Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
Campaign Finance Reform Is Unfair to Our Great Billionaires!!"
March 22, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

Mark my words, this is a dark day in the history of this great country of ours. Now campaign finance reform has passed through the tyranny of Congress, and rich people and big corporations are as powerless as the next guy, with only campaign contributions allowed any more.

What is the point of being a company chairman or CEO, if you cannot spend a fortune to run ads pretending to be "Citizens for Voluntary Clean Air" or "The Committee to Protect the Fetus" on the eve of elections? Now rich folks are limited to giving the same measly $4,000 that poor people give, and they can only run their fake ads early in the campaigns. It is as if the terrorists have won, and not because Bush and Bin Laden made a deal, so stop saying that.

And the Democrats rejected Judge Picklefinger by borking him with false charges of him being a bigot just because he wanted to excuse a guy for burning a cross at a racially mixed familyıs house and firing a few measly bullets into it. Who among us does not feel sorry for someone hysterically arrested for a prank like that?

Well, I am happy to say Trent Lott will make them pay. Already he has shut down two committees looking into Enron and another looking into why the intelligence services failed on September 11th. And he is not doing that as a cover-up, so stop saying that. It is all to get even for the judge. Anyone can see that.

It is horrible the way the Dysfunctional Dasshole Democraps have rammed through unanimous votes on things dividing America like airport security and aid for the unemployed. Meanwhile the obstructionalism goes on. Already, the Senate has failed to rush through the bill letting Our Great President negotiate trade deals single handedly. And they will not come out and say that it is because George W. is too dumb to negotiate and so we cannot attack them for it. They have not said it has anything to do with him being unable to eat a pretzel safely, or waving at Stevie Wonder.

I am still annoyed that Stevie Wonder acted as if he did not see Our Great President. But what can you expect from LIEberal Hollywood types like him and Alex Baldwin or Rosie O. Donnell.

And once again we hear the hippocritical Socialist Democrats wining hysterically about Gayo-Americans and how they should have special rights like being able to get married or adopt kids. It is important that innocent kids be taken away from gay people before they are brainwashed with liberal tolerance "and" human rights.

Meanwhile the war on terrorism has not bogged down. General Franks said Operation Annakarenina was a big success and the Alkaheeda and Taliban were beaten, and it was a sign of how sneaky the Taliban and Alkaheeda are that they turned around and attacked us instead of lying down.

So what if none of the Arab countries Our Great Vice President Dick Cheney went to visit agreed to attack Saddam? That has nothing to do with his Halliburton company doing business with Iraq for years, so stop saying that. More than likely it is because they are afraid of Saddam and waiting for us to be with us or against us first.

The evidence against Saddam is stacking up daily, and soon as Our Great President says, we will be justified in nuking him before he can do anything. Just this week they found a GTO satellite device that came from our troops that were massacred in Somalia in 1993. Saddam gave it to the people in Afghanistan to leave behind.

It is just the left wing bias of the running dog media journalists that pointed out that it wasnıt invented until 1998. Of course, then the Pentagon had to say it was lost by someone who was a G. Gordon Liddy fan, and that could too happen. You can not prove he does not have at least one fan somewhere.

But that is just the public story. The truth will come out and it will be more believable. You will see.

So to some up: Billionaires are being oppressed, Lott is not covering up anything by shutting down those committees, defending cross-burnings and shootings doesn't make someone a bigot, and Saddam must go. I only wish I had a bigger mouth to say so.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who is not a bigot either.