Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
Osama Bin Daschle's Obstruptionalisticism Has Got To Go!! And I Mean It!!"
February 8, 2002
by Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

Okay, Democrap Socialists, this has really steamed my carrot and got my brain boiling! Osama Bin Daschle, the "so called" Senate majority leader has pulled out his obstruptionist tactics and killed the economic simulace bill.

Now there will be no ten-year income tax refunds for our great corporations like Enron, and we run the risk of having the Clinton recession end the way the energy crisis did, by meddling and asking questions instead of waiting for firm decisive action from Our Great President Bush to break the stranglehold envirowhackos and the poor and elderly have on everything.

I don't think it is any coincidence that the Clinton recession ended just when Tom Daschle-Hussane started his obstruptionlisticism tactics three months ago. I don't think you do either.

Thank goodness we no longer have the crushing burden of a surplus thanks to George W. Bush. Now Our Great President can make budget cuts to protect the end of the death tax for million dollar inheritances and keep America fair for rich and poor alike. Ordinary people were never charged taxes on what they left their kids, so why should billionaires be singled out and persecuted?

And Daschle and his "allies" are trying to stop this! That goes beyond mere obstruptionalist, all the way to fanatical obstruptionalisticism. What's worse, to show how extremist and out of touch with everyone he and the DemocRats are, Dasshole then pushed through an extension of unemployment benefits for out-of-work people (who ought to go out and get a job anyway!) by a tyrannical unanimous vote.

Friends, it is a frightening nightmare in a horror movie of the worst sort come true, as we are now saddled with a "Do Something" Senate that will not just roll over and obey Our Great President as they should. We can only pray these Socialist fireblands do not hample our fight against the Axles of Evil, Sodom Huusane's Iraq, their best friends Iran, and that hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism some people call North Korea.

Meanwhile where is the outrageous against Terry McAuliffe and Global Crossing, which is just like Enron and Our Great President Bush, although there is no scandal with Enron and Our Great President Bush, which is Ann Richards's fault anyway? I ask you?

No, there was no special favors done for Global Crossing. And no, Global Crossing did not get to write the telecommunications policy. And no, Global Crossing did not appoint any Federal regulators for its industry. And no, Global Crossing did not hire anybody from the Clinton administration for political reasons. And no, the Clinton Administration did not hire anyone from Global Crossings for the White House. That is what makes this so sinister and scandalous.

The parallels with Enron would be frightening if Enron was a real scandal, which it is not although Global Crossings is. How else do you explain how Terry McAuliffe was able to turn $100,000 worth of eeio's into $18 million dollars? No one can explain it to me, and I am very savvy. As my regular readers know, there is hardly a week when I do not savv.

There is a horrible double standard at work when Dick Cheney can be attacked for not turning over the list of who met with him to draw up his Energy Policy to Congress after he had been subpeena-ed, but Terry McAuliffe is given a free ride for not handing over his private financial records to Sean Hannity on Fox TV. Can you spell hippocrit, boys and girls, as Mister Roberts would say?

If it is not a horrible scandal, explain to me why the Bush administration had to yank back the crooked contract which that Great Patriot Matt Drudge said was handed out just six months before Global Crossings went bankrupt, which was July 2001. It is a mark of the sinister power that Slick Willy had, that he could still hand out crooked defense contracts like that although he had been out of office six months. It is time we ex-impeached this ex-president, as he wriggled out the first time due to legal technicalities like "not guilty" and "no evidence of wrongdoing."

We would not have Enron in the first place which is only a business scandal and not a political scandal if it were not for the Democratic Party, which passed a law over Clinton's veto to keep ordinary people from running to the vicious and corrupt trial lawyers to sue companies like Arthur Andersen. It goes to show how horrible and wrong the whole LIEberal philosophy is, that HR 1058, the Securities Litigation Reform Act, that was so great when Newt Gingrich put it through as part of the Contract On America, can be turned into something evil now.

Meanwhile Donald Rumfilled continues to give America's enemies like Dan Blather and Tom Lehrer what they deserve! I am sure we all were proud as me when we heard that Rumfilled had publicly compared our armed forces of today to the Blitzkreig in World War 2. It is one more way in which the Great George W. and his team of adults are changing the basic nature of this country itself from this obsession with rights and democracy to a fanatical fighting machine. I was so excited when I read it in the library on the Internet that I jumped up and raised my arm in admiration, and that is not why they threw me out which they did not.

