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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
"Another Triumph For Bush in China Where He Was Not Dressed Like A Clown So Stop Saying That!!"
October 26, 2001
by Bob Boudelang

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that conservatives should have a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal...

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What a week of triumph for Our Great President Bush! Yes, Secretary Rumsfeld says Bin Laden will get away, but that only shows how guilty he is, and has nothing to do with any secret deal between the Bush and Bin Laden families so stop saying that! That is typical of the nitpicking of you liberal Socialists to blame our Chinchillian George W. just because he turned down the deal when the Talleyrand wanted to hand Bin Laden over. Besides everyone knows this is all Bill Klintoon's fault even if I can't explain how..

That's why all the firemen and heroes in New York booed Hiltlery Clinton off the stage when they were having the concert with dope addicts and rock stars. Mr. Padnavatham says they did not, but Rush Limbaugh says they did. I ask you, who is more likely to have heard correctly?

Meanwhile, our Great President went to China. I was so proud of this picture of him that I cut it out of the paper and pasted it on my locker at the bus station:

Well, you would not believe it but some evil Democrap took a red magic marker and drew clown hair and a big red nose on him like he was Bozo. When I saw it I was very angry and wrote "Our President Does Not Look Like Bozo the Clown!!!" with my own pen on the picture.

Secret Service Agent Brown thinks it was an accomplice of Bin Laden, I guess, which is why he is still hanging around. I found him comparing another red magic marker to the one that wrote "No, he looks like Zippy the Pinhead!!!" under what I wrote when I came in the locker room.

There is still heightened security at the bus station, but unfortunately I am unable to pitch in. I had to tell Secret Service Agent Brown that the police confiscated my guns after Mr. Padnavatham's nephew Arjay shot out the street lights. He nodded and said "That's good," which makes me think he was distracted. I had been watching for swarthy people in the bus station and shouting "Secret Service Agent Brown, look at him!" when I saw one, but he asked me to stop.

Anyway, it was a great trip for George W. and not a failure like the trips to Europe which were actually successes. Once again, George W. and his soul partner Pudding held discussions about possibly getting rid of the Anti-Missile Treaty that is outdated and having a new missile race, and although Pudding said no again, he didn't do it as loud as before. If we had had that system in place on September 11, we would not have had to worry about Bin Laden's missiles if he had any.

What a shame that our Glorious President had to come home to hear Democratic Socialist criticism of the Economic Stimulus program. Good God! You would think no one could see how the tax cuts so far revitalized the economy and kept it from being even worse than it was thanks to Klintoon.

It is bad enough that the rich have to pay taxes at all without them hearing criticism of this new tax cut. Do you think they don't care when there are layoffs? I got a very nice personal note of sympathy from Liston MacIntyre who owns the bus company when I got laid off from full time. And he was kind enough to hire me back part time as a independent sanitary consultant with fewer benefits to keep the bus company even healthier. I know it has been a strain on Mr. MacIntyre. He has to deal with all these layoffs, just at a time when the press is lying about his brother in law Carleton Halliday, who is Chief Financial Officer, just because he has been indicted in a stock swindle.

As George W. says, "There ought to be limits on freedom." What is the point of inheriting a multi-million dollar corporation and marrying into a rich family if the press can tear you down every time there is a petty indictment? It is as if the American dream has died, killed by the LIEberal media and this phony emphasis on white collar crime. It is sad to think Bill Gates is stuck in jail while Bill Clinton runs free, just because there was no indictments or evidence of wrongdoing.

It would be enough to get you or me discouraged, but not our Great President, who had a wonderful little smile on his face when he said he did not have anthrax over and over. Or Dick Cheney, either, who is not hiding but only being safe. And yes they started taking the anti-anthrax drugs on September 11th but that is not because they are cowards, so stop saying that. You do not get classified information and so you cannot know what they are afraid of.

Like Tom De Lay, who is continuing his fight against the evils of legislation by keeping airport security in the hands of private enterprise, who have been doing a good job since the disaster if you don't count the guy who got on the plane this week with a gun. It is horrible to think how much gun control and education spending and health insurance and anti-pollution laws there would be if not for patriots like Tom De Lay.

So to sum up, George W. Bush did not look like Bozo the clown, rich people need more money, and you Democraps have to stop this divisiveness and critical thinking. We must all stand together in this time of crisis and stay focused or else people will applaud when they see Hillary. So there.

Bob Boudelang is an American patriot who has more hours now to devote to current events, unless he finds a part-time job like Rush Limbaugh's, hint hint. Leave a message at the trailer park.

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