Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"Our Great President Is Going To China, Not Running Away"
October 19, 2001
by Bob Boudelang

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that it's about time the conservatives had a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

I guess all you Democrap Socialist must be nashing your teeth in rage and hate at the news that some poll says people are glad our George W. is in charge of the worst civilian disaster in American history, which his month off had nothing to do with. It goes to show Americans have come to their senses and now think about our great president no matter how bad the crisis gets, instead of slick Willy. No wonder the Sunday morning punjabs are calling Bush Chinchillian.

It's also clear what real leadership is, as the cowardly Democrat Senate is staying hidden in the Senate while the brave Republican-led House is leaving to take their chances with the rest of us on anthrax. George W. is not running away from anthrax either, so stop saying that! He planned all along to go to China weeks ago to follow up on that tough letter he sent them that did not apologize but only said we were sorry when they knocked down our spy plane. He also did not pay the whole bill they sent, just part. I guess they know now they are dealing with a different breed of cat than the spineless Klintoon. The evil puppet masters of Bayjing are about to meet ours.

And yes, Bush is now referring to the Chinese as strategic partners and yes, he is now saying Tiewon will be part of China, just like Klintoon did, but this is very different.

Meanwhile I am glad to see that the Republicans are continuing to emphasize what's important. Federal airport security people will just be another bunch of union members who will vote Democrat, which is why Dasshole and Gephart are pushing it and Dennis Hassler and Tom Delay are bravely blocking it. Dick Armey too.

If DemoncRats were really serious about making airplanes safer they would let people like me and you carry guns aboard. Then we wouldn't see hijackers with box-cutters, I can tell you that! But will they take this common sense step? No.

If it were up to me, I would hand out guns at airports. But I am used to being ignored when I make suggestions like these to the cop at the bus station, who I know agrees in his heart, even if he cannot say so. That is why I often see him across the terminal just watching me, because he admires my political ideals so highly.

I was going to suggest we give guns to the bus passengers for security to Mr. Hernandez-Garcia who is not qualified to run the bus station but does because of the bigotry of diversity and tolerance. But I notice he just yells in Spanish when I come near him. I guess like so many LIEberals he cannot tolerate honest debate.

We have much higher security now at the bus terminal. Even the Secret Service has come back, and Agent Brown too. He and I had a nice long talk about why this is a time for all Americans to stand united against evildoers like the tree huggers, the gays, the blacks, the femiNazis, the Hispanish, the Orientals, the gun-grabbers, the union sympathizers, the LIEberals, the moderates, the pacifists, and the intellectuals. Terrorists too.

You would not believe it, but some Democrap Socialist has mailed another cowardly death threat to our great President. It makes me glad that I started writing "This Has No Anthrax" on all the envelopes of all my letters of support and encouraging. That way he can tell it is not a threat like THIS letter to that coward Tom Dasshole.

It was also a stroke of genious for Bush to suggest right now that every schoolchild in America send in a dollar for the children of Afghanistan. This will get the children used to listening and sending money to George W.

This is important if we are going to have the next generation grow up to be the sort of patriotic Americans who will not keep complaining about votes not being counted in Florida. When I heard George W.'s plan announced on Mr. Padnavatham's TV, he complained to me that no-one is going to oversee what happens to the money that comes in, but he is mired in the darkness of Hindu and does not understand about the Bush family and money. That is why we can trust when Poppa George Bush, who was cheated out of his second term just because Klintoon got more votes, is doing business with the Bin Laden family.

Mr. Padnavatham was letting me watch his TV because I did not "press charges" when his nephew Arjay accidentally drove off with my guns. He does not know Arjay is secretly part of my malicious and I do not think it would be a good idea to tell him. He is still angry enough.

Meanwhile we have the national tragedy that Rush Limbaugh is going deaf and will no longer be able to hear people say ditto when they do. I tried to ask Reverend Cloyd how it was a just God who has punished America for thinking about giving Gayo-Americans special rights like everybody else would do such a thing to great American but he would not answer.

By the way, when Rush becomes a dummy, or differently unabled as the PCers would say, I am available to take his show. I can get on the bus at a moment's notice. Just say it is a family emergency to whoever answers the phone at the bus terminal.

Remember, the good thing about this awful situation is that you will be able to call me from the radio station without Rush hearing it and getting mad. Every clown has a silver lining as they say.

It is horrible that the LIEberal media is now being sent letters with anthrax just like they were Planet Parenthood or something, but it is hard not to feel happy too. After all, what they have done for years spreading the truth about Republicans and patriots like Nixon and McCarthy, amounts to terrorism. The ACLU, too.

You will notice you see lots of signs that say "God Bless America" but hardly any saying "ACLU Bless America." And yet some people called us conservatives nuts.

It is just like Ari Fleisher, who is a great American even if he is a Jew, says. You have to watch what you are saying, especially if you are going to criticize our great president or fuss about civil liberties. We will not be the land of the free for very much longer if people act anyway they want or say what comes into their heads. Stop and think!

Bob Boudelang is an angry American patriot who would give up his career at the bus station for career on radio. When you think of poor deaf Rush Limbaugh, think of Bob taking his job.