Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"George W. Bush Is a Bull Dog on the Pantleg of the World, All Right!
August 2, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

I cannot begin to tell you what an inspiration it has been to me, as a loyal Republican and sometimes working person, to reflect on Our Great Career of Our Great President. As he himself says, "I was a bulldog on the pant leg of opportunity."

Beginning as a humble oil company president (which you can hardly prove Osama Bin Laden's brother financed), he only failed three or four times. Still, he made more money, even if his investors didn't, but that is the jenius of capitalism. It is like three card monty only bigger, and if you don't like it you can go to Communist Sweden and cry about your special 411K there, Sore Loserman.

But at last George W. became a hardworking member of the board of directors at Harken Industries and then it was on to other deals that are probly better off not being discussed in public. And yes LIEberals and moderates want to tear him down for that! What an injustice.

Do not you realize that if everyone had known the company was going bankrupt like George did, his stock would have been worthless? But instead of applauding him for his daring and his quick action, DemocRATS complain just because he broke a few silly laws.

And yes while George W. was there Harken got a contract to drill in Bahrain even though they were on the verge of bankruptcy and had never drilled a well overseas, but that was just a coincidence and not the Great Father of Our President pulling strings, so stop saying that. Besides, Our Great President says he opposed the drilling which goes to show.

Sure, the minutes say everyone voted unanimously to approve it, but that was just because of peer pressure. In his heart of hearts, he was opposed and would have spoke up but kept silent. And not because he was drunk, either. You cannot prove that without asking someone who was there, and they will not talk, I hope.

And yes, Harken set up a company in the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes but that is just common sense. Besides, it turned out there was no oil in Bahrain, so there were no taxes on it to avoid, as Ari Fleischer says. After all, if I rob you but you turn out to have no money, where is the crime?

And so George got richer while investors didn't, which are just the brakes. There are no guarantees in life, and no such thing as a free lunch. And I did not shoplift that cheese and cracker package, either and politely paid for it when the clerk at the Liquor Warehouse asked even before the cops came. George and I are just victims of the liberal politics of destruction, for which I blame Slick Willy Klintoon.

If Clinton had only stood up the during the election in 1992 and said "Yes, I plan to get a blow job" there would never of been eight years of investigations and $70 millions spent by Ken Starr and Americans would have known the truth. Then maybe Ken Starr would have been hobnobbing with rich rock stars like String and Elvis John at Paul McCarthy's wedding instead of arguing about tattoos in South Carolina.

Instead due to the politics of destruction, Slick Willy was able to run around saying "It is the economy stupid," which only stupid people believed. In fact, the George Bush economic miracle kicked in as soon as the Great Father of Our President was mistakenly cheated out of his office, and continued right up until his Great Son of the Great Father of Our President, Our President, got in. Then we all saw what a failure the Clintoon policies were, all right, and stop blaming the tax cut. Do you not have sympathy for dead billionaires trying to pass on their fortune to their poor struggling kids?

Fortunately we will soon have another war with Iraq and Sodom Husane. Yes, the last time we liberated Kuwait and went to get him, the people of Kuwait ended up not being free and Sodom's opposition got stabbed in the back (which is another Liberal lie) and Sodom ended up more in charge than before and Halliburton Co. got contracts with Iraq. But that was just a coincidence and not any sort of crooked deal with the Great Father of our President. It is horrible that you would even think such a thing, and you should turn yourself in to Our Great Attorney General, who I am sure does not know a thing about what his friend is up to, for saying it.

So on to Bayroot! Stand up, Sit Down, Fight Fight Fight! As Donald Rumsfilled says, time is running out. I'll be right here, cheering us on.

Bob Boudelang is Still A Republican Team Leader and is angling for a certain person's job with big connections and lots of dough. He can be reached at Bobboudelang@yahoo.com and checks it at the library everyday almost.