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The DemoncRATS in NJ Have Cheated Voters Out of Voting Against Them!!"
October 11, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

At last we see what ruthless evil leftist socialistical LIEberals the DemocRAT party is! Imagine!

They have some nerve all right, running another candidate in New Jersey instead of the one Rush Limbaugh and Gordon Liddy and Bob Grant and Sean Hannity and Bill O. Reilly and the Washington Times and Ann Coulter and everybody called a crook. Now voters in New Jersey are cheated out of the opportunity to vote against Robert Torricelli and will vote for Frank Lautenberg instead. I blame the liberal media running dog press, which refuses to keep harping on Torricelli and instead is reporting about the new guy.

This is so unfair to what's his name, who is running on the Republican ticket. He is a fine patriot, even if no one has heard of him. He would of ended the horror of choice, put more guns on the street, and take the burden off industry to pay for the pollution it accidentally causes. Now instead the LIEberals and moderates in NJ will tyrannize the poor conservatives just because there are not many of them in NJ.

Is this fair? Do we want to live in America where the majority can do what they want just "because" they win an election with votes? Or do we want the kind of America George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft (who is not a dangerous nut) and Pat Robertson and whoever he is in NJ stand for?

It is discouraging, but I am not bitter, dammit. That was not why I was missing last week.

I was only doing what Our Great President said, "People say, how can I help on this war against terror? How can I fight evil? You can do so by mentoring a child; by going into a shut-in's house and say I love you." Do to a misunderstanding and that was all it was, I cannot come within 50 yards of the school, so that left the child part out.

So that left shut-ins to love, and being shut-ins you could hardly expect them to get up out of their sickbeds and answer the door, could you? I mean, honestly.

Of course, crazy old Mrs. Henderson failed to appreciate the stirring spirit of Our Great President's words and accused me of breaking in her house and stealing her radio, which she cannot prove is not a radio just exactly like hers that I have had all along and lost the receipt to. At least let us hope so.

But I was not hiding drunk in the woods from the cops, so stop saying that. Internal vigilantes is the price of freedom, as Roy Cohn or one of the other Foundling Fathers once should of said. I was keeping guard against terrorists and other liberal scum. I think this great nation of ours owes a debt of gratitude to me and other members of the malicious all across the country because we are not just running around in the woods like nuts with guns. Besides, I only have a stick.

Unfortunately, Mr. Munchino at the barber shop did not see it that way when I came in yesterday. "Take a hike, buttmunch," he explained, and when I asked for a severance package as Jack Welsh at GE would of done, he turned the shampoo hose on me.

So I am once again available, which is just as well as the barber shop did not suit my obvious abundant talent even though there was no heavy lifting, which is important. Besides the Socialists and Appeasers who hung out there listening to the racing results and Vic Damone would trip me when I swept the floor near them, and they used to drop hair down my back when I turned around.

Meanwhile, I think we are all disgusted at the Demoncrats for the way they slandered poor Mike Taylor in Montana and caused him to drop out of the race by hinting that he was a gay hairdresser who swindled students out of $159,000 when he ran a beauty school in Colorado. The plain fact is he was a straight hairdresser who swindled students out of $159,000 when he ran a beauty school in Colorado, but do you think that matters to these bigots? No, they continue to show pictures of him as a hairdresser, which makes viewers think he is gayo-American just because of how he looks and acts.

I have heard of many underhanded tricks in my time but this has got to be the lowest and sleaziest yet! Using real pictures of a candidate! Imagine! Talk about the politics of destruction!

You will never find us Republicans doing that. We are proud to say that when William Simon (who got a judge to overturn his $78 million fraud verdict, so there) used a picture of "Red" Grey Davis to say he was a crook, it was a fake. That is what I hope all Americans will remember.

Meanwhile, it is horrible to think the tyranny of gun control could happen in this great land just because some misguided individual is shooting a few people in Maryland and DC and Virginia. Really! Do wild-eyed moderates and leftists think that our fourfathers fought and died overseas just so people would not be shot down by snipers at home? No!

Those brave patriots would have been proud to be shot by someone from ambush as they were going to elementary school or pumping gas because they know it would mean that their rights would not be infringe by having guns registered or having any way to trace the bullets.

Fortunately, we have A Great President and A Great Republican Party who care more for guns than for safety, and we can trust they will make sure nothing is done.

So enclosing, let us be sure to support our Great President because he is honest and wise and everybody loves him and will do whatever he says without asking questions as the polls all show. Remember, he went to both Harvard and Yale (and yes Harvard bailed out his oil business but I am sure they would do that for anyone. Besides no-one can prove yet that it was a swindle.) and so when he says, "We're closely monitoring it. This is a -- any strike's a tough situation, but this one happens to come at a -- or a lockout is a tough situation, or no work is a tough situation," he probably knows what he means, even if no-one else does.

And that should be good enough for you and me. Especially you.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who plans to point out to everyone when nothing is done. If you know a job without heavy lifting, please write him at [email protected].

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