Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"Hooray! Our Jenius President Has Caught A Puerto Rican Middle Eastern Terrorist!
June 14, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot,with this week's rebuttal...

Now if you have half a mind like me you would think that even Democrap Socialists would be happy with Our Great President Bush and get down on their knees and cave in. But they do not have the guts to do so. Instead they are quibbling because the Middle Eastern terrorist the Bush administration has foiled single-handedly is named Jose and is from Chicago.

Well so what? If anything this shows that in these days of PC correctivism from the hysterical left that there is something to be said for good old racial profiling. After all, who would have thought someone of Puerto Rican descent would be as dangerous as any Arab? Nobody but someone who cannot tell them apart because they look alike. Like me and George W. Bush, but mostly him.

If you stop every dark-skinned person it is not just a way to get out of doing real work, so stop saying that. It is a strategy.

Perhaps this means that Mr. Hernandez-Garcia down at the bus station will be taken away and held forever without trial, like Jose will be. We can only hope so. After all, what is the point of living in a free country if the government has no right to make people disappear?

Then finally we can get rid of the tyranny of affirmative action and get back to the America the way it is supposed to be when those people know their place. And that is not racism but common sense, so stop saying that.

And no, the kid who was actually blowing up mailboxes in the Midwest did not get that treatment. But he is a white Christian and besides only a few people were injured.

And he was using clean bombs where as Jose was planning to use a dirty bomb. Which is much worse than actual clean bombs even if Jose did not have a bomb and the mailbox kid did actually have a bomb. Get that straight!

A dirty bomb would have destroyed everyone and Washington, in Washington DC, which makes that shadow government idea a good thing after all. I think we all owe a debt of thanks and gratefulness to our Great Attorney General Ashcroft for explaining exactly what a dirty bomb is and how to build one.

And yes they had arrested Jose a month ago and not announced it until this week but that was just a coincidence. It does not mean that the Homely Cabinet Secretary of Security plan is a disaster, so stop saying that. It represents many months of work in secret and was not just slapped together at the last minute to divert peopleís attention from Colleen Rowley testifying in public, who anyway did not say that Bush and Bin Laden were in cahoots. Not that she had any proof, either. Or that anyone was worried that she might.

And this does not mean that Homely Director of Security Tom Ridge was a failure, so do not ask what he did with the $19 billion he spent but letís instead salute him for a job well done without prying into what it was.

In fact the Homely Cabinet Secretary of Security plan is a work of jenius. Sure the new secretary, whoever he is (and no, Tom Ridge has not been fired yet), will not be running the FBI and CIA but as everybody knows, those two agencies are just fine as they are. And no, he wonít be in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, but then what do guns and explosives have to do with terrorism I ask you?

And yes they eliminated Livermore Labs where important research is done due to clerical error but let me ask you, are you so perfect? Everybody makes a mistake now and then, whether it is not classifying spy plane photos or accidentally flushing a Racing Form down the menís room toilet which they cannot prove it was me.

So it has been a week of triumph for good white Christian people everywhere. First Colon Powell was put back in his place for speaking out of tune on whether the Palestinians would have a state as George W. once said but then took back again. However, Colon Powell is not an uppity black person like some would be and so he will go on eating in the kitchen with Concertina Rice without a murmur.

And Donald Rumfilled has completely settled the dangerous situation over Cashmere between India and Pakistan. It was a clever way he did it too and I bet they are glad to have a white person show them how.

In India he announced that Pakistan had let Alkaheeda terrorists into Cashmere, and then in Pakistan he said the Alkaheeda were not in Cashmere. Wala! Another problem solved, just like I or George W would have done it. And the world is a little bit safer if you donít count the fighting that broke out again.

Meanwhile here at home, can you believe the obstructionapulist Democrats had the nerve to block the bill which would have eliminated million dollar inheritance taxes forever? Now you and I will have to worry for the rest of our lives that if we inherit a million dollars or more in ten years we might have to pay taxes. It could happen, and then what?

Something must be done or otherwise we will go on having every proposal Bush makes to get rid of environmental laws or help companies move overseas for tax purposes blocked at one madmanís wim. And you know who I mean, too.

It is almost too bad he did not get anthrax, which you cannot prove George W. had anything to do with. There was nothing suspicious about Our Great President secretly taking Cipro on September 11th a week before there was ever an anthrax attack. After all, when the attacks started on September 18, I bet we would of all have been glad he took it if we had known about it and not of asked how he had known in advance there was going to be an attack.

And are you not glad that Our Great President and his staff have spent so much time screening lobbyists for Democrap contamination, or arguing paragraph by paragraph about how unfair it was that the General Accounting Office refused to admit that Slick Willie Klintoon had vandalized the White House just because they could not find any evidence? With so much real work to do, who can blame them for not connecting any dots? Let us get our priorities straight!

So enclosing let us have more racial profiling and fewer rights to keep people like you and me, especially me, safe.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who thinks a little racial profiling does not mean you can prove anyone is a lazy bigot. You can reach him at bobboudelang@yahoo.com