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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
Our Great President Bush’s Shadow Government Will Keep Us All Safe From LIEberals"
March 8, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

I wish someone would explain to me what is the fuss about Our Great President Bush naming a secret unelected Republican Shadow Government to hide in bunkers to run the country. It seems to me this is another example of George W.’s jenius and not something to complain about. Yet the LIEberals and moderates are raising their usual hippocritical uproar of hysteria and facts instead of knuckling under to the greatest and most popular president of all time.

I mean so what if the shadow government was not elected by anyone? When will you learn that votes mean nothing and you cannot prove Jeb had anything to do with it? Instead, the Electrical College has given George W. the power to do whatever he wants, no matter what the Constitution says. And this secret government is it. Why would he need Congress to pass a law to allow him to do it?

Suppose something happened to our Dick Cheney and Our Great President too (God forbid since the Democrap Socialists haven’t outlawed Him)? Who would be there to hide the energy task force records from the snooping busybodies of the public? Who would be there to explain how Enron is Ann Richards fault? Who would be there to fight so rich people would be free from taxes like they were little people? Who would keep the envirowhackos from threatening us all with clean air and water?

Thanks to Our Great President Bush’s inspiration and brainpower, we can look forward happily to the day after a national tragedy when secret government officials take over from their hidden bunkers. What a surprise that will be for the forces of Evil!

And no, of course Tom Dasshole and the Democraps were not told about the secret government. They are on the way out anyway, as everyone but a few liberals, and moderates and soccer moms and tree-huggers and minorities and union sympathizers and intellectuals and gun grabbers and public school enablers and civil liberty freaks and other extremists know.

I hope every American read the report by Johnny Ray showing that they could have prosecuted Slick Willy Klintoon on criminal charges if they had wanted to. It was only out of kindness that they didn’t. Now at last the truth is known about how he nearly destroyed America with eight years of "so-called" peace and prosperity, and it was $70 million well spent.

Of course we can all see how Clinton’s reckless "shoot the moon" peace talks caused the Middle East violence, even though Ari Fleisher then denied it. It is Our Great President Bush’s wise "hands off" policies that has got things almost settled down over there, if you don’t count the bloodshed and suicide bombers. Now we can all be glad George W.’s assistant Richard Perle disrupted those talks, or otherwise Israel and the Palestinians might have made a deal.

It is another example of Republican patriotism and wisdom, like Reagan selling arms to the Ayatollah so Jimmy Carter could not rescue the hostages before the election, which you cannot prove.

But instead some people remain focused on silly side issues, such as whether Judge Picklefinger is a racist just because he fought the Justice Department to get a light sentence for a patriotic American who burned a cross on an interracial couple’s lawn and shot up their baby’s bedroom. Everyone knows that poor young man only went a little overboard, and is being sacrificed as a scrapegoat on the alter of P.C. political correctness for his harmless prank.

And how hippocritical is this? After the Democraps made such a fuss over Our Great President Bush ignoring what the American Bar Association has to say about judicial candidates and listening only to the Federalist Scoiety and Ed Meese (who you cannot prove actually was convicted on anything), now they want to pay no attention when George W. wants them to listen to what the American Bar Association is saying about Judge Picklefinger.

And yes, Judge Picklefinger got lawyers who had cases in his courtroom to write letters in support of him. But who would know better how fair he was than lawyers trying to win cases from him? And they did not write those letters just to get him out of their circuit, so stop saying that.

Instead of wining about whether this judge is a bigot or that judge made rulings to help his wife avoid bank fraud charges, we should be looking at their overall record and the fact that Our Great President has a mandate to do whatever he wants. After all, the Republican Congress let Slick Willy nominate who ever he wanted as judges, as long as they were conservative.

And it wasn’t bigotry why all the black and brown and women judges were held up so stop laying with the race card. It was just ideology, which is unfair to bring up in this case.

I hope Ari Fleisher, who is a good person even if he is a Jew, does bring up certain Senators’ race records to force a quick vote on Judge Picklefinger, even though Orrin Hatch got them to delay the vote. It would be good for the whole nation to know that the DemocRats have consistently voted for equal opportunity and tolerance instead of states rights.

Speaking of Jews, how horrible that poor Billy Graham is being criticized because he talked honestly to Richard Nixon. Those tapes were supposed to be secret, and if Billy Graham had known about them he would not have told the truth like he did.

Who does not feel sorry for this great religious leader, when he told Nixon how powerless he was to stop Jews from putting this country down the drain? But now he has apologized, so they will not know how he really feels again.

It was a temple in a teabag but it has blown over now, along with the news that Nixon wanted to drop an A-bomb in Vietnam, but Henry Kissinger, who is a Jew, stopped him.

Meanwhile, just because General Tommy Franks said last week "our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and the friends of the service members who have lost their lives in our ongoing operations in Vietnam," it does that mean Afghanistan is another Vietnam or any sort of quagmire. I am sure all patriotic Americans are proud of how General Franks is fighting on with resolve in Afghanistan from his headquarters in Tampa and mistakes could happen to anyone.

Otherwise we run the risk of asking questions about the war. And if that happens, it will be as if Osama Bin Laden has won, and not because of any backroom deal between the Bush and Bin Laden families. Stop saying that. Just because they are in business together does not mean anything.

Who is not outraged that the traitors in the liberal running dog yellow press media continue to tear down Our Great President Bush for no reason? Just this week in the Washington Post they are making fun of George W. for waving to Stevie Wonder. You will notice they do not mention whether Stevie saw him and waved back, because that would "ruin" their joke.

And once again some people (and you know who you are) are gloating because the candidate the White House backed has lost another election, which just means that the Republican story is not being heard clearly. However, William Simon is a great conservative candidate, and once even liberal Californios hear his message of more deregulation, more guns and less FemiNazi rights, they will vote out Grey Davis for his senseless attacks on our fine patriotic energy companies.

Well, I am glad to report that at least one piece of Socialist treachery has been foiled, and I believe it is my doing and constant activism in a good way that did it.

The latest GOP Team Leader e-mail to pretend to be a Democrat with comes from someone named Blaise Hazlewood, Political Director, Republican National Committee. I guess that Deputy Jack "Slick Willy" Oliver has been unmasked at last.

It says:

Dear Bob,

They just can't obstruct enough!

First it's the economic stimulus package, now it's judicial nominees. Click here to forward this message to your team.

President Bush has nominated Judge Charles Pickering to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

President Bush has worked hard to find qualified candidates like Judge Pickering who will enforce the laws on the books and NOT legislate from the bench.

But the Democrat Senators would rather play politics than act responsibly. And Judge Pickering has been targeted and attacked not just professionally, but also personally.

These attacks have little to do with the facts of Pickering's record as a public servant.

The real target is President Bush and these left-wing extremists will stop at nothing to score political points against the President. You can make a difference in this battle!

I notice also there is no mention of the hat issue, which has been so divisive. So "hats off!!" to Director Blaise for her victory over Deputy Jack. I hope this is the turning point and that we will go on to an all Republican Congress united behind our Great President to end the oppression of the rich and free our great energy companies to make more money selling us energy. Amen.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who is proud not to have a hat and prefers the shadows.

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