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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"At Last We Have A President Who Ignores Warnings And Does Nothing!
June 7, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot,with this week's rebuttal...

At last we see the shining jenius of Our Great President George W. Bush and that is for sure. He refused to panic last August when he was warned that Osama Bin Laden might attack, but went on calmly with his vacation doing nothing. And now he has refused to pay any attention to the report that says global warming is man-made and will do nothing to stop it.

A lesser president would have done something, but not Our George. And it is not because he is stupid, or crooked, or incompetent, so stop saying that!

Don't you think that if it was public knowledge that George W. knew exactly what was going to happen that then he would have done something to protect American lives? Of course, you cannot prove that he knew exactly what was going to happen, so do not even try.

And that is why there is no need for a public investigation to find out why the fighter planes were not sent up after the hijacked planes on September 11, or why the Bin Laden family were sent out of the country after the attacks before the cops could talk to them, or why someone rewrote Colleen Rowley's memo. We are better off not knowing these things and just trusting in this man that some of the Supreme Court made President.

And do not forget that another attack is inevitable, although not because the Administration is in on it. We must be alert and stay on guard. Otherwise we might become pray to terrorists who would blow up a power plant in Florida or attack public officials in Tennessee.

I am doing my part, even if Mrs. Rosenfeld has her vicious attack dog on patrol.

He has to sleep sometime, you would think, but you would be a fool. He starts yipping every time I come out of my trailer, even when I am nowhere near the flower bed, which was not me!

And now Our Great President is going to reorganize the government to make it even more efficient in the fight against terrorists, which he would have done even if the cover-up fell apart, which there wasn't one. Wala!

Yes, he originally said back last fall that Homely Director of Security Tom Ridge would handle all that stuff, but now all that stuff is really going to be handled, not like back last fall when it was not. Which does not mean he was lying months ago when he appointed that Homely Director of Security Tom Ridge. Get that straight!

Of course Our Great President is also ignoring the report saying global warming is manmade, just like he did the terrorism warning, only he is not on vacation this month although do not ask what he is doing as I am sure it is important.

Anyway it is too late to do anything about global warming, which is not the Republicans fault. If we had rushed ahead doing something as the Democrap Socialists claimed, we would have no global warming and then where would we be? Change is inevitable, which is why we will not do it.

We will not sign the Yoyo Treaty and that is that. So what if everybody else does? George W. said they would either be with us or against us, and now they are.

It is clear that the so called envirowhackos and treehuggers are really anti-capitalism. Tom Sowell calls them "watermelons" but not because he is black. He means that they are green outside but red inside. Hahahahaha! They will only be happy when we have the horror of renewable energy and conservation.

George W. will not do anything, and that is why 99% of Americans will follow him blindly, as the polls say. Amen to that.

However, not all is impeachment and cream. I see my old nem-as-is Jack "Slick Willy" Oliver is back to sabotage the Republican Team Leaders again. Just the other day I got this e-mail at the library, where I am too allowed in.

Dear Bob,

The Democrat election year scare campaign has officially begun. Democrats are using gimmicks in states across the country to make inaccurate statements about the Republican's prescription drug plan and work to save Social Security.

Democrats are arranging press conferences where they launch bus trips to Canada with senior citizens and using empty pill bottles as props for their attacks. It is ironic that they have chosen empty pill bottles when they have only offered empty promises and baseless attacks on such important issues.

In fact, the Washington Times recently exposed the Democrat attacks. In an email conversation among Capitol Hill Democrats, a staff member admitted that their claims against Republicans on Social Security were not "entirely factually accurate." As the discussion continued, it was admitted that their strategy is to scare seniors and to simply "bash Republicans."

The Democrat's baseless scare campaign will be coming to your community - if it hasn't already. As a leader in your community we need you to watch for these false, partisan attacks and make sure your team spreads the word that this is just part of the Democrat's election year plan. Rather than offering solutions, they are just offering more partisan rhetoric.


Jack Oliver
Deputy Chairman
Republican National Committee

It really boils my parsnip to read this. Why is he not talking about what a good idea it is for old people to put their Social Security number in investments like NASCAR collector plates or Enron stock which will only gain in value, instead of worthless guaranteed returns? Why is he not talking about what a good idea it is to keep 94% of those lazy good-for-nothing seniors from scoring low-cost prescriptions at the expense of hardworking folks like Ken Lay and me?

This is because Deputy Jack is a certain person whose initals are Klintoon. He WANTS the Republicans to point out what DemocRats are up to rather than focusing on our own great plan to have mandatory prayer in public school or to invade the International Criminal Court in the Netherworld.

He also said...

Team Leaders, earn 5 GOPoints when you complete an Action Item and earn 10 GOPoints for each Team Member who upgrades to Leader status. Click here to encourage your Members to upgrade.

...which sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. It is time somebody got to the bottom of this. And that bottom just might be me.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who is not "fooled" by Deputy Jack, you bet. You can send him an e-mail at

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