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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
Our Great President Did Not Take A Bribe For Yucca Mountain But Only Campaign Contributions"
March 1, 2002
by Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

What is wrong with those traitors of the Democrap Socialist persuasion? And you know who you are.

Do you not know there is a war on? Do you not know that it is important for all patriotic Americans to get together and knuckle under to whatever our Great President wants without asking why?

But no. Instead there is this constant complaining about rights and corruption and an endless witch hump. Not to mention Tom Dasshole's obstruptionism, without which Enron might have had $234 million in tax refunds.

There can be no further proof necessary that Enron, which is not a political scandal but a business scandal, is a Democratic scandal than that. Tom Dasshole would have given Enron the $234 million George W. had proposed if no-one had been paying attention, but instead he blocked it to "cover up" all the DemocRatic Enron crimes. Well, he is not fooling anyone, least of all me.

Who was ex-president when Enron price-gouged California, which you cannot prove? I will give you a hint. It is the guy who once played golf. I do not even have to tell you his name. But he is currently pretending to be Deputy Jack Oliver, which shows you how sneaky and underhanded he is.

Just this week, Deputy "Slick Willy" Jack sent this e-mail:

Dear Bob,

This week many Town Hall meetings are being held across the country. Attend a meeting and let your Democrat Representatives know that you support the President and his Energy Initiative.

And while you're there, let the Democrats know they need to get their priorities straight.

Click here to forward this message to your team.


Jack Oliver
Deputy Chairman, RNC

Team Leaders, remember that by recruiting 10 new Leaders, you get a 100% cotton Team Leader hat, and with 15 new recruits, you will receive a personalized photo of President Bush.

So try to convert your Members to Leaders today!

But you will notice he said nothing about how important it is to keep Our Great Vice President Cheney's secrets away from people to show he has nothing to hide.

And again he lied and said we could get a hat. If there had been a town meeting and I would have gone (and I would too be allowed in!), everyone would have known I was a Republican Team Leader due to my lack of a hat. I cannot believe that that is what George W. would want.

Instead we face the threat that Arctic Natural Wildlife Refuse will go undrilled, and that we might still have oil there when it runs out overseas. Meanwhile we will be mired in the nightmare of conservation and ecology as if we were Californios.

Meanwhile the Post-Modernical Left is still up to its childish tricks. Did you see some wacky students in California did not want Our Great First Lady Laura Bush to speak at their graduation? They have some nerve. Our Great First Lady Laura was a librarian and only killed that one guy, which you cannot prove was not an accident. She is an inspiration to every woman who is not a FemiNazi and knows her place, and her daughters are not drunken sluts so stop saying that.

So what, if the speechwriter who invented the Axles of Evil lost his job? It is not like you can prove he was fired. That is the difference between the false accusations of Democraps and honest Republicans. When Democraps are accused they fight and get off on legal technicalities like "no evidence of wrongdoing." But honest Republicans resign with honor, like Newt Gingrich did.

And now the Office of Strategic Information will not be able to threaten journalists and spread lies to fight terrorism, just because of some liberal and moderate wining. Now the awesome work of distorting the truth and misleading people will have to be spread out throughout the White House staff.

Already we have seen Ari Fleisher having to deny that John Poindexter was appointed and then deny that he had been convicted on five felony counts on the same day. And that is above Ari's normal workload! Really!!

And now this hippocritical wailing about Yucca Mountain. Yes, George W. said he would veto storing nuclear waste to be stored there, but that does not mean he lied. And he did not take bribes from the nuclear industry, but only campaign contributions, so get that straight.

Years ago when the nuclear power plants were being built, envirowhackos and other junk scientists falsely claimed that there was no solution to the problem of nuclear waste. And now that the solution of giving it to the taxpayer and storing it at Yucca Mountain has been found, these same activists want to wine and snivel about it. Isn't it funny that these radical extremists that want socialized medicine and socialized care for old folks suddenly don't want socialized nuclear waste?

It is important that we rush the Yucca Mountain project through before an accident happens and America's great energy companies have to pay the price. That is why the Energy Department will take responsibility for shipping it, instead of the energy companies. That leaves the energy companies free to make more nuclear waste and hide more money in the Cayman Islands without the burden of taxes to pay for a welfare state. That is the Bush economic miracle, all right. And to think some people poo-poo it.

Listen, Yucca Mountain was selected after a thorough and far-ranging scientific investigation of Yucca Mountain. And yes, there was damage to the research facility by an earthquake during the study. But those earthquakes are years apart.

The waste has to go somewhere, people. Otherwise it will just stay at the power plants and eventually the people who own the plants will have to pay to do something about it. Is that fair after all the electricity they have graciously given us, I ask you?

Just because the nuclear industry gave money to George Bush is not why he is putting the nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain despite the weak sister whaling about earthquakes and water supplies and meltdowns. Anyway, those were campaign contributions, not bribes. He is doing it because it is the right thing to do, as anyone can see. And that is why he is not doing what he said he would. It is not lying but science.

So enclosing, please stop this divisiveness and truth and "pull together" with George Bush who is a man you can trust even when he does something he said he wouldn't. Otherwise it will be as if Osama Bin Laden has won, and not because Bush let him get away so don't even think that.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who does not have a hat but is not fooled by "Deputy Jack."

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