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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
July 13, 2001
by Bob Boudelang

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that it's about time the conservatives had a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal:

US Out of the UN Now! and I Mean It!

It makes me sick that we American patriots would have to kowtow to the disgusting United Nations if LIEberals and Socialist Democrats have their way. Thank God our great President Bush (and stop saying he is dumb!) can see through these fuzzy one-worlders and will stand up to these atheist commies. These foreigners have no business telling red-blooded Americans what we can and cannot do in the world and they know it. Our forefathers didn't come here from overseas and make this the best and most powerful country in the world so they could listen to a bunch of ignorant foreigners talk about justice and rights. It was disgraceful the way Klintoon pandered to other countries to distract us from Monicagate.

He wagged the dog, all right, and as a result there is no aspirin in the Sudan. Yes, the joint chiefs of staff said that was a chemical warfare plant, but they were just helping Slick Willie who spit in the face of our military whenever he could. He did not fool millions of patriotic Americans with his deceptions and tricks, despite the liberal media which misled everybody. Now we have Bush who does not care that other countries hate him, which is why he is the greatest president ever and I mean it. When China kidnapped our spy plane he did not go running to the United Nations. He sent them a letter that said I'm sorry that was not an apology and got the crew back in time for Easter. (That racist Jesse Jackson getting a visa to go to China had nothing to do with it. That is a typical DemocRAT LIE a bun in the woodpile hahahaha.)

Bush did not take credit for it like Klintoon would have done either, and it wasn't an apology so stop saying that. And now we have our spy plane back so stop shouting "Where is our plane!" like you evil socialists really care. George W's friend Pudding flew it back for us, because he and George are soul mates and have daughters and everyone had fake Ids, you hypocrites. Bush did not take credit for that either, although I wish he had. I wish Bush had shown up with a brass band and TV cameras so the whole world could see him as they unloaded the pieces from the Russian plane. That would have showed everyone what this administration has done. But that is not our great president's way.

As he said on the Fourth of July, "I'm a proud man to be the nation based upon such wonderful values." It makes you think. It was a disgrace for the United Nations to throw this great country off the Human Rights Commission and the Drug Commission too, and it was not George W.'s fault. I blame the Socialist Democrats in the Senate, which you might as well rename the Kremlin now thanks to that traitor Jefferds. Now this country will be disgraced internationally with that gang in charge. We may even pay our back dues, and then we WILL be a pitiful helpless giant as Nixon who was never impeached warned.

It would serve the UN right if we did not even have an ambassador, and yet it is the obstructionist Democrats who are keeping us from having one after yelling about the Republicans holding up appointments for minorities for six years. John Negroponte would be a fine ambassador and there were never any death squads. He had nothing to do with them, either. That is just lying propaganda from the Sandanistas and their "comrades" as well as the dupes in this country who would have you believe that they are not still holding Nicaragua in an iron grip of tyranny just because they left office when they lost an election. That was only a trick.

Can't America see that? Meanwhile the United Nations and all the world is against us, so it will be up to us to stand up to rogue nations all alone and not care about what other countries say. That is why Bush is sending money to North Korea and Afghanistan. And yet all this great president gets is a constant stream of complaints and whining, like the racist NAAC(L)P, making bigoted statements about us Republicans being a Tallleyrand. Hey, if God didn't want us to be in charge he wouldn't have made some people so dumb they couldn't fill out a ballot correctly, and Jeb had nothing to do with it either.

I am also glad that Bush is shutting down the UN gun treaty. All that is keeping other countries like Chad and Mexico from invading us now is the knowledge that any American might have a gun, and be ready to protect ourselves. Yes, they say that was about guns in third world countries, but that is just a ruse for the UN to take our guns. They know if people in those third world countries had guns like we do in America, there would be less shooting and killing. That is also why we are building missiles that will hit the target someday soon and testing atomic bombs again. Yes, other countries are complaining about us breaking our treaties but they would have broken those treaties first if we didn't.

George W. and Donald Rumsfeld know this and that is why they are going to make this country strong again, no matter what the rest of the world thinks of us. They will feel different when they are threatened by rogue nations, or else! I am glad there are two towns in Utah that have declared themselves "no UN" zones where people who believe in this unAmerican institution must identify themselves with signs in their yards and register with city hall. That is the way things should be in the land of the free. Let us hope that every town follows suit, and not just with people who believe in the UN but also tree-huggers, environuts, gun grabbers, blacks, Hispanics, Orientals, socialist medicine people, Democrats, moderates, liberals, FemiNazis, abortion supporters, union suympathizers, public school sympathizers, welfare queens, other rminorities, immigrants, gays, anti-smoking fanatics and everyone else trying to change this great country. So there.

Bob Boudelang is a Patriotic American Patriot who doesn't care about the rest of the world. He will soon be moving to a certain part of Utah if you get the drift, providing he can raise the bus fare since the police did not say anything about him not leaving town, so stop saying that.

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