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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"Enron Is Not Our Great President Bush's Watergate So Stop Saying That!"
January 11, 2002
by Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

I wish Our Great President Bush would stand up just like Nixon and say "I am not a crook," so this Enron mess would be settled once and for all. Instead I suppose we can look forward to a dreary drumstick of criticism from hysterical LIEberals and moderates.

Fortunately all of the American people can see through this, except the Democraps, and socialists, and union bosses, and trial lawyers, and enviro-whackos, and Femi-Nazis, and public school pimps and gun grabbers, and Negroes, and Jews and Hispanish and minorities and Gayo-Americans and all the rest of that treasonous crew. They will go on pretending there is something wrong about George Dubya taking money from his good friend Ken Lay so that he could run for president and get elected, if you don't count votes, which mean nothing.

So what if Enron executives met with Secretary of the Treasury O'Neill and Secretary of Commerce Evans to discuss that they were falling apart? I am sure they did not mention that it was because they were crooks, which you cannot prove and not just because all those documents were shredded.

Yes Enron was reporting earnings they did not have and not reporting debts they did have but that is not a swindle so stop saying that! It is the miracle of the free market. I'll bet if you buy groceries that are rotten you complain about that, too, instead of thanking God that you had the freedom to buy those rotten groceries, unlike communist Sweden. Even Lawrence Lindsey, Our Great President's Economic Advisor, says that the collapse of Enron is "a tribute to American capitalism" which does not make him some kind of nut.

Yes Wendy Gramm was on the board of directors, but that does not mean she knew there was anything wrong, if there was. And even if she did, I am sure she did not tell her husband Phil and that he did not tell George Bush. Or Dick Cheney. They were discussing the energy crisis in those secret meetings, which was too real.

Yes, Enron raised prices in California to $12 a million Btus for national gas when they were charging the rest of the country $5 a million, and thank God they did. Otherwise, those wacky Californios would not have realized they need more deregulation, which they still don't understand, because of the price caps which did not work. There was another reason the blackouts ended which is as plain as the nose on my face so I don't have to tell you what it is. But I am not making that up.

I blame Bill Klinton. After all, he was president before Bush. And speaking of Slick Willy, did you see where two so-called authors in "France" wrote a book saying that the September 11 happened because our Great President Bush threatened to attack Afghanistan first over an oil pipeline? As if Our Great President has any connection to the oil industry. They even say that the Afghanistaniards offered to hand over Osama Bin Laden instead and Bush turned them down.

How unAmerican can you get? Thank God we have a free press in this country that will prevent this book from being published here.

Where would they get information like that anyway? I know that it must be a lie, because George Bush did not tell them that. He does not speak French. Enough of these "so-called" scandals and the buttering bebops of negativity, as Spiro Agnew (who was also not a crook) used to say when I was a kid.

I was pleased to see that the Republicans are fighting back by recruiting "team leaders" on the Internet, which I discovered while webslurping at the library, which they cannot keep me out of as tax dollars pay for it. We still have rights in this country, despite the LIEberal tyranny of the ACLU.

I signed up, and I was pleased to already get an e-mail from Jack Oliver, Deputy Chairman, RNC. It told me to complain about Daschle. It said "Keep the pressure on him calling your Democrat Senators, local talk radio, and writing to your local editor to make sure Daschle stops stonewalling. Follow this link to look up Democrat Senators, local talk radio and local papers." Now they will know what people honestly feel from their hearts thanks to Jack's letter. Here it is:

"Dear Bob, Congress is back to work and the partisan Democrats have picked up exactly where they left off in December - stonewalling critical legislation that helps America's families. Tom Daschle still won't allow the Senate to vote on the President's Economic Stimulus Package, regardless of the fact that it has bi-partisan support. Even on, 91% of Americans polled support the President's plan to get the economy moving again.

Fortunately, Daschle couldn't stop the President from signing into law the most comprehensive education reform bill in American history. This bill makes states receiving aid accountable for their students' levels of achievement.

Below are the most recent articles we posted to If you haven't an opportunity to read them, please take a moment and visit the site.

Click here to forward to your Team."

I wrote that word for word, and made sure to add at the end "And I am not a Republican team leader," so they would be thrown off the track. I was especially excited because at the end of Jack's e-mail he said "Team Leaders, remember that by recruiting 10 new Leaders, you get a 100% cotton Team Leader hat; and with 15 new recruits, you will receive a personalized photo of President Bush."

I would like to get those but I am worried that if there are more team leaders around here they will take people from my team. I am already having trouble getting people on my team. Mr. Hernandez-Garcia just mumbles in Spanish when I ask him anything, and he made me stop talking to people at the bus station (and I don't really believe there were any complaints). Secret Service Agent Brown just stared at me when I asked him.

I would have asked Mr. Padnavatham, but truth be told, he has kicked me out of the trailer park after I shot that hole in his roof on New Years' Eve. What can you expect from someone mired in the darkness of Hindu? It was just his superstition that made him unaware that nobody can control how bullets come down. Arjay would have told him as much, but he was not there. As a result I had to move my trailer to the Daisyview Park across town. It had got rusty (I wonder if I can sue Mr. Padnavatham for that?) and the wheel fell off on the last ten feet.

It is horrible to say, but I think the owner of the Daisyview, Mrs. Rosenfeld, is a Jew, and not a good one like Ari Fleisher, who is almost as good as if he was saved, but a Commie-Socialist. She has wind chimes and a cat and listens to Natural Public Radio and folk music all day.

We will see. Meanwhile just remember, George Dubya is NOT a crook., It will all come out in the dirty laundry.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader, and damn proud of it, too.

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