Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"Bush Is Not Losing The War On Terrorism, So There!"
November 2, 2001
by Bob Boudelang

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

This constant divisiveness and truth from you Democrap Socialists will have to stop, now and I mean it!! Or else we will lose this war against terrorism. And it will not be the fault of our great President George W. Bush or anybody actually involved with the war. It will be the fault of the tree huggers, the gays, the blacks, the femiNazis, the Hispanish, the Orientals, the gun-grabbers, the union sympathizers, the LIEberals, the moderates, the ACLU, the atheists, the media and everyone who is asking questions and flounting our liberties.

He is even being stabbed in the back by his own team. For example, just the other day I heard Donald P. Rumfilled say something about "an illegitimate, unelected group of thugs." That is a horrible thing to say, and he should be ashamed of himself. George W. was too elected, if you do not count votes, and we are only killing innocent people by accident with our bombs.

Rumfilled should be very careful. Look what happened the other day, when he said that we would not get Bin Laden and newspapers reported it. Fortunately, now he says we will, which goes to show.

Also the other day I heard someone say something on the radio about a "barbaric vengeance-filled madman hiding in cave and plotting evil." That is a horrible thing to say about our great vice president Dick Cheney, who is not hiding because he is afraid but only to be safe. Plus he has too much real work to do, running things behind the scene to free up our Great President George W. so he can do important things like reading to elementary school kids or running out on the field at the World Series and throw the ball before heading back out of sight.

It is time we all buckled down to the important work of stopping airport security workers from having job security and a union, or getting rid of taxes for great companies like ChevronTexaco, Enron, Phillips Petroleum, IMC Global and CMS Energy. Otherwise it will be like Osama Bin Laden has won by destroying our great system of rewarding the rich.

We have got to get those responsible for the attack on America and New York, and that is why we are bombing hospitals and the Red Cross. War is not perfect. Get that straight!

And of course, we are all on the highest alert for more terrorism thanks to the warnings by Tom Ridge, the Director of Homely Security, John Ashcroft, and Ari Fleisher, who is a Jew but is just as good as if he were saved. Now aren't you glad we have guns, which Al Gore would have confiscated? Now we can go about our everyday business with a sense of relaxation because we are alert for terror of whatever kind there might be whenever and wherever it might happen.

I feel much better, or I would if I actually had a gun, but the cops have mine after Arjay, Mr. Padnavatham's nephew, shot out the street lights with them. However, I know people are safe in my town because I am patrolling the woods east of town at night with a knife and a pointed stick, and not just hiding there and drinking so stop saying that.

By the way, yes the CIA and FBI say that the malicious are the source of the anthrax, but they are just saying that to throw the REAL culprits into a false sense of security. I bet it will turn out to be some LIEberal group, like Planned Parenthood or Sarah Brady behind it all. That is why most of the attacks have been on liberal groups like the media and Dasshole who deserved it, to throw real Americans off the track.

Yet already we see George W. and our great Military, like Rear Admiral Stumblebaum, denying that we are in a quagmire. Well, as those great Americans at Newsmax pointed out, we should wait until we've had 99 more years of this before we say such a thing. We are NOT in a quagmire, get that straight. And it is Clinton's fault that we are bogged down in one too.

And yes, maybe Bin Laden was treated at our hospital at Dubai thanks to the CIA. But it would not have been necessary if Clinton had actually got Bin Laden instead of being distracted with lying about the crimes he was never convicted of due to "no evidence of wrongdoing." What a travesty. Keep focused, America! Paying attention to "evidence" instead of allegations is how Klintoon escaped the first time and continued his terroristic rain of peace and prosperity.

Nothing shows that better than the collapse of consumer confidence since George W. It is as if consumers are finally realizing that the eight years of good economy was a myth now that Slick Willy is not around to stain the White House with his genitals. Hooray! Now that George W. is in office, I think all of us can see what a lack of genitals can do.

Meanwhile, our great President urged Congress on Wednesday "to get to work and get something done." By which he means stop trying to create jobs and give out more unemployment benefits. He knows Americans don't want a Do-Something Congress passing bills and creating jobs. That is a job for the rich, like Liston MacIntyre, who just last week created the job of part-time freelance Custodial Consultant and put me in it. Now I have more time to devote to important current events and news, and only scrape gum off the bus station floor three days a week.

That is what the Bush revolution is about, new and exciting ways of getting things done instead of old fashioned dead-end jobs with "benefits." "People are having tough times in America," Bush said in a bluntly worded speech somewhere. That is why we must give more money to people like Liston MacIntyre and other millionaires and chief executive officers.

So to some up, stop telling the truth about the war and answering questions, and be grateful for George's lack of genitals. Unlike Klintoon, he stood up and was counted during Viet Nam in Texas and you cannot prove he was really AWOL or used cocaine, and he will stand up and be counted now, like I do hunkered down in my foxhole in the woods every night, keeping America safe from evil doers.

Bob Boudelang is a proud American veteran who was not running away when he was shot in the ass in Grenada so stop saying that you lying DemoncRats.