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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
August 3, 2001
by Bob Boudelang

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that it's about time the conservatives had a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal:

Cheering Crowds Cannot Hide That Everybody Loves Bush And Hates Klintoon

As every American knows, it was another week of triumph for our great President George W. Bush who did not steal the election, but nobody knows it thanks to the LIEberal media. Now he is taking a well-earned one-month vacation after working so hard for six months, and those people who are complaining wish they could take vacations like that. It is simply class envy, like those people who begrudge the rich getting more taxes back than us. After all, they paid more taxes and what is fair about Steve Forbes or Pete DuPont paying more than us?

But instead of praise George has received nothing from blame and scorn from the tree huggers, the gays, the blacks, the femiNazis, the Hispanish, the Orientals, the gun-grabbers, the union sympathizers, the LIEberals, the moderates, and the product safety people. I mention them because they raised such a stink that Tom Dasshole and the rest of the lockstep Senate Democrats voted against Mary Ellen Gall to head the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Gall would have rightly blamed irresponsible parents who use a baby seat instead of manufacturers for defective products, but instead we will go on with a climate of victims. It makes Americans feel helpless and cheated when people are able to sue tobacco companies for millions instead of blaming themselves for not believing in junk science, but do you think DemoncRATS care? No, they go on blocking tort reform and letting trial lawyers run amuck, winning cases.

Thank God (which Al Gore would have prevented) that Bush has made his backroom deal with Republican Representative Charlie Norwood to keep us from having patients rights! That is real bipartisanship and not the bill sponsored by Republican traitor Greg Ganske and DemoncRAT John Dingell. Hooray for Bush, who is a uniter not a divider and will protect our precious HMOs from paying for medical care.

Even though he is on vacation, George took the trouble to talk to the Black Police Organization, where he did not say anything bigoted. That tells you what liars the left wing socialists are, all right. He talked to them about his plan to give money to churches instead of agencies that help the poor.

I wish he would have gone further and talked to them about how his cutting funds for drug treatment in public housing will help cops have more addicts to arrest. He could also have discussed the good work he and John Ashcroft are doing to make guns more available to every American without background checks. I know those cops would have cheered to hear there would be more guns to make their job easier.

Instead it was as if they didn't care for Bush at all, which I blame on race-baiting bigots like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Still, what a contrast between a REAL president, like Bush who stood still and read his speech slowly and carefully off the teleprompter, and slick Willie who moved while he was talking and didn't seem to be reading at all. It was like he was making it up as he went along, and what an insult to the good people of Harlem that he didn't have somebody write a speech for him but just talked.

I was glad Fox News cut away from the real President to Klintoon so people could see the contrast for themselves. I was especially disgusted when he talked to the good people of Harlem who were protesting. That is not what a president should do with people criticizing him. George Bush would not have done it. What was worse is that black militants like Charles Rangel, white socialists, and other riff-raff, outnumbered the good people, like the guy from the New Black Panther Party.

What especially made me sick was the diversity. You don't think that was real do you? No, that was black people and white people deliberately getting together.

What decent American was not sickened by the sight of these people cheering that disgraceful ex-president Slick Willy Klintoon when he "opened" his office in Harlem? Why weren't they working during the day instead of hanging out on the street?

When I mentioned that to Mr. Padnavatham as we were watching it, he looked at me funny. He is a foreigner and does not understand where America's greatness lies. Instead he began to shout at me about the back rent. But as Shakespeare says, sometimes the problems of two people don't amount to a hill of baked beans. There are more important things, like politics.

Besides, thanks to the Bush economic miracle, the next day I got a job at the bus station, as assistant sanitation engineer. It does not pay as much as the produce department but there is less bureaucracy and I have a better title. Son I will have electricity again and not have to watch Mr. Padnavatham's television.

Speaking of Al Sharpton, he is still in jail in Puerto Rico along with Jesse Jackson's wife and a Kennedy but not the right one hahahaha. They were jailed for protesting us bombing that island. Now the Puerto Ricans have voted to kick us off the island, although like Americans voting for Al Gore it doesn't mean anything. They will be sorry, mark my words. Wait until they see what they miss when we stop bombing, if we do.

Meanwhile we are a weaker nation because we will not be able to bomb, although we are going to keep on doing it. That is probably why Saddam shot a missile at our U-2 plane last week. It is time we drew a line in the sand again and showed the world what a bully is all about.

Best of all the Bush energy plan was approved by the House of Representatives, hahahaha, so there Democrats. Now the poor oil companies will get the taxpayer money they need to drill in the Arctic Wildlife Reserve for the oil they can sell to us. That is the miracle of capitalism at work and it is due to George Bush and his leadership. Maybe now they will stop asking Dick Cheney who came up with the plan and concentrate instead on real issues, liking taking away money from schools that are not doing well and giving it to those who are doing well. We can only hope that this kind of fairness will prevail, and not the kind of socialism that gives money to people who need it or takes care of the environment instead of oil companies.

Bush has been a tiger in the tank of America like Exxon, that's for sure, and he has washed the stain off the windshield too. Americans know it too, no matter what the polls say (and even then that is misleading. Just 16% thought he was really bad - all the rest only said he was not good). It is sad that he is taking a month off, but he is only human. At least that is my theory.

Bob Boudelang is a Patriotic American who serves as Assistant Sanitation Engineer and may even get keys.

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