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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
August 17, 2001
by Bob Boudelang

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that it's about time the conservatives had a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal:

Our Great President Bush Has Made the Greatest Decision in American History

Note: Sadly, Stewball failed to pay off as Bob had been tipped, and so Bob's grasp of the stem cell issue is not as complete as he had wished.

Well, when the big book on American History is written in the sky, it will be recorded that the greatest decision ever was the one by our great president George W. Bush on stem cells. Dispute that if you can, Socialist Democrats!

He looked more presidential than ever sitting still reading his speech slowly and carefully in that empty field in Texas on his ranch, and I hope that is how every American would remember him forever.

I would have liked to see it but unfortunately Mr. Padnavatham turned the television almost as soon as Bush's great speech started to some immoral Indian music video where two girls was dancing with this shirtless guy. I tried to tell him this was a profound issue, but he didn't want to hear what our great president had to say.

It is too bad. But what can you expect from someone mired in the darkness of Hindu? He will not let me watch Bill O'Reilly either and so I am unable to learn the latest on how Gary Conduit murdered that girl and got away with it, just because there is no evidence. We all know why that is too.

I tried to tell Mr. Padnavatham all that I could about stem cells and how hard the President worked to decide this issue. He kept shushing me so he could listen to those girls sing, although they sounded to me like Minnie Mouse.

I would by now have my own television and my own electricity back on if it were not for the corrupt Democrats in the state legislature, who have failed to root out the blatant corruption in the racing industry. But instead the fix that was supposed to be in did not happen. If it had, Stewball would have paid off 34 to 1. That is the horror of liberalism - tips can not be trusted.

Fortunately the next day at the bus station I found a newspaper that had the text of the President's speech, although it had some sort of stains on it that I don't want to think about. So I am able to discuss it with you.

George W. worked hard to make his great decision a greater decision. He talked to many people of every stripe, including even people like the Pope who are not saved. He even read a book, according to Karen Hughes. And on his vacation, too.

He pointed out in his speech that what seems to scientists just a bunch of cells that they have put together is so much more. "One goes with a heavy heart if we use these, because we are dealing with the seeds of the next generation," said George W. Next would come cloning and then there would be the horrors of modern science.

It is much more important that this bunch of cells be preserved until they get destroyed than that scientists monkey with them to try to develop "cures." Except for the ones George W. says it is okay to experiment on.

This is part of the reverence for life that is such an important part of the conservative philosophy, along with capital punishment, no restrictions on handguns, and the importance of our nuclear arsenal, and if selfish activists like Michael C. Fox and Christopher Reeves were not so concerned with health, they would see it. But instead they want to embarrass our President.

And so what if Tommy Thompson holds the patent rights to the stem cells George W. is going to allow research on? Good God! First the LIEberals want to know who Dick Cheney met with to have our terrific energy policy, then they want to know why Karl Rove hid his million dollar consulting business, and now they want to know about stem cell patents. When will the witch hunt stop?

And yes, this means our scientists will go overseas to work, but good riddance. These extremists are biased toward science, and many probably also believe in godless evolution, global warming and the "dangers" of tobacco.

This fireball of criticism is just another red hairlip to distract us from the DemoncRATS real goal of socialism and legal abortion. Why is it the only choice they will allow is for women to murder their babies, but not poor people to choose to go ritzy private schools with vouchers or billionaires to leave their money to their kids after they are dead without taxes. Surcease la femme, as the Bible says. I blame it on the FemiNazis.

However, do not worry. The Republicans have a new website that will lure real women and not the militants who are carrying on about daycare, equal pay and patient's rights. I saw it at the public library, where I am too allowed, so stop saying that. It is pink, but I was just looking at it for research. It says right on the front page "The check is in the mail." I know that there is a line that real women will believe and that our great president will sweep to victory in 2004, even if Al Gore has a beard, and be remembered as the man who put the safety of stem cells above the narrow interests of sick people.

Bob Boudelang is a Proud American Patriot and Sportsman who was not looking at pornography on the internet at the library and is glad they put that software in that blocks all of those sites. Really.


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