Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
Our Great President Has Saved Us All From The Horror Of Clones, Which Was Too Real, So Stop Laughing!"
April 12, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

Once again, we see Our Great President Bush showing the world what Our Great Father of the President used to call the vision thing. George W. has acted quickly to protect every American from the danger of clones. And I don't mean circus clones, or rodeo clones, but the evil clones that evil socialist atheist scientists were going to create any day now unless they were stopped.

Yes, George W. has refused to be distracted by the Middle East, or Enron, or Afghanistan, or not getting Osama Bin Laden, or not getting the anthrax bomber, or the deficit, or other issues where he has not failed, so stop saying that. Instead he is focusing on the REAL problem, clones.

Let me ask you this? What would happen if some evil scientist created a clone of the Great George W.??? This unelected specimen could go around embarrassing the U.S. by mis-speaking in public, or calling Taiwan a country to enrage our sort of friends the Chinese, or making ignorant demands that foreign leaders like Aerial Sherona would ignore. We would be in some pickle then, I can tell you! He might even start a war with some uninvolved country instead of getting even for September 11th by putting our troops in the Philippines and Colombia.

Fortunately we have Our Great President and he has headed all that off.

And yes some winy nambla-panda liberals and moderates are saying this could keep us from having cures for diseases. I will cut some cheese to go with that! Everyone knows that only wicked people get those diseases, and God means them to suffer. Otherwise he would not make them sick.

Sick people should suffer and die as God means them to. Otherwise we are tampering with nature. But Democraps do not see that because they do not have the reverence for life that we real Americans have. That is why they should be wiped out.

And yes, this will put us far behind the rest of the world, but only in Godless science, so do not worry. Last August when Our Great President limited research in stem cells. Yes, it turned out the only stem cell lines he limited the US to belonged to a company that Health and Human Cervix Secretary Thompson was part of, and yes, they all turned out to be contaminated with mouse cells. So what? It is not like this is an issue that effects anyone but scientists and sick people.

And this has nothing to do with the fact that Rupert Murdoch has a new movie coming out about clones and that the last movie in that series was terrible and did not make as much money as everyone hoped. So stop saying that.

Meanwhile, the incityess war of DemocRats at the bus station goes on. I had cut out this fine picture of George W. making his "no clones!" speech and put it up on my locker. I came back not just five minutes later, and some one had already defaced it like this:

Fortunately Secret Service Agent Brown was right there to match magic markers to the writing. He will track down the person responsible any day now. So let this be a warning to friend and foe alike, the Secret Service is on the case. Like the ides of Texas, you will not get away.

Speaking of the great state that Our Great President used to be the Great Governor of that is not a polluted bankrupt mess due to him so stop saying that, I am glad the Republicans there are pointing out what a cynical racial quota it is for the Democraps to have a Mexicano governor candidate, a white lieutenant governor candidate, and a black Senate candidate. If it were not, they would have all white people, like normal Texans want.

Meanwhile, what about those wacky conspiracy theories from left-wing extremists and journalists? Now some are saying that the Enron executive in Houston did not commit suicide before he could testify, just because there was blood on the street outside the car he was found in, and just because he had mysterious wounds on one hand, and just because he had pieces of glass from somewhere on his shirt, and just because the crime scene was tampered with, and just because fingerprints weren't taken, and just because the guy was half-embalmed before an autopsy was ordered although the law called for an immediate autopsy. And so what if he shot himself with rat shot? Talk about a reach!

Isn't it ironic that the same people who are calling for an investigation of this case are the same ones who refused to accept the fact of Vince Foster's murder just because five investigations said it was suicide? Kay sirra sirra, unless that doesn't mean what I think it does.

Meanwhile, did you notice to the arrest of that radical liberal femiNazi lawyer in New York for aiding terrorism? She was passing messages from the blind chic who blew up the World Trade Center the first time in 1993 and it was not Our Great Father of the President's doing that he got in to New Jersey after Egypt kicked him out for terrorism two years earlier. This is a great victory for our Great Attorney General, who does more than sing "The Eagle is Sore." It is good work by him and our Homely Director of Security Ridge.

The lawyer and the blind chic were in cahoots from 1999 until May 2001, and I just hope that these people do not get off on technicalities, such as that John Ashcroft wasn't allowed to listen to their conversations until after September 11th. It is like saying that the American Taliban should get let off just because he is an American citizen and was kept from seeing a lawyer and was tortured.

When will you mushy-headed softies understand that criminals have no rights? Only law-abiding citizens are covered by the Constitution, as everyone knows!

We are in a war for our basic freedom against a bunch of fanatics on the other side of the world, and unless we stop this sniveling about human rights, they will have won. So there! Somewhere Soddam Hussane is laughing, and not because of the secret deals he made with Dick Cheney's oil company, so stop saying that.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team leader who was not drunk last week. Who says he has to account to you for his time? This is not Communist Sweden yet!

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