Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
July 20, 2001
by Bob Boudelang

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that it's about time the conservatives had a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal:

Socialist Security Shows How Much Democrats Hate Old People!!

There is no clearer way to show how the Democrats spread their divisive message of intolerance, hate and bigotry than their support of Social Security for old people. It is about time the American people woke up and realized that. In fact, I call it Socialist Security, because that is what it is. I used to call the Rush Limbaugh show and suggest that Rush say that also though I never got through. And I was too entitled to use the phone when I worked in the produce department. Now Rush is finally being paid what he is worth, more than Peter (Commie) Jennings, Rosie (gun-grabber) O'Donnell, and Alex (Go to France already!) Baldwin combined.

Radio stations and advertisers know how much he is worth, and not just because his listeners are gullible so stop saying that. We do not believe everything he says, although Rush is always right. Rush is even making more than Dan Commie Blather who refuses to say that that DemoncRAT Conduit killed that girl. Thank goodness his cover-up is not working, as Fox News (yay!) is getting to the bottom of Sandra Levy and how this is just like Klintoon 24 hours a day. They even have their own music for it.

If Rush wants his show to be even better, he should have me writing for him, and I am not kidding. He can leave a message with Mr. Padnavatham who runs the trailer park. Mr. Padnavatham is a legal immigrant, not the bad kind that our Great President George Bush (who did not steal the election despite what the commies at the New York Socialist Times say) was never going to make citizens. That was typical Democratic spin. He was going to think about letting them be made citizens, and he never said different.

Hispanish voters are not dumb. They would have seen that the Democrats have done nothing for them, while it is the Great Old Party of Republican that makes them use English only and announces they might make citizens out of the immigrants that steal jobs. That is why us Republicans are the party of diversity and would even accept a non-Christian Hindu like Mr. Padnavatham even though it is one step from Satanism. Speaking of Satanism, first the Civil Rights commission said blacks couldn't vote in Florida, and now the New York Times (or Pravda as some call it) says illegal military ballots were counted. Want some cheese whiz to go with that wine? When will the minorities and gays and femiNazis and tree-huggers and unions and Democrats and moderates and secular humanists and multi-culturalists and one-worlders and gun-grabbers and public school lovers accept what the voters said (if you don't count the majority)?

The election is over, so get over it, people. I have. Didn't you see the map with red and blue states? And yet some traitor at the U.S. Conference of Mayors said that the urban areas that voted for Gore account for 85% of the country's economy. They must be smoking their crack again.

It has been a turpetuous week in politics, with our great President going back to overseas, where he will hold talks to show the Europeans we will not negotiate. He will be able to wave our successful missile test in their faces hahahahaha. Now they will see they will have to protect themselves from rogue nations, like Russia and China getting together. They will look at us in a new light, believe you me.

But all of this is taking me away from Socialist Security, which is cruelly robbing old folks, the infirm and retirees of the chance to make money on Wall Street like everybody else does. If the Democrats really cared about geezers, they would want them to share in the excitement of the stock market instead of a small guaranteed return. Yes, 401K's are losing money, but that is nothing to worry about. The stock market has never lost money for more than 20 years, and that is a fact, not propaganda. And the person President Bush has named to be in charge of the Security and Exchange Commission was NOT Ivan Boesky's friend. Harvey Pitt was Ivan Boesky's lawyer. Big difference.

But you never hear about that from the Democrat spinmiceters who wouldn't have said a word about Al Gore wasting 190,000 dollars worth of electricity a month if he had done it. But let Dick Cheney just ask the Navy to pay his bills and all of a sudden there is concern. Talk about a double standard, folks! Let old people take a chance on Wall Street like everybody else. It is only fair that they have the same chance to be millionaires as anyone else. They are getting discount cards for some pharmacies thanks to Dubya and that's something else the Democrats who were just going to rely on Medicare never thought of.

When we get rid of Medicare and Social Security, old people will be better off than before, thanks to conservatives like me and Rush Limbaugh and we can look forward ourselves to being old and without government help. Especially Rush (don't forget to call!).

Bob Boudelang is a Patriotic American Workingman who is not just sitting on his butt collecting unemployment and food stamps like some people but has actually been out looking other places than the racetrack so stop saying that!