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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang
June 15, 2001
by Bob Boudelang

In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided that it's about time the conservatives had a voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot, with this week's rebuttal:

Bush (Who Did NOT Steal the White House!) and us Republicans is Right About the Energy Crisis, so there.

It is about time you ugly leftist Democrat socialists learned the Republican story about this nation's energy crisis and not the truth "put out" by ugly leftist Democrat socialists. We are in the grip of an energy crisis so severe that we must toss all concern for public health or the environment out the nearest window if we are ever going to continue to enjoy increased snowmobiling, jet-skis, NASCAR, neon lights, video card games and all the other necessities that make this modern country what it is today and always has been.

This crisis is the result of the Klintoon Administration not having any energy policy at all. That's why the first priority of George W. Bush, who did NOT steal the presidency, and his terrific Administration has been repealing all of the Klintoon Administration's energy conservation rules and initiatives. These rules and initiatives are no good, and anyway Slick Willie should have put them through years ago and not waited for the last minute to lay this obvious trap for George W. Bush who fell for it. This is just another example everyone can see of Democrat lies, like saying Bush is dumb because he fell for such an obvious trap! Get that straight!

We must open the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and the National Parks for drilling because we are totally dependent on high-priced foreign oil, due to the fact that evil foreign oil companies like OPEC charge as much as our great American oil companies do. That way we can have fair competition and lower prices which is what made this country great. You socialists never talk about that, do you? What has any salmon done for you lately? The Arctic Reserve will give us six months worth of oil, so that we can continue to drive our SUV's without intrusive big government fuel efficiency.

It's our oil and you have no right telling us how we can waste it! And any way who needs the world climate and the global ecology nuts like the Sierra Club are shouting about. They are only a tiny minority that no one listens to, but you hardly ever hear about that because the leftist media, the FemiNazis, the pro-abortion crowd, the gun-grabbers, the blacks, other minorities, the intellectuals, the gays, the birdwatchers, the labor unions, the anti-smoking groups and other liberals all listen to them slavishly.

Meanwhile look at California. Those nuts are having rolling blackouts and energy problems statewide except where it is served by publicly regulated utilities, but the problem has nothing at all to do with the deregulation plan conservatives put in, which was not true deregulation as it was watered down by liberals. California needs MORE deregulation. That's as clear as the map with red states and blue states, which proves Bush didn't steal anything yet. Us other states have the problem of publicly regulated utilities so its important that we all deregulate before we can begin suffering California's problem too. It's environmental standards that cause California's high energy prices. They have nothing to do with the Democrat Socialists saying Republican campaign contributors charge the state's utilities rates for natural gas and generated electricity far above the prevailing market price elsewhere.

That's the free market, pal, and anyway if kooky California environmentalists hadn't made the utility companies there pass deregulation and sell off their power plants, they wouldn't be getting gouged like this. People in California have got to start taking responsibility for their own selves and stop expecting government to solve anything. This is America!

Another left wing loony lie is that the environmental standards are in California because of PG&E putting chromium in the drinking water like that Julia Child movie said, or the smog that comedians always talk about. There's only one word to explain why extremist Californios selfishly worry about their "health" and not about the economy of the rest of us, and that's an ugly one: environmentalism. They need Arnold Schwartznabor to say "Hasta negilah" to them, and soon, Baby!

Anyway, no one can deny summer is here and we will be suffering like California all over the country even if we don't fall for deregulation. That's why Bush slashed the Federal energy use standards for air conditioners. I wish he would get what he deserves for actions like this instead of this constant drumstick of criticism about stealing an election from leftists. When will you get it through your heads a majority doesn't mean ANYTHING in this country. Nuclear energy is completely safe, but as Senator Murkowski says, we must transfer the liability for damages from accidents and nuclear waste from the industry that profits from it to the taxpayer so that the industry can afford to build more without the threat of having to pay those damages.

What the anti-nuke kooks never say is the last catastrophic accident involving a reactor going out of control didn't kill anyone if you mean Three Mile Island and not Chernobyl. They have brought this proud industry to its knees like Monica Lewinsky servicing the president. Ha!

When I got shot in the ass by friendly fire in Grenada, I knew it was for the good of the country. Americans are just going to take it in the neck like I did for the next few years on soaring energy costs, and it has nothing to do with industry profits or outrageous salaries for executives. I wish you would stop saying that and pull together for the good of this great president, his brother who had nothing to do with it, and the rest of the Republican party in the future. Amen.

Bob Boudelang is a patriotic American patriot who wants nothing to do with liberals. He is a NRA life member and has been treasurer of his local VFW chapter and he resigned like Newt did and no charges were ever filed, so get that straight.

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