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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
August 24, 2001
by Bob Boudelang

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that it's about time the conservatives had a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal:

Jesse Helms Is A Tragedy For This Country Like Strom Thurmond

Who can deny that Jesse Helms is not a very sad thing for this country? Not me.

In an error when LIEberals are turning this country into a vast police state and taking away our precious guns like they was dangerous to other people, another great warrior for freedom and liberty has fallen. I would feel the same if he was dead but instead he is going off in the twilight like Strom Thurmond will if he lives that long. And just look at all the great things he has done for this country, too, which is going the way of ancient Rome unless we change courses in mid-stream.

You may laugh but let me tell you the "Big Lie" how this country is becoming like the Nazis thanks to DemoncRATS and the nanny state. Only last night I had got my pay and was playing three card monty with young entrepreneurs who were of the Negro-American persuasion so I am not bigoted.

I had won two small bets and was just about to double my entire paycheck by pointing to the Red Queen in the middle when there was a yell of "Cops!" and everybody had to run away with the cards and my money.

What is worse is the cops must of been undercover cops, too. At least I couldn't spot them, and I am very street-wise, as "the homos say in the hood." I ask you do we want to live in a country where this sort of Gestapo tactics become common place? Word out and chill.

Or do we want to live in a country like our President George W. Bush is trying to lead us to even while he is on vacation for a month at his ranch? Why won't the liberals and the moderates and the gun grabbers and the union bosses and the FemiNazis and the tree-huggers and the school teachers and the health nuts and the media and the economists and the intellectuals and the Jews and the Blacks and the Orientals and the Hispanish just shut up and understand everyone is against them so stop fighting our Great President and let him lead us there? It will be the kind of country where our leaders are free to hold secret meetings about giving Federal money to the oil companies, or about getting rid of Social Security and Medicare so old people will be rich and pay for their medicine, without being told they are breaking some silly law.

Or do we want the kind of dictatorship where people can keep harping in public that there's no surplus any more without blaming Bill Clinton for it instead of tax cuts? Where people at "conventions" can say out loud that the Heritage Foundation is fighting against affirmative action and get away with it? I don't think we do.

I mention the Heritage Foundation because this group of corporate extremists had invited a keyhole speaker who was going to do just that. Fortunately the Labor Department threatened them and they stopped, but it was a close call. I know that because I read it in the New York Times which I found at the bus station in the trash where it belongs. You have to read liberal news for stories such as that and depend on Fox and Rush for the "real truth," like how endangered fish kill people thanks to eco-whackos.

Unfortunately because of our DemoncRAT tyrants and their undercover goon squads, Mr. Padnavatham will not let me watch his television any more. He blames me and not the corrupt system of Big Government for my not having the rent this week, but what can you expect from someone mired in the darkness of Hindu, as Reverend Cloyd says. So I am unable to tell you the latest about Gary Conduit and his "interview," who is just like Klintoon only his intern is missing and not like Monica, hahaha. There is no better evidence of the fact that foul play is involved by the fact that there has been no evidence. If he was innocent, we would have found something by now, and everyone knows it.

And poor Linda Tripp! She is the epityme of patriotism and true friendship for turning the phone calls from "Ms." Lewinsky over to Ken Starr, and what is her reward? Now she is begging in public like a tramp. It breaks my heart and if I had any money I would send her what she deserves. I hope you will send her what she deserves too.

Meanwhile Klintoon has even gotten away with Pardongate, just because there were no charges. He has relied his whole career on legal technicalities, like "no evidence of wrongdoing" and "impeached doesn't mean kicked out." And unlike the rest of us, he smoked pot and dodged the draft in the 60s.

It is sad to see what has happened to poor Linda and think about Klintoon and the famous death list for his enemies that the liberal media covered up. Now he is getting $12 million for his biased "book" and no one is left alive to tell the story of Slick Willy's crookedness except Linda Tripp, Ken Starr, Robert Ray, Richard Scaife Mellon, Juanita Broaddrick, David Sentelle, Rush Limbaugh, Gordon Liddy, Bob Grant, Katherine Wiiley, Paula Jones, Oliver North, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rupert Murdoch, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Michael Isikoff, Matt Drudge, Dan Burton, Bob Barr, Henry Hyde, Gennifer Flowers, Asa Hutchinson, the people at NewsMax, the people at WorldNetDaily, the people at Free Republic, the writers at the Washington Times and other great Americans. But what can a powerless handful do?

Speaking of great Americans I wanted to spend this week talking about the tragedy of Jesse Helms and now I will. I have been sad and discouraged all week at the news that Jesse is not in the Senate although at first I thought they meant Jesse Jackson when they were talking at the Red Bear Lounge about it. Then I remembered that he is not a Senator although I wish it WAS him. Then we would be rid of him although he probably still would not go away. But instead it is Jesse Helms that is leaving although he will still be in the Senate. Do not be confused.

When the Golden Book of Great Americans in the Sky is written by future historians looking back at the past which is now, what a long list of accomplishments they will put next to Jesse Helms' name. I would mention them here my self if I could remember one, but instead I will just point out if it were not for this great patriot, we would have a nuclear test ban treaty and be up-to-date in our United Nations dues, instead of fighting rogue nations and being attacked by countries that used to be our allies. Hats off! to that.

Yes, Senator Helms did not shake Nelson Mandolin's hand but that was because he was a bigot. I don't mean Jesse Helms who does too have some black supporters, but Nelson, whose name became cinnamonous with oppression and racial hatred among the good people in South Africa. Let us not forget if it were not for his strong opposition (Jesse Helms, not Nelson Mandolin), homosexuals would have special rights like being married or not fired, and there would be more art.

Let me ask you: if Jesse Helms was so bad why did the people of his state keep electing him? What the people say in this country goes, unless you are talking about Florida, in which case get over it hahahahaha. Ask a LIEberal that question and you will get hysterical blather about race baiting, but these are the same dishonest partisan extremists who would have you believe the Confederate flag has something to do with slavery and segregation and not the history of the South.

Who will replace Jesse Helms as Senator from whichever Carolina? And would they tell Clintoon not to come without a bodyguard the way Jesse did, although it was just a joke and not a threat so stop bringing that up! We shall see.

Some people say Bob Dole's wife. If she moves there she will not be a carpetbagger like shrHillary in New York because it will be entirely different. For one thing Liddy is subservient to Bob like Republican women ought to be, and not a lesbian FemiNazi. For another, it will be entirely different.

Enclosing, I hope whenever people look at George W. from now on they will see the kind and smiling face of Jesse Helms. Especially at election time. Jesse Helms will never die, but like Douglas Macarthur Park said, he will just waste away and shall return. Strom Thurmond too, although he is not dead yet. I know I will do my best to remind America that they are all great Republicans who should be thought of together whenever equality and goodness is mentioned and I hope you all will too. Amen. Especially at election time.

Bob Boudelang is an American patriot and Jesse Helms fan who did not take that man's beer at the Red Bear Lounge. It was an honest mistake that could of happened to anyone and he is too allowed in. So stop saying that.

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