next governor because Californios will overlook his $78 million fraud conviction. I am sure the money Dick Cheney raised with his speech will get to Simon under the table. Besides, the person who won the case was a pot smuggler, and who are California voters more likely to sympathize with, someone who sold marijuana, or the poor billionaire and his high priced law firm who were bamboozled by him?

Meanwhile, who did not breed a sty of relief because that great patriot Bob Barr was not shot when the gun he was playing with went off. I guess it shows gun-grabbing liberals and moderates that they were wrong to slam the Natural Rifle Association and Charlatan Heston. If not for the NRA's gun safety lessons Bob Barr might of left it locked in a closet instead of knowing to pick it up while it had bullets in it. Take that, Sarah Brady!

I also am glad to report I got a e-mail at the library where I am too allowed in, that said.

Way to go Bob!

And another thing...

If those lousy LIEbruls doesn't like it here, why the hell don't they just go back to America! They never answer that one Bob! 'Cause they're scared too, like any patriot would be.

And hey! Would a real patriot refuse to kiss Fearless Leader's hand? Isn't it time Congress showed him some proper respect? Just asking.

I was very happy and wrote back

It is getting as bad as communist Sweden here. Next thing you know, some extremists will want to put patriots like Ken Lay (who is Ann Richards fault anyway) in jail.

Just remember, if Enron had not given George W. millions of dollars last November, the votes in Florida might of been counted and then we would have Al Gore for president and be suffering under the weight of the surplus. Instead we have the Bush economic miracle and a war with Iraq for no reason.


Fight! Fight! Fight! I'll be right here, cheering!

--Bob Boudelang

And so let us hope that America soon forgets all about the economy and why there is no September 11 investigation and supports Our Great President as he stays here and send our troops to Iraq, no matter what everybody in the world says. I'll be here, constant as the Northern Star, since the wheel fell off the trailer when I moved in.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team member who is too really looking for a job and knows the Clinton economy is the reason he looks like he isn't. He can be reached at bobboudelang@yahoo.com.