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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
Karen Huge, We Hardly Knew Ye, Even if Nobody Ever Heard of Ye before Ye Quit"
April 26, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

It is a sad day for all American patriots in this country everywhere because the most important and powerful woman in American history, Karen Huge, has left the White House of Our Great President Bush, and not to avoid subpeenas so stop saying that.

Even if most Americans, including me, had never heard of her before she quit, which she definitely did and she was not fired, she will be missed. And how.

Karen Huge was an important person to Our Great President and this great country of his, much more important than Mrs. Mitch McConnell who is only the Secretary of Labor, or Gayle Norton who is only the Secretary of Leasing the Interior and not a dangerous nut, or Chrissie Whitman who is taking the EPA back from environmentalists. They were lower than dirt compared to Karen Huge.

All though not many people knew it, she was the person who yelled at reporters and punished them so that they did not ever write bad things about Our Great President, which was not censorship but message management. So there.

She is not a FemiNazi, and she is leaving to forget all about her career and raise her son because she knows what modern women who have been betrayed by Gloria Sternum and Rosie O. Donnell have come to learn: they cannot have it at all. They should devote themselves to housework and doilies and luncheons and the like, and keep quiet while men run the important things, as God meant.

You did not even once hear Karen Huge complaining out loud that she was paid less than men, or announcing that she had the so-called right to decide if she "wanted" to have children or not. Karen Huge knew better than that. You did not hear her squawking about family leave or health care or day care or any of those other silly issues that LIEberal women are always hysterically carrying on about.

She was happy to be submissive to men like George W. and Karl Rove and Ari Fleisher (who is a Jew but almost as good as if he were really saved). And now she will happily throw away her career for her son and go back to Texas with her husband (who does not seem to be mentioned in the news at all).

But she goes away on a note of triumph with Our Great President Bush's Earth Day trip to New York State for Earth Day. George W. was able to fool millions of Americans into thinking he agreed with the envirowhackos and their pagan non-Christian holiday while sticking to his course of voluntary pollution and profits for the billionaires who deserve to run this country unfettered by taxes and regulations.

All you had to do was see the pictures of George W. waving an axe in the air like Jason on Elm Street, or of him driving nails into trees to kill them, to see that this is a new and exciting kind of president.

And yes, upstate New York did have a record heat wave, followed by an earthquake, followed by a blizzard, all in the same week, but that does not mean anything. There is no reason to panic and act in a responsible manner.

Anyway any day now the Rupture will happen for good people and Jesus will be back soon to throw the rest of you in hell. That is what Tim LaHaye says, and he is Our Great President's spiritual advisor. If it is good enough for him, it ought to be good enough for me and you. Especially you.

George W. appeared in New York state with Governor Patocky who is in danger of not being elected again by ungrateful leftist fanatic socialist New Yorkers. What is wrong with them? First they elected sHrillary Klintoon to the Senate and then they refused to recall her. Then they did not let Rudolph Guliyani stay on as Mayor for life and held an election last November.

They did elect Mike Bloomberg as Republican Mayor, which was more important than the piddly two governorships and 33 mayor offices the Democrats won. Sadly, Bloomberg (who is a Jew) seems to have been subverted by them as he has appointed mostly Democraps and he has announced he is for godless gun control and the tyranny of affirmative action.

And now they are threatening not to re-elect Patocky as Governor. Are they not grateful for the way he stood quietly not saying anything while standing behind Guliyani on September 11? Patocky was a symbol of strength when Our Great President was not hiding, so stop saying that. And anyway, George W. was not hiding because he was afraid but only to be safe.

Sadly, the country still is locked under the tyranny of tree-huggers and envirowhackos, and now they have permanently blocked our great patriotic oil companies from drilling in the Artic Natural Wildlife Refuse until the next time.

Meanwhile Our Great President is leading us from triumph to triumph overseas. Colon Powell's trip to the Middle of the East was a success that laid the foundation for peace, according to Ari Fleisher. So yes, the king of Morocco and the president of Egypt refused to see him, and yes, everyone else ignored him, but that does not mean the trip was a failure, despite what everyone thinks.

And yes, Aeriel Sharona has still not withdrawn immediately as George W. demanded more than two weeks ago, but he might any day now, unless he goes forward. But he is a man of peace who certainly did not have a massacre in Jenin, and the UN is just troublemakers for trying to look into it.

I am happy to report the Alkaheeda's plan to so terror and confusion in this country was foiled by our Homely Director of Security Tom Ridge, who warned that banks in Washington, DC could be under attack by Bin Laden's forces even though he has been totally neutralized and we don't have to get him any more. After the banks closed, it turned out to be a prank by a Dutch teenager, who was turned over to Netherworld authorities.

But still, it was good practice, since this weekend our Homely Director warned that banks and shopping centers and supermarkets in the Northeast could be under attack, and not from a 13 year old in wooden shoes, although we do not know when, where or how. The country is now on yellow alert, and even though there was never any response to make free lance part time executive custodial consultants at bus stations around the country part of the warning system, I am proud to say I did my part.

Sad to say, I could not find a yellow bandanna anywhere, but I did find an alternative. At the bus terminal I shout out "George W! Yellow! Tom Ridge! Yellow! John Ashcroft! Yellow!" even though the manager Mr. Hernandez-Garcia told me to stop (possibly on orders from the Valenzuela secret police). I am like Paul Revere in that way, only he did not have to wear a woman's scarf.

Sadly to say, the Daisyview Trailer Park might as well be Tora Bora, for all that Mrs. Rosenfeld cares. When I told her we were on yellow alert and we should take precautions she laughed out loud.

She refuses to let me dig a trench to hide in and when I told her we should have guns to protect ourselves she threatened to have her son who drives a truck throw me out. Imagine!

She is all worked up about this tragedy in Minnesota, as she is one of those anti-gun extremists who would rather exploit hundreds of dead people just because they were shot instead of turning our backs on them as we ought to and focusing on the good parts of guns, like sportsmanship and youth shooting.

It seems that there was a responsible legislator who responsibly proposed a law that would have allowed every responsible person in Minnesota to carry a concealed handgun anywhere whenever he or she wanted. And, yes, the National Rifle Association endorsed it, but they are not wild-eyed kooks.

Anyway, this responsible legislator's grown son was playing with his handgun and shot his girlfriend in the eye, killing her. So the son threatened a third person with his handgun to keep her from calling the police until he could get away and hand himself in to the authorities responsibly later.

An accident like that could happen to anyone. But Mrs. Rosenfeld sees it as an excuse to agitate in public against guns. And that still does not make it a bad law, because only a really responsible law abiding person would ever want to carry a concealed handgun in public.

If that third person had had her own handgun, she might have been able to keep the son from taking her cell phone and she could have called the police before he fled responsibly. For that matter, if the girlfriend had had her own handgun, she might have kept the son from playing with his handgun in the first place! Did that ever occur to Mrs. Rosenfeld? No!

But that is the essential rottenness of the LIEberal mind in all its glory. People should not be able to play with guns just because of a few measly shootings and threats, but an official yellow alert that something may happen sometime, somewhere is something to laugh it. If this mindset takes hold, it will be as if the terrorists had won, but not because Our Great President Bush was lying about Osama being neutralized, so stop saying that.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader who would never penalize law-abiding responsible gun owners with laws to keep them from playing with their own guns if his own son shot his girlfriend in the eye if he actually had a son and the son had a girlfriend and his son was to shoot her in the eye while playing with his gun. That is because he is a realist.

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