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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
George W. Bush Has Laid Down the Law to the Saudis and Not the Other Way Around So Stop Saying That!"
May 3, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, kicking the science with defiance with this week's rebuttal...

At last less bloodshed and sanity has returned to the Middle of the East (if you don't count the massacre which was not a massacre but just a lot of Palestinians killed) thanks to Our Great President even if no one can say just how. That was after Our Great President George W. Bush was visited by Crown Prince Abdulla of Saudi Arabia. I remember Prince Abdulla from years ago when he would wrestle Haystacks Calhoun, and am glad to see him back in the limelight.

At the meeting, George W. certainly laid down the law to the Prince and not the other way around. Certainly the Prince would not have yelled at George W. for any reason, and Our Great President and Our Great Father of the President, and Our Great Vice President, and Concertina Rice and all the rest of Our Great Administration are not in the pocket of the Saudis. Do not even think it.

The Prince certainly did not yell at George even though he looked like he was going to cry at the press conference he held after the Prince left without waiting to ho at the hodown like George's soul friend Pudding of Russia. Proof that there was no yelling is that George W. immediately had a barbecue for rich people to raise campaign funds where they did not discuss how to cash in on what the prince said so stop saying that. Then he went to California where he gave another great speech to rich people and raised more money.

Another president would of immediately called in diplomats and experts and actually done something about the Middle of the East, but that is not Our Great President's way. Who is not proud now? Everyone with half a brain like me certainly is. Proud, I mean, not not proud.

Speaking of the Great Father of the President, he had a chance to catch up with his old friend Prince Abdulla and he took him on a tour of the Bush library. I do not know if they took out any books or used the free computer, not that either one would look for dirty pictures on the computer and neither would I. Anyway they have that software in libraries now so you cannot look for Hot Teen Steamers on the internet, not that I did. Somebody told me that the libraries had that software and I believe them. You would too I am sure.

The newspaper printed a fine picture of the two happy friends talking about the good old days when they teamed up in the Gulf War to overthrow Soddom Husane which they did not but not because of any secret deal.

Unfortunately, I cut it out and pasted it on my locker at work. You would not believe it, but Secret Service Agent Brown again almost caught the evil Democrap Socialist who vandalized it, and not with TP but with a magic marker Secret Service Agent Brown had when I walked in.

Of course, he did not say a word but laughed good naturedly and left. Secret Service Agent Brown is still keeping Mr. Hernandez-Garcia under surveillance for the Valenzuelan flag incident by playing chess with him in his office or having drinks in the bus station bar where I am too allowed in but choose not to patronize, so there. Once he gets that out of the way, I am sure he will find out who the vandal is.

Meanwhile, of course the PC thought police are out enforce, just because Our Great President and the Saudis told the air traffic controllers not to have female air traffic controllers on the Prince Abdulla flight. This takes the cake and eats it too, folks! Why is it we must be tolerant when blacks and the hispanish have jobs or buy houses, but it is wrong to respect the wishes of an ally of ours in the war against terrorism? What could show more clearly the hippocracy of liberals?

I told Mrs. Rosenfeld at the Daisyview Trailer Park that too and she turned the hose on me. It is almost as bad as communist Sweden over there.

She is all worked up over Our Great President not handing out as much money to the September 11 victims as he was supposed to, because he suddenly changed the rules from when Clintoon gave out aid after earthquakes and other disasters. What does she think rules are changed for if not that? Besides, if we just give out money to those people they will never work for themselves. You may scoff, but you will be laughing out of the other side of your neck when we run out of money and the Demoncrats start chanting hysterically about taxing rich people's inheritances again.

She is working up a letter writing campaign about it with her comrades from the synagog, and calling talk shows on the radio to complain, which you cannot prove I did not find out about from listening to the radio, if it still worked. Those could of been anyone's footprints in the flowerbed, and besides did not Our Great Attorney General and Our Homely Director of Security encourage us to keep tabs?

Fortunately there are still patriotic Americans who are willing to stand up and say what's right with white people having guns, like David Duke and Charlatan Heston. It gave me a thrill to read these stirring words of Charlatan which are right in line with what David believes. What a shame that he is pilloried by the liberal media unfairly.

I wish I had been in (not Janet hahahahahahahaha and it is too, funny) Reno, Nevada for the Natural Rifle Association convention as I am a life member, and I am sure they will clear up their bookkeeping error about my dues any year now. The NR of A is growing in membership fantastically every year, and the fact that their convention has the same 4,000 people attending year after year after year does not mean anything. After all, about half of those people actually work for companies that make and sell guns, and they have to be there.

Of course even there the forces of LIEberal foolishness rear their ugly heads. There are complaints in the media about gay bashing at the panel discussions. When will people recognize that this is just a ploy to paint the good people who believe in guns and families as being bigoted by reporting what they said?

And Our Great President announced that mental health care would be added to health insurance, which has nothing to do with George W. having to listen to John Ashcroft and Donald Rumfilled every day. I wish Mrs. Rosenfeld would stop saying that to her friends on the phone.

Enclosing, let us all join our House Chaplain on the National Day of Prayer yesterday, and pray that Our Great President George W. gets supernatural powers (although I left out Congress as they are obstruptionalistic enough now! This would be much easier if George W., was a dictator and do not forget that). I am hoping that he can turn transparent and walk through walls, although some sort of orange beam that shoots out of his eyes would be okay too in my book.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader and NR of A Life member, who is too allowed in the library. This is how those rumors get started, dammit!

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