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Hooray! The Canadian Premeer Has Said Out Loud Our Great President Is Not A Moron! "
November 22, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well, all those who said that Our Great President was a disaster when dealing with other countries have to be pretty embarrassed this morning! The Canadian Premeer, whoever he is, has held a press conference just to point out that George W. Bush is not a moron!

You will notice that nobody ever held a press conference to point out that Slick Willy Klintoon was not a moron. Arrest my case!

In fact, as far as I know, no U.S. president has ever had to have the head of another foreign country make a special announcement to tell the world he is not a moron. Not even Our Greatest Of All Presidents President Ronald the Gypper Reagan. Although I am sure many people thought that then. It is an all time record that will go with all the other all time records and accomplishments in George W. Bush's golden book of silver memories. Just think of them all!

You will notice that this is the third time he has been singled out for praise by overseas leaders, like when the Japanese leader pointed out George W. was not really an asshole like the foreign minister said, or the German leader pointed out Our Great President was not really just like Hitler like the justice minister said.

Everybody knows this kind of honor would never of happened if Al Bore had been picked by his dad's friends on the Supreme Court, and that proves votes should NOT be counted after all.

It is too bad that not all Canadistas do not share that feeling. The Canadian defense minister had the nerve to tell Our Great President to mind his own business and stop telling Canada to spend more for defense, which George W. was doing that had nothing to do with Our Great Father of the President now being in the defense business (although you cannot prove that the Bin Ladens are his partners anymore, since for all you know they quit the business. So there.).

Well, Canada will be laughing out of the other side of its neck when Sodom Husane's fanatical troops come marching in their mukluks into Saskatoon and Ottawa. And it will be too late then!

It goes to show that maybe William F. Buckley and his writers had the right idea and that we should blow up Toronto ourselves, so they can see what homicidal madmen are capable of first hand. Then they would buy more armaments and go to war, and there would be peace at last.

Sadly, all this does not stop the carping and criticizing of carps and critics here at home, such as the running yellow dog media lackeys of the liberal press. Just the other day, the Chicago Tribune had the nerve to run an actual picture of Our Great President posing with the chairman of the irrelevant U of N!

What is worse, they had the nerve to run the picture real big on their front page! Even the paper's conservative columnist said George W. looked like "an idiot and a clown, unsuited to the presidency."

It is a dark day for America when newspapers can run pictures of the President unabaded.

Fortunately, there is a new night beginning in America and its name is the Homely Department of Security. And thanks to the defeat of Democrap obstructionarilism, we will be able to go to sleep at night knowing that our safety is being guarded by people who are not burdened with union benefits and who can be replaced by someone else any minute at the slightest whim of George W.

Who can doubt that the great man who hired John "The Eagle is Sore"Ashcroft, and Harvey Pits, and Homely Director of Security Tom Ridge, and Janet Renchquist and Emeril Poindexter will not pick great personnel?

And yes, so what if the drug companies gave Our Great President and the other Great Republicans $30 million? Would you have felt secure knowing that parents could haul a drug company into court and terrorize them with vicious trial lawyers just because the drug company made their kids autistic? Neither would I! We all must make sacrifices to keep this country safe and free from taxes on rich people's inheritiances and stock options!

And what a disgrace that some people (and you know just who they are, too) are making a fuss over Emeril Poindexter keeping secret files on everybody in the United States just because he sold arms secretly to Iran and took the money and gave it to terrorists in Central America who ran drugs back to the U.S. with his help and was convicted of five counts of lying to Congress.

Anybody can make mistakes! What happened to that tolerance LIEberals are supposed to have? It shows what bigoted hippocrits DemocRATS and moderates really are. Fortunately there is always room in the GOP's big circus tent for people convicted of felonies, especially if they can get a judge to throw it out, which does not mean the fix was in either. Get that straight!

Meanwhile the Socialists and Moderates continue spreading their gloomy message of tolerance and progress even though everyone in the country told them to go away (if you do not count the 60% of Americans who did not vote and about half of those who voted - and who does?).

Look at the enviro-whackos and their hysteria and alarm over that oil tanker sinking, which was not even in this country! As Rush Limbaugh said (on the radio that you cannot prove I stole from Mrs. Johnson because it only looks like hers) why did these same people not make a fuss like that over all the oil leaking from the Titanic when it was attacked by that iceberg? Of course, as even Rush admitted, the Titanic did not have any oil, but it is the same principle, and still you did not hear today's tree huggers and extremist health freaks moaning about a deadly coal spill in 1912. It goes to show!

It was another inciteful remark by Rush. No wonder Tom Dasshole was so alarmed to see his lies and obstructionalism pointed out by great journalists like him and Bob Grant and Michael Savage. You would think the death threats and the anthrax letter would have warned him to keep quiet but still he spoke up!

Enclosing let me point to yet another piece of evidence of the Bush economic miracle. This year's White House Xmas tree will have the White House pets on it. Not the actual pets but teeny tiny ornaments that look like the pets. It is the idea of Our Great First Lady Laura Bush (who only killed that one ex-boyfriend and you cannot prove it was murder). Workers have been toiling to make these since July.

That is taxpayer money well-spent instead of being wasted on unemployment benefits or education. Hats off to the Bushes and God (which Al Gore would of outlawed) help us every one!

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who is getting used to that fish smell but is eager to start work on homely security just the same, where the cats that follow him might even help somehow. He can be reached at (no heavy lifting).

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