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"Our Great President Is Worth $150 Everyday So Stop Saying The Hijacking Was His Fault Even Though He Knew In Advance
May 17, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot,with this week's rebuttal...

At last we see the desperation and frothing hysteria of lying Democrap Socialists coming out like Mrs. Rosenfeld's Pomeranian to yap at Our Great President's ankles. And yes it is a little dog but do not be fooled. It is as mean as Cujo! See for yourself.


But I am not afraid of it any more than Our Great President is afraid of this new slander and inyourwindow. After all it is only because the Democraps know they have no real issues that this is coming out.

The economy has improved from The Clinton Recession which every one knows is not George W.'s fault even though it happened when he took office. Yes unemployment is climbing but that is actually healthy.

And yes, the surplus is gone and the deficit is twice as big as Bush said but that is not his fault. Lucky George hit the trifecta. And Republicans are not laughing at other Americans when George W. says that and they all laugh. They are laughing WITH other Americans. Cannot you see the humor in that?

Some people obviously cannot. They have the nerve to criticize our Great President for selling pictures of himself aboard Air Force One for $150. Well, listen, if it was all right for Bill Clinton to put campaign contributors in the Lincoln Bedroom when Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge and Sean Hammilty and Bill O. Reilly and Ann Coulter said it was wrong, how is this any different except for being all right? I ask you.

Could the hippocracy be any plainer?

And then when that turned out not to be a scandal except on TV and in the papers they came up with this story that Bush got a memo telling him there was going to be hijackings and did nothing.

Imagine the nerve of someone telling the truth about Our Great President instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt. After all, the memo probably did not spell out exactly what was going to happen. Did you expect him to interrupt his vacation to do something?

And yes, he covered it up for eight months, but there is nothing wrong with that. Look at the fuss it has caused now that it has come out in the dirty laundry. If it had perhaps we American as a great nation of ours might have got distracted. Then we would not have had the war on terrorism which has been highly successful except for not getting Bin Laden or Chic Omar. And even then they have been margerine-alyzed so it is okay. Our Great President vowed "Osama Bin Laden dead or alive!" And now he is.

But it was covered up and so we have a war and a president who polls show everybody loves and would do whatever he says. That is worth a measly $150.

Of course I have not got $150 right at the moment, but I went to the library (I am too allowed in there) and printed out a copy of the picture of the Divine Moment. I hung it on my locker at the bus terminal, and you would not believe it but some Demoncrat LIEberal vandalized it like this:

I am proud to say that my friend Secret Service Agent Brown was right on the spot and even had brought a sample of the magic marker so he could compare it and find the culprit. He also suggested I get another copy after I tore it down.

I went and got one and hung it up, and would you believe someone did it again!

Well, as Secret Service Agent Brown will tell you, I am no quitter and neither is he. I tore that one down and hung up another. And some DemocRAT who coddles terrorists struck again.

I am made of the same stuff that our patriot forefathers were when they met the redcoats at Little Big Horn, and so I tore it down and went and got another. And once again the picture of Our Great President was struck by some Human Rights Monger.

I don't even get THAT one. And this time Secret Service Agent Brown almost caught him, too. I asked him for some quarters so I could get another copy, but he told me he is saving up for his own Divine Moments photo. He laughed aloud with happiness at the thought of having his own copy.

Besides, Mr. Hernandez-Garcia was shouting in Spanish because a toilet overflowed and flooded the men's room.

So remember, George W. Bush is Our Great President and was too really elected, no matter what the voters said. His Divine Moments are certainly worth $150. And even if he knew beforehand and didn't do anything, he is still worth $150. And do not let size fool you. Those Pomeranians are vicious attack dogs who should be banned, not guns.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who has never let getting shot in the ass by friendly fire in Grenada stop him. You can reach him at which he can check at the library where he is too allowed in. That is how rumors get started.

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