Rumfilled explained that turning our Armed Forces into the Blitzkreig will let them do more with less. This is why we should give them more. After all, if you do not count the war and the veterans, the Pentagon only gets $10 billion extra to fight the war and take care of the veterans.

I am sure we are all disgusted by the left wing running dog yellow press media, which is starting to eat its own, he he he. Now there are hippocritical attacks on buckraking journalists Lawrence Kudlow and Bill Kristol, who are being singled out by liberals just because they took a few hundreds of thousands of dollars from Enron to tell their side of the story. Listen, at least those brave patriotic journalists told the "truth" instead of deceiving us into thinking deregulation was a failure just because of the blackouts in California. That was environmentalist extremism as everyone with half a brain like me knows.

That is why the Washington Times demonstrated the basic freedom of the press by letting environmental groups take out an ad before they could tell their biased side of the story about the charges being false. Is that any different from Kudlow and Kristol, I ask you? I would be proud to take even a measly ten thousand or so from Enron under the table to tell their side of the story and you can tell Ken Lay I said so, if you can find him although I am sure he has not run away.

Meanwhile I hope you are as disgusted by the whole Olympics fiesta as I have been. I would not be watching it even if Mrs. Rosenfeld allowed me to watch her TV any more since I do not have one. And I do not plan to go to the Post Time Tavern or the Red Bear Lounge or the bar at the bus station to watch it either, although I am too allowed in those places so stop saying that.

Who are other countries to tell us how to run our Olympics just because it is an international event? You would think the other countries would be grateful we bribed them to flea their homelands and come to Salt Lake City, although the verdict is still under appeal so that may not be anything you can prove.

First, there was the horrible decisions to ban guns from the Olympic spectators. Could there be a sillier decision than this? We are in a war, people (even if it is not a real war so we do not have to follow the Geneva convention on prisoners)!

If we had not banned guns from the Olympics, when some nut pulled out a gun and started shooting inside the figure skating arena, law-abiding gun owners would be able to pull out their guns and fire back in his direction. But the Olympic tyrants did ban guns, and now spectators will have to huddle in fear knowing that no-one in the crowd has a gun as they watch the figure skaters dress up like Hunkleberry Hound and the Littlest Mermaid while they perform their triple luntzes and flying figs. It will be a Capade of Terror that could have been averted simply by a lack of metal detectors and security.

Then there was the disgrace of free condoms for the athaletes. What will people in France or Italy or even Socialist Sweden think, knowing that athaletes might have had sex before marriage? I am sure they will be as shocked as me if not shockeder.

Promiscuity is wrong, and these young people will never learn that unless they get the VD and unwanted pregnancies that ruin their lives forever if they have sex. Forgive me speaking frankly, but sometimes you have to call a spayed a spayed.

And then there is the flap over the alleged Olympic committee not allowing a female athalete from Afghanistan to carry the new Afghanistaniard flag in the Olympic ceremonies just because Afghanistan was not in the Olympics and there are no female athaletes from there in Salt Lake City.

I am sure every American is grateful to that loyal American citizen Rupert Murdoch for using his Fox News Network channel to bring these and other scandals to our attention. And it has nothing to do with Coca-Cola and McDonalds and Ford and Miller Beer and Fritos and Nike advertising on the Olympics but not on the Fox telecast of the Super Bowl, so do not even think that. For one thing, those are two different channels that Rupert Murdoch owns, so how could one thing have anything to do with the other? It could not happen, so stop saying that. Shakedown is an ugly word and you cannot prove anything so do not try.

And speaking of the Super Bowl, I hope that everybody including Mrs. Rosenfeld saw the ads where teens with liberal upbringings were buying drugs on the street like Marlboro Country hot tubbers, as Our Great Father of the President says. Our Great President was responsible for those ads. I hope everyone sees now how buying drugs on the street helps terrorists buy box cutters and airline tickets, and why we need a $65 billion dollar missile shield to protect us from that.

