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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
July 27, 2001
by Bob Boudelang

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that it's about time the conservatives had a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal:

Another Triumph For Bush Who Was In Europe So He Did Not Kill That Guy

Every decent American is fed up with the lies and hate spread by the LIEberal media about our great President Bush and his terrific second trip to Europe. Because of their vicious distortions and dishonest rhetoric, Americans think this trip was another failure like the first trip, but that is not true!

The reason for that is taking things out of context unfairly. Yes, George W. was dripping wet when he shook hands with the Queen, but he had been outdoors in the rain. You would also think the Queen had never seen anyone in dungarees or drunk, although first other daughter What's-her-name was not either one.

And George W. listened politely to the Pope of Rome about the Papist concern for stem-cell research, like he did when he was Governor of Texas and had prisoners executed anyway. That way he showed the world he is firm on moral issues and will even listen to those who are not saved.

There is no taking away from the success of this trip. George W. and his good and soul friend Pudding had a breakthrough discussion at which they forged a historic agreement to have more talks to discuss foreign affairs. They and their staffs sat down and wrote out three sentences together saying so in a historic forgery. Russia wants fewer warheads and George W. wants more missiles, and now the whole world can see where these two countries stand and judge for themselves. Hooray for George W!

And yes, the missile our missile defense shield hit last week had a radio in it so we could hit it. That was not a secret, although no-one admitted it until this week for security reasons. How else would we learn to hit it? Otherwise the test would have failed again. Don't you fuzzy-headed peaceniks think of anything? That is why we must get it deployed now, as Donald Rumsfeld says, before there is further testing and criticism.

But instead of reporting this good news, the news media seems determined to focus on unimportant side issues like global warming and germ warfare. Just because we are scrapping the treaty on germ warfare does not mean we are for germ warfare. We must ignore the good nations that are against germ warfare and focus on those rogue nations that did not sign the treaty, and that is why we did not sign the treaty. Plus signing the treaty would damage our country's fine corporations who are not doing research on germ warfare.

And so what if 180 other countries agreed to the Yoyo treaty and want to pretend global warming is real? You would think people around the world think "Yoyo" every time they see our president!! They just want to drag our productive economy down to the level of their failing ones, where they rely on a socialist safety net and not layoffs to spurt productivity. They do not even have HMO's like we do here. And if they did have HMO's they would probably let patients sue them, because that is what socialists want, to have everyone live in fear of trial lawyers.

Also there was a very productive meeting for President Bush at the V-8 Convention in Genoa where talks went much better this time because they did not discuss missile defense or global warming. This lets everyone know what that fireburnt extremist Senator Dasschole said about Bush and isolationism is not true, and who cares what foreigners think anyway. Let them mind their own business while we keep on the lookout for rogue nations, alone if necessary. And Bush was right there in Italy, so the whole world knows he had nothing to do with that guy getting killed. Not the one who was killed in Italy, but the one who wrote that awful book about Bush using cocaine.

I don't care what Mr. Padnavatham says, it is not just like Vince Foster. For one thing Rush and Fox News has hardly mentioned it, as he would have if it was a real news story. For another thing, Vince Foster worked with the Klintoons for many years, whereas this guy was against George W. and tried to keep him from being President by proving Bush used cocaine. You have to look at motive. Mr. Padnavatham does not understand this, as he is mired in the darkness of Hindu as the Reverend Cloyd says.

Mr. Padnavatham does not even see how much this Sandra Levy thing is just like the Monica Lewinsky thing even though Fox News is telling him 24 hours a day. That is because he watches soccer and the BBC. It is horrible that a suspected murderer is able to vote to sue HMO's in Congress, or would if it came to a vote. And I don't mean the Republican with the dead girl in his office who had nothing to do with it, but DemoncRAT Gary Conduit. Fortunately House Speaker Dennis Hassler is way too smart and will not let the Patient's Bill of Rights come to a vote, like he did with campaign finance reform which no-one wants. That way George W. does not have to veto these unpopular measures and look like the bad guy to everyone.

However, Speaker Hassler did get the House to pay Vice President Cheney's electric bill, which was not a rip-off so stop saying that. He is an important person and needs the lights on all night. Also what business is it of Congress, who was on his Energy Task Force? Vice President Cheney went to all the trouble to have secret meetings to solve America's energy crisis by getting rid of conservation and silly ecology regulations, and I think that is enough. But instead he has to be criticized and scrutirized by Democrats, the Press, enviro-whackos, LIEberals, Moderates and Congress. No wonder he had another heart attack although it did not affect him in the least.

This is as bad as the hysterical shouting by DemoncRATS over Karl Rove's secret meetings. That would not even be an issue if not for the Salvation Army underhandedly telling people what they agreed or Intel's stock price going up after the merger.

Now of course the Gay people have their panties in a bunch, and over what? More special rights like being hired or married. That is why I am glad there will be a Constitutional Commandment about marriage soon like there is in the Bible. We cannot have Adam and Steve, or this land of freedom will go the way of Saddam and Gloccamorra.

But instead we are distracted by stupidity like Jenna hanging out with strippers which is a lie or the other one getting drunk in front of the Queen, instead of focusing on the good work of this administration, like changing "illegal immigrants" to "guest workers" or putting someone in charge of consumer safety who believes in personal responsibility and not dangerous products killing kids. I am no profit, but I can't help thinking that the next time we Americans ignore President Bush and the Man Upstairs hits this country with a meteor like he did the other day, it will not be a omen but a warning.

Bob Boudelang is an angry American Patriot who is expecting to help build that swimming pool for the Reverend Cloyd as soon as the faith-based initiative money goes through, but it will be off the books.

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