Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
Campaign Finance Reform Will Silence Our Great Billionaires From Speaking Out Louder Than Others!"
March 29, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

It is a dark day for American freedom and democracy (as long as you don't mean counting the votes). Our Great President Bush has been forced to sign the Campaign Finance Reform Bill, and now powerless billionaires are forced to only give the same $2,000 to politicians as ordinary working people.

It is truly disgraceful that Congress has been able to ride rough shard over the White House just by "passing" a law. What about all those against it? Do not they get a voice, too?

What an abuse of free speech it is to limit rich people and corporations like this! After all, they would not be rich and successful if they were not wiser and better than me and you, especially you.

Now we cannot have these patriotic Americans spending soft money creating television ads where they pretend to be "Citizens United To Prevent Choice" or the "Protect the Environment Against Clean Air Laws Committee" or other grassroots groups, unless they do it one or two months before the election, when no-one pays attention.

Do you not realize this reduces these wealthy people to the same piddly status as all the greedy and powerful special interest groups like old people or teachers? I am sure somewhere Osama Bin Laden is laughing (but not because he made a deal with George W. to get away, so stop saying that).

Why, this is just the first step toward oppressing them all over again with brutal taxes on their million dollar inheritances! Why does no one see this? Are we going to go the way of communist Canada?

Thank God (which we could not have done under Al Gore) that we have brave patriots like Ken Starr and the National Rifle Association stepping up to go to court and sue. That is the American way. After all, "Money makes the words go around," as it says in the Constitution.

Yet at the same time. We see the horrible racist lawsuit by black and Negro activists against the very structure of capitalism itself. Could there be any thing more divisive then for people whose ancestors were slaves to sue those companies that made profits from those slaves? It is horrible when activists can terrorize the rest of us with lawsuits like this. And for money, no less!!

What if companies that went out of business because they did not invest in slavery sued black people now? And people call us right wing nuts! It goes to show.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court showed the good sense of not interfering in the execution of a convict just because the judge in his case picked the murder victim's lawyer to represent him. After all, who knew the case better, this lawyer or a stranger?

It is decisions like that which show the folly of Tom Dasshole and the Senate extremists and moderates rejecting Judge Picklefinger. Unless Bush gets his way and all his judges are nominated without question, we run the risk of cross burners being sentenced to harsh terms while proven murderers like this "get" new fair trials.

Speaking of justice, what a good decision by our Great Attorney General, John "The Eagle Is Sore" Ashcroft, to deport the terrorist arrested in Florida instead of dragging him through the courts. If he was put on trial, you know anti-gun hysterical neurotics would have pointed to the fact that he was buying guns at a gun show in Florida to impune our nation's great sportsmen who need to buy AK-47s. And who needs background checks when a terrorist's credit cards are over the limit? I ask you.

And did you see that Sodom Hussane's best friend Sarah Brady bought her son a gun? I guess that shows that when people like the National Rifle Association say she wants to take away everybody's gun, she is just being a hippocrite. And even though buying that gun was legal, "Second Amendment activists believe a Delaware law might have been violated" and that is almost as good as true. After all, who is more likely to lie?

But instead of looking on the bright side, the left continues its job of weakening this country by asking questions and pointing out problems, instead of uniting behind George Bush and blindly obeying whatever he says, like 90% of all Americans do.

Our Homely Director of Security Tom Ridge has been working furiously day and night to pick colors for the warning scheme, and now the Senate has the nerve to want him to explain where the measly $19 billion he has spent on it went before they give him $38 billion. Good God! Did they not see the charts?? They were professionally printed, not drawn by hand!! That takes money, as everyone accept Tom Dasshole seems to know.

I guess the Democrats would only be happy if we had had a puce or lavender alert haha and do not be so PC. I am not gay-bashing, just making fun of perverts, so stop saying that.

If you want proof of all the good Our Great President is doing, all you have to do is ask the grateful homeowners in Anniston, Alabama, who are getting free gas masks to protect them from the incinerator burning nerve gas. Imagine that! I am sure home values will go up in flames like a skyrocket there, due to the added safety of being able to breathe through protective devices.

Of course, what President Bush should have done is made those homeowners buy their own gas masks, since that way they would have learned the value of them. But I am afraid his soft heart has got in the way of his soft head. That is compassionate conservative-ism, all right.

But instead of giving Our Great President credit for free gas masks in Alabama, DemocRats, moderates and other socialists are wining and sniveling daily about something.

When are you leftist Socialists going to realize Enron has completely blown over and stop issuing subpeenas and investigating! Nobody in America cares about that stuff, and they do not want to see big headlines about it every day either. It was all a Klintoon scandal, and anyway it was only business not political. The issue is as dead as that Enron executive in Houston who was found shot before testifying, and you cannot prove George Bush had anything to do with that. So stop looking.

And what is the scandal about Our Great Vice President Dick Cheney meeting with energy executives who dictated the energy policy they would have made money from word for word in exchange for campaign contributions? Good God!! Would it have been a scandal if he had met with radical environmental groups like the Audubon Society before announcing a clean air and water policy to benefit THEM? No, it would not.

Thanks to this silly scandal-mongering, our great energy companies were oppressed by low prices all last year and did not get a subsidy from the government to produce more energy they could sell to us at higher prices. Fortunately, the war with Saddam, which no one can stop, is making gas prices go up again, although that is not why Our Great President is doing it.

It is clear to everyone that Sodom Hussane will not except United Nations weapons inspections, which is why we will get rid of him even if he does. Besides, who can trust the United Nations?

We have got to hit Iraq hard before he does anything to us like develop weapons of mass destruction to threaten the world with. Everyone knows the war is coming in the future, and not just for the elections, so stop saying that.

We would be silly to announce that we will attack. But that does not mean it will be a sneak attack. A sneak attack would be different. This is just no warning.

And yes, we may use atomic weapons. All options are on the table, and now is the time to get under it and wait. There is no better way to rescue the innocent people of Iraq from Sodom's tyranny than to drop the bomb on Baghdad without warning.

And yes, all of the Arab leaders Dick Cheney went to see last week told him they would not support the war, but that does not mean our Great Vice President's trip was a failure. George Bush said last year they would be with us or against us, and now they are. So there.

However, they could have been more grateful. After all if it were not for Our Great President and his Administration, Bill Clintoon's dangerous shoot the moon peace talks might have succeeded. Instead Richard Perle told the Israelis to walk out, and when The Great George Dubya took office they were wisely shut down.

Now the new non-shoot the moon peace talks have begun, with General Zinnia, who as you can see from this photo is making real progress in getting an understanding.

Enclosing let me say, let us all get behind Our Great President and our Fighting Men who are ready to throw away their lives overseas without question to end the threat of Sodom Husane before he poses one. Otherwise, we may have to have another McCarthy-type hearing, and I can hardly wait. Already I have begun keeping files.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader and has his eye on you.