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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"George W. Has Thrown Out the ABM Treaty So Let's All Start Digging Bomb Shelters!"
December 14, 2001
by Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

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Again we see the magnificent courage and vision of our jenius president great George W. Bush. By throwing out the ABM treaty that has been keeping the peace since 1972, he has freed us from the empty past and opened the door to a new and more exciting future. Who can forget the great days of America when everybody was digging bomb shelters and dreaming about shooting their neighbors over the last scrap of food after the atomic war? Now we will have them all over again.

Now George has led us back to that kind of thinking by getting rid of the ABM treaty before the Russians could break it. Hooray, I say. I have already started digging mine and am not just drinking in the woods. George W. is not afraid to do what is right for America instead of what people want him to do, and it is not just because he has a bombproof shelter in Nebraska to hide in so stop saying that.

He knows that our new great missile shield will be a blessing to America as it stops some of the missiles that our enemies, who we are counting on to help us stop terrorism, might build and launch in the future. And yes, it does not work in the rain, you socialist smarty-pants, but there are lots of sunny days. What are the odds an enemy will only attack in bad weather?

Besides, I am sure he is having the CIA plan to put radio transmitters like the ones the system uses in the enemy missiles when they are built so that we can hit them sometimes, but that is all hush-hush so as not to tip our hand. That is the way this great man's mind works, if it does. Do not forget his dad was head of the CIA, so you can trust him.

It was also great the way he stopped the germ warfare treaty dead in its tracks like an anthrax victim. That treaty did not have any enforcement provisions, and it was important to stop it before it did. After all, it is not like germ warfare is a real problem, if you don't count the dead post office workers.

It is horrible how the Civil Rights Commission is fighting our great President on his effort to put people who will stop this civil rights movement on the Commission. Have they not heard that all 80% real Americans support George W. and would do everything he says? Or is it that they care more about civil rights than whether our President (and it is not his fault black people are too dumb to vote correctly) gets his way? Nor Katherine Harris, either. You cannot prove that, and no one believes the report the commission put out that says different.

What is overlooked in this hysteria is that the racist press is overlooking the fact that this guy what's his name, is not white. He just listens to white people and does what they say, but he is a good black person. Marion Berry's wife, if that's who she is, should be ashamed of herself for following the rules instead of making an exception.

However, how tragic that another giant has fallen like a tree in the forest with no one to hear it scream. This time it is Dick Armey, who is a tragedy for America. And it had nothing to do with Enron. Or Phil Gramm either, so stop saying that.

One by one we are losing our greatest congressmen who are not bigots: Strom Thurmond who can still wave his arms and blink, Jesse Helms, Phil Gramm, and Dick Armey. Now everyone's greatest fear is that in their awake, we will be saddled with a do-Something Congress that will pass "legislation" on housing, the environment, education, crime and other problems instead of relying on Americans to do something themselves without waiting for Big Government to coddle their victim mentality.

Fortunately, his son Scott Armey (stop snickering) is going to run for his seat, bringing old blood and the same ideas to Washington. Hmmm.after the first great President Bush, now we have his son, the Great George W. Instead of Dick Armey we have his son, Scott Armey. Strom Thurmond, Jr., got appointed something or other important by George W. I see a trend.

But Antonym Scalia's son, Skippy Scalia or whatever his name was, was not given a job by the worthless Democraps, just because they said he was unqualified. Is this why our four fathers fought to break away from England and the king, so that people couldn't provide for their kids like that? George Washington would be tossing and turning in his grave at Valley Forge if he thought that heredity and power counted for more than qualifications today.

Also this guy Brame was forced to resign from being appointed to the Labor Board just because he said gays should be put to death. Has political correctness come to this, that no-one can say out loud which minority should be put to death? It is a shame when wishful thinking is a crime, but that is the tyranny of liberals and radicals. We should have waited to see if he actually did put gayo-Americans to death before we said he went too far.

Instead we had the typical hysteria and fear mongering from the left. Look at all the brew-haha at John Ashcroft by LIEberals just because there's nothing about rounding up dark-skinned people on suspicion and holding military tribunals in the Constitution. Are we going to be bounded by priniciples and ideals, or are we going to live in the real world, people? We are at war with savages, and that is why it is no time for civilization.

Well, those DemocRats and Moderates are laughing out of the other side of their necks now that they have indicted this guy Zacarias. And yes, he was in custody from before the attacks, and yes, he is going to be tried in a civilian court, but that is not the point. He could have been rounded up afterwards and he could have been put in a military tribunal before he was shot, and that is the point.

We no longer have atheist socialists running the government, but real Christian Americans who are not afraid to use daisy cutter and cluster bombs and don't boohoohoo when there are three or four thousand civilian casualties. This is war!

What would Jesus do? He would just round up every swarthy guy from the Middle East with robes and a beard, and to hell with their rights, that is what Jesus would do. That is what John Ashcroft is doing. That is why all the peace loving people are scared of phantoms like him, as he told Congress.

It is disgraceful the way they are giving ammunition to America's enemies by keeping us from drilling in the Wildlife Refuse, or blocking the ten-year refund of corporate income taxes. But then when have Democraps ever cared about national unity and resolve? They would rather try to blame Bush for the recession just because it happened while he was in office.

It is like the Osama Ben Ladin tape, which is not a fake, and it is not Dubya's fault that the translators can not hear what he does. When we all see it, if we ever do, we will see that it shows him taking credit and partying while his people suffer. Osama says something like "Lucky me! I hit the trifecta!" unless I didn't hear what somebody said at the bus terminal correctly.

That is my main source of news these days since Mr. Padnavatham only wants to watch Indian videos. He will be sorry he did not let me watch Fox News when the mushroom clouds start falling, but there will not be as many of them as there could be thanks to George W. Hooray.

Bob Boudelang is an American patriot and visionary and you will all be sorry someday. Especially if you keep harping on the rent, which is only late.

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