Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"What About The Forgotten Victims Of Enron Like Our Great Mother In Law Of President Bush?"
January 25, 2002
by Bob Boudelang, Patriotic American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

Well now we see the horrible result of the Democraps and their Enron scandal caused by Ann Richards. Our Great President Bush's Mother In Law lost $8,000 of money in Enron stock. I hope you are happy now. What happened to compassion and tolerance of liberals? I guess that was just lip cervix.

What a tragedy for the Bush In Law Family it must be. When will the liberal media stop harping on the Enron workers who lost their pensions who deserved what they got and focus on the real victims like these?

Another sad and tragic victim is Our Great President's Secretary of the Army Thomas White who got only $12 million from his Enron stock. His 411 special K is also gone but that is the genius of capitalism, and so you did not hear him moaning although Donald Rumfilled and Colon Powell did. And he also did nothing although Enron saw him face to face seven times and called him on the phone 23 times.

You would think Ari Fleishman was lying two weeks when he said no-one in the White House had heard from Enron the way the biased liberal press keeps digging up these things! This has become an endless witch hump, and there is no smoking gum so let us just move on, people, and go back to focusing on how Bill Klintoon ruined this country.

But no, instead we hear these constant stories and criticism about our Great Vice President Dick Cheney and his secret meetings with Enron and Ken Lay. Just because the law says we do does not mean you and me have the right to know every detail about how the energy plan came to be.

Well, I do not want to know and neither should you. That kind of meddling is what caused the energy crisis to go away in the first place, leaving the Arctic National Refuse Wildlife to go to waste.

The fuss about Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Harvey Pits is also horrible. Yes, the entire Oversight Board resigned over something he said but that is not Harvey Pits fault. You would think there would be more rejoicing over his plan to privatize cumberland government regulations and let the free market govern the free market like in Enron's case. But no, instead there is all this hypocritical shouting by the left wing Socialists and moderates just because Harvey Pits once wrote an article advising companies like Arthur Andersen and Enron to shred evidence before anyone found out.

Good God! That is just common sense! Do we want a Securities and Exchange Commission chairman who does not get rid of evidence? Or do we want Harvey Pits? Ivan Boesky did, and so does Ken Lay. What these great millionaires want should be good enough for us.

In other thing, no one is mentioning the good work by the FBI in stopping Enron from shredding documents after Tuesday. As soon as there were reports on the TV news saying Enron had gone on shredding documents for months, they moved right in. They do not get enough credit for things like that. The FBI could be like our great attorney general who does not watch the news but has it explained to him by somebody. But no, they saw the report on the news and sprang into action like a caged beast.

Yes, Ken Lay is missing and so are 79 other Enron executives, but what did you LIEberals want, another Waco? "Where is Osama? Where is Chic Omar? Where is the Anthrax Terrorist? Where is Ken Lay? Where is Dick Cheney?" You DemocRats sound like a broken record sometimes. Our Great President got the American Taliban guy and the Shoe guy. Is that not enough?

Besides, it is not like the money is missing. It is safe and sound in the Cayman Islands, safe from the tyranny of taxes and the welfare state. As our Great President Bush likes to say, "It is not your money. It is their money."

Speaking of your money, I hope by now you have sent in your money to buy our Great George W. a snack safety helmet so another tragedy like the pretzel can be averted. Now one gave me any at the bus station, and you cannot prove it if they did.

I think another collection should be taken up for George Bush's poor Mother In Law to replace the money she lost on Enron. I am sure I can get the address to send it to from Secret Service Agent Brown. Please make any checks out to "Cash," as I understand that is her pet nickname. Actual cash would be even better. Send it to me here at the Daisyview Trailer Park and I will send it on. You can trust me, as I am a part-time free-lance custodial-engineering consultant. I have an application in at Kmart, too, where I expect to be hired any day.

I am happy to say that I have got another Republican Team Leader e-mail from Deputy Jack Oliver. He sent me this letter to pretend to be a Democrat with:

Dear Bob,

This week President Bush made a heart-land tour, following the Mississippi River from Illinois to Louisiana, discussing the economy and promoting his bi-partisan economic stimulus package. His proposal has been met with strong support and genuine disappointment in the partisan tactics Senator Daschle has employed at the expense of the American people.

Fortunately, good Americans, such as yourself, see through Daschle's obstructionist ploys and are willing to tell the truth. Keep up the pressure by calling his office and writing letters to the editor. For contact information, visit the Action Center at GOPTeamLeader.com.

Below are the most recent articles we posted to GOPTeamLeader.com. If you haven't an opportunity to read them, please take a moment to visit the site. Please log-in to GOPTeamLeader.com and forward this important message to your team today.

I copied that down word for word and sent it to my local newspapers with the words "I am not a Republican Team Leader" at the bottom, just as if our Great President Bush would have done it.

However, I am no further along to getting a "team leader" hat. I do not get anything for getting people on my team, either, which is unfair. Just between you and me, I think I could do a better job as Deputy.

Anyway, George Bush is a jenius, and Enron shows the jenius of capitalism. There is no scandal there, and anyway the Democrats are to blame. Let us focus on the Bush Economic miracle instead.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader whose nickname is not Cash so do not worry.