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April 7, 2006
DeLay's down, Kaloogian has been caught in yet another lie, and bloggers are breaking more and more news stories. But the Republican party is like the ocean: fascinating to look at, but never turn your back on it. By Delilah Boyd

March 30, 2006
What in the world is President Popeye smoking? Who will replace the Washington Post's disgraced right-wing blogger? Can Bay Buchanan deport 11 million people without breaking a fingernail or running out of cattle cars? By Delilah Boyd

March 24, 2006
Georgia's rotten peach claims that abortions have caused our shortage of cheap labor, Judith Miller claims that bloggers' nasty remarks about her have been "volumized" (don't bother looking - Judy made up the word), Judd Gregg needs a Sesame Street lesson in numbers and colors, and Operation Failure To Divert Attention falls as flat as the president's approval rating. Just another week on the blogs? Not hardly. All of this week's entries were posted on DU journals.

March 17, 2006
Who's responsible for Mad Cow Disease in America? Will Condi and her "husband" snort the guitar? How about some roasted Dick and free range Republican Evil Twins served straight up, blogger style? This isn't symptomatic of March Madness - it's just middle March blog blarney. By Delilah Boyd

March 10, 2006
Has BushCo's pandering to fascist fundies, local biz bigwig wannabees, and petty functionary appointees resulted in a Bring Back The 50's movement? By Delilah Boyd

March 3, 2006
Do you want your information super highway to become a toll road? Do you really have to take your gun to work? Is a memory loss expert your only hope in avoiding a perjury conviction? Would you vote against The Honest Leadership Act? If you're a card-carrying member of BushCo, the answer to each of those questions is yes. Compiled and writen by Delilah Boyd

February 24, 2006
George W. Bush claimed this week that the UAE government-owned company he's approved to take over US ports has been "fully vetted." Bloggers have two words for George and his supporters: Harriet Miers. Compiled and written by Delilah Boyd

February 17, 2006
Osama who? ET planned to attack Los Angeles? Brownie bites back? A 40-minute Katrina response transcript gap? Libby was only following orders? Neocons starting the cartoon war? And what could possibly trump this week's BushCo blunders? Hint: It beats a hole in the... never mind. By Delilah Boyd

February 10, 2006
Laura Bush displays her basic instincts in public, a Republican staffer blogs her thong, and BushCo's "Doogie" Deutsch joins "Heckuvajob" Brown and "Most Qualified" Miers in the They Were Expendable category. But as usual, the major BushCo players remain mysteriously untouchable.

February 3, 2006
This week gives us two major annual events: Bush's 2006 State of the Union speech and Groundhog Day. One event involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a rat-like creature of little intelligence for prognostication. The other involves a groundhog.

January 27, 2006
Bob Ney has the Ohio party chair under his thumb, Roy Blunt has bloggers up his sleeve, the WHIG group is having Fitz, and Brokeback Bush hasn't seen the #1 movie in the country.

January 18, 2006
Talking points are easy to compile. Just consult your favorite liberal bloggers for this week's batch.

January 12, 2006
George W. Bush says, "Don't question my war, you traitors!" and Supreme Court wannabe Samuel Alito says, "Trust me when I say I can't remember hating minorities, the disabled and women, but trust me to remember minute details of case law from the same time period."

January 6, 2006
In this, the first week of 2006, Republicans want a clean slate, President George W. Bush resolves to continue breaking the law and subverting the U.S. Constitution, and the most interesting predictions are coming from bloggers, whose "truth, justice, and the American way" mantra reminds us how much we've lost under Republican rule - and what we're fighting to restore in 2006!

December 16, 2005
A day without an O'Reilly lie is like a day without... well, we won't know what that's like until the day after the falafel fellow's obit is published, will we?

December 9, 2005
Is there a Republican sex scandal brewing in DC? Is Joementum the new Zell? What do you get when you combine comics, blogging, and logic? Plus, Dubya's poll-driven drivel, Rove's expensive yet sucky defense, and holiday shopping ideas.

December 2, 2005
We're snorkenpuffling out of Iraq, The RNC's Ken Mehlman can't dance, Tony Blair has evolved - and not in a good way, Al Jazeera responds with a blog, George W. Bush "massacures" another speech - and Christopher Hitchens is finally ready to debate the war? Bushco's lies are the reason for the treason!

November 18, 2005
Bush goes to China? Brilliant - but not original - way to change the subject, George. But I'm afraid your warm and fuzzy Asian adventure can't possibly compete with this week's hot blog topics.

November 11, 2005
Mr. Cheney, did you obstruct the Senate Select Intelligence Committee's investigation of the Bush administration's use of Iraq intelligence? Mr. Bush, why did you make Howard University students go to the back door for their dinner? Cue crickets chirping while we wait for the obvious answer: "No comment."

November 4, 2005
Have Wal-Mart and Fox News teamed up to swiftboat your town with their new and improved ad campaign? Has Mr. Smith returned to Washington? "Sloppy Seconds," anyone?

