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"Our Great President's Economic Summit Will Get The Country Back on the Right Track Which It Was Already On!
August 16, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Jeepers, I bet the nation's leftists are laughing out of the other side of their necks this morning after Our Great President's Economic Summit in Waco showed the entire Nation how to get back on the right track we have been on since George W. was elected (which you cannot prove Jeb had anything to do with, and anyway votes don't count).

Now at last we can say goodbye to the Clinton years which only looked like prosperity but were actually economic hardship of the type people have now which Our Great President is unfairly being blamed for. I am so excited by this that I could not concentrate on mundane matters such as the hunt for a job.

We are finally moving forward again which we were always doing since George W. Bush and his team took over. Now it is time to have more tax cuts so the good times can continue when they finally start any day now.

"There may be some tough times here in America, but this country's gone through tough times before, and we're going to do it again," Our Great President said, and who could argue with that?

And who could not fail to be inspired by George W.'s hard work even though it was during his month-long vacation? The sessions started at 10 AM and lasted almost to three o clock, including lunch. Whew! That is the sort of dogginess and stick-to-it-never-give-uppy-ness that George W. has been known for all his life, even if you cannot see the Harken minutes to prove it.

"I can assure you that even though I won't be sitting through every single moment of the seminars - nor will the vice president - we will look at the summaries," George W. said. Who could ask for more. And I bet he will be impressed to see how many numbers some of those summaries have. I know I would be. Besides the summaries were read allowed on the T and V by the Republicans and company heads that were there.

And yes, there were some people there who were not white, even though they did not get to speak at all. I guess this shows that the GOP is the party of the big circus tent, and that the party of Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond has room for everyone, as long as they are quiet and know their place.

Even the Washington Post had to admit what an upbeat and positive thing the summit was and they ran this picture to show it.

And not only that but it was great symbolism to hold it in Waco. Now maybe the town will no longer be remembered for a lunatic leader and a cult of slavishly devoted followers going up in flames while the country watches.

Then it was on to Mount Rushmore, where George W. posed with the other stone heads. It was a historic site to see him there next to Lincoln, Washington, Ben Franklin and the other guy. "Economic security in this part of the world is a big challenge, and I understand that. But we'll do everything in our power to overcome that challenge, as well," he said. And when economic security is overcome, then people will see what George W. is all about, all right.

Our Great President announced why he is going to veto the Homely Security Bill: "Unlike previous - if this bill were to go through, this bill would take away the authority that every bill since Jimmy Carter has had, which is to exempt agencies from collective bargaining requirements, if I were to determine that our national security demands it." What would happen if Alkaheeda were to mount a threat that only reduced dental benefits for the workers could stop? It could happen.

"I need the capacity, this department needs the - it's not just me, it's future Presidents need the capacity to be able to pay people according to their contributions and hold people to account for their performance, both good and bad. If somebody does a good job, we want to be able to provide bonuses," George said. I am sure we all believe that he wants to pay people more money and not less.

Not only that he said that Homely Security workers would be able to join a union if they wanted, and so that seems like a good enough reason to me to bust the Homely Security workers' union and make them start from scratch.

There can be no doubt that under Our Great President's wise leadership and jenius that we are on the path God (who the Democrats did not outlaw yet) has chosen for us. Otherwise he would send locusts or strike us down with a meteor or something. So let us forget all about Enron and corporate criminals and look forward to our war with Iraq calmly and notworriedly. Amen.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who is ready to cheer for the next war, which he hopes will be as secret as this current one. If you have a job for him (no heavy lifting) perhaps with the corporate swat team, you can reach him at He has his own swatter, too.

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