Our Great President did not wait and let advertising "professionals" and television "executives" produce those ads and put them on the air for free, but invested more than $3 million dollars of our taxpayer money on them. That was well spent. And it has nothing to do with Coca-Cola and McDonalds and Ford and Miller Beer and Fritos and Nike advertising on the Olympics but not on the Fox telecast of the Super Bowl, so do not even think that. For one thing, how would George W. know they did not unless Rupert Murdoch told him, and you cannot prove that. It could not happen, so stop saying that. Graft is an ugly word and you cannot prove anything so do not try.

And are you not glad that Our Great President was not attacked by a pretzel during the Super Bowl as he was during the playoffs? I am, and I credit my snack safety helmet idea. I wish I had been there to see him wear it, as Mrs. Rosenfeld and I had a disagreement and I missed the end of the game.

Speaking of the Super Bowl and not graft, I think we also owe a debt of gratitude to Rush Limbaugh for explaining to us how the New England Patriots were socialists because they were introduced as a team. And some people call US right wing nuts!

I am glad to say Rush's hearing is back to normal as he was able to hear the crowd booing Slick Willy for saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the Super Bowl, even though no one else could.

I would say hats off! To Rush Limbaugh and all patriots except the Patriots, except that I do not HAVE a hat to off! with, and I blame Deputy Jack Oliver. I think he knows what I mean. He said sign up ten other Republican Team Leaders and get a free hat, but he lied as if he was slick Willy himself. You can prove it to yourself, as if you send ten fake names and emails as a test, you will not get your hat. Not that I did this, but still.

(If you decide to take this test, do not use "Buster Cherry" and "Chuck U. Farley" or Deputy Jack will know something is up. Not "Jack Orff" or "Dick Hertz" neither.)

What is worse, Deputy Jack is no help to Our Great President Bush at this time of crisis, not that there is anything wrong! Look at this latest wishly-washly letter he sent for us Republican Team Leaders to send spontaneously to newspapers while pretending to be Democrats:

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle on Tuesday announced his intention to unilaterally kill President Bush's bipartisan economic security package in the Senate even though a majority of Senators support the plan. With his pronouncement, Daschle and partisan Democrats have denied Americans much needed economic relief and put their own self-interest above that of America's out-of-work and uninsured families. Under the obstructionist leadership of Tom Daschle, the partisan Democrats have officially become the "Won't Do" Senate. Daschle WON'T allow the Senate to vote on legislation unless it has the support of 60 Senators. Partisan Democrats WON'T put aside the partisan games for the sake of our economy.

I agree with Deputy Jack that it is horrible to not let a majority get their way unless you are talking about votes for president but still! What a nambla-panda message at a time when outrage and real anger is needed! Where is the warnings about the Democraps link to Alkaheeda? Where is the calls for patriots to rise up?

Deputy Jack is doing a terrible terrible job and it is no longer time to sit on the sidelines. It is time to jump into the fray like a Monday morning quarterback and win one for the Gipper like Ronald Reagan did in that inspiring movie whatever it was with Nude Rockney. Who can forget him shouting "Where's the rest of me?" Or Boraxo, which I still take for headache pain or muscular aches as a tribute to this great American?

Reagan was a great American, and yet he is not on any piece of money although known Communists like Kennedy and FDR are. If I were Deputy Jack I would be calling on all Republican Team Leaders to make up their own $3 dollar bills with Reagan's picture on them to spend and show everyone what a great man Ronald Reagan is.

Reagan's legacy should be honored and the three recessions and Iran/Contra and Black Monday and the HUD scandal and Wedtech and the Pentagon Procurement Scandal and the Savings & Loan Scandal and all the rest of the liberal claptrap should be swept into the dustpan of history and covered up while we focus on all the good things Reagan did. I was proud to help him protect America from Grenada, even if I did get shot in the ass by friendly fire and not running away.

I am off to Washington, DC to confront Deputy Jack in person on these issues (if he really is Deputy Jack and not a certain other "individual" whose nickname is Bill Clinton, if you know what I mean and I think you do). I will ask him "Where is the outrageous?" And I want you to rest insured I will not take no for an answer unless he is bigger than me or has armed guards.

I will have my GOP Team Leader hat or know the reason why. As Starlet O'Hara said in Damn Yankees, "Frankly, my dear, who gives a damn!"


Bob Boudelang is a determined and patriotic American who may be Deputy Bob Boudelang by the time you read this depending on the bus schedule.