October 28, 2005
Are you obsessed with the Plamegate investigation? There are 10 telltale signs you might be. Have you printed out your Rove-O-Weenie mask yet? Now's your chance! Can you define Rove Rage and Fristianity? Better check the 2005 Beltway Dictionary...

October 21, 2005
Who figured out why BushCo has started blaming the CIA for everything? Who spotlighted the White House "grey zone" around the CIA leak investigation? Who scored an interview with God? Cheers to the blogs!

October 14, 2005
This test was inspired by bloggers who ask far better questions and analyze BushCo antics better than all but a scant few professional journalists. So sit up straight, and keep your eyes to the front. There will be no talking whatsoever.

October 7, 2005
It's spy vs. spy in the White House, Da Governator vetoes people, the Supreme Court goes Wal-Mart, lib-hunting season officially opens, Stephanopoulos "Plames" Bush & Cheney, Karen Hughes' field trip flops, Iran's next, and (big surprise!) O'Reilly hates bloggers.

September 30, 2005
Brownie bites it, George W. Bush hunkers in the bunker, Tom DeLay (R-Mobbed Up & Felony Indicted) gets Terminixed, and "Communists For Kerry" meet up in DC. An interesting week on the blogs, to say the least!

September 23, 2005
Presstitutes, Satan's toy dinosaurs, felonious cronies, and Bumvertising™ - oh, my! This week, bloggers held cable news anchors' feet to the fire, leaked Karl Rove's "off the record" remarks, and resurrected Jefferson's "divide the counties into wards" idea.

September 16, 2005
Normally, Republicans don't share their true motto with the general public. After all, their conspiratorial modus operandi has always echoed Brutus, in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (Act II, scene 1): "Hide it in smiles and affability." This week things continued to fall apart for BushCo...

September 9, 2005
I thought Jack Cafferty was going to cry this week when he read a series of emails praising CNN's news coverage of Hurricane Katrina. I had to wonder, though, why BushCo hadn't clamped down on the "negative" (to the White House) press reports. Hm. They really weren't at the height of their game this week, were they?

September 2, 2005
Who's AWOL? Who's MIA? Who's still a traitor? Who's God's favorite? Better yet, who's the media's favorite? Who's dumber than dirt? Who's "scommenting" the blogosphere? And who wrote The Book of Love?

August 26, 2005
Michael Graham, Pat Robertson, George W. Bush, Russo Marsh & Rogers PR firm, Republican state officials, those gung-ho MinuteMen, Eric Rudolph, and Alan Greenspan. Notice a pattern yet? Read on. It's there.

August 19, 2005
Who could have predicted that one grieving mother would rouse the national media from its summer slumber? The telltale signs of America finally waking up were front and center this week, and bloggers took note.

August 12, 2005
While Kansas debated the merits of adding "Praise The Lord" to its state science curriculum this week, bloggers did what they do best: chart the known evolutionary paths of several specious "creations."

August 5, 2005
Have you heard? The party of Nixon plans to "refine" the issues by "refining" its message (cue Orwell cringing). Republican refinement of the issues - aka "lying with gusto" - is the hot meme of the upcoming 2006 election season.Compiled and written by Delilah Boyd

July 29, 2005
What's Blog Hot? The truth about White House treason, the truth about John (the TV commercial-product, Supreme Court wannabe) Roberts, the truth about the London bombings, and... well, the truth. Period.

July 21, 2005
The Bush/Rove Treason Affair concerns our very survival; but to the Bush administration, treason appears to be just another political tool.

July 15, 2005
Not a good week for the BushCo bulldozer, was it? Not quite instant karma, but a good start. Media whores tried and failed to distract us from Rove (aka The Smoking Gun), Larry Flynt noted Bolton's group sex fetish, Londoners reacted to tragedy the way we should have, and Jerry Falwell said no to the president.

July 1, 2005
This week, KKKarl Rove took a hit for his team in the name of diversion, oil reached $60 per barrel, Rumsfeld took a verbal dump on national TV, and Revoltin' Bolton entered the Bermuda Triangle of presidential appointments.

June 24, 2005
In 1971, the buzzwords were War, Poverty, Social Injustice, WOM (Word-Of-Mouth), and Grassroots Organizing. Today's buzzwords include War, Poverty, Social Injustice, WOM, Grassroots Organizing... and Blogs.

June 17, 2005
What if the TV shows of yesteryear were updated for today's typical American audience? Would our children learn anything of value? Would the moral of each episode stand up to scrutiny?

June 10, 2005
What do George W.'s poll numbers sound like to him when they drop? Do they splat? Do they kerpop? Or do they just plain plop like big ol' balls of elephant dung?

June 3, 2005
During the war of my childhood, Crosby, Stills & Nash asked, "Do we find the cost of freedom buried in the ground?" Memorial Day this year felt eerily similar to those earlier days.

May 27, 2005
What a truly weird week! Former Embryos (it said so on their T-shirts) joined George W. for a photo-op, the vast majority of Americans marched Bush and his childish congressional partners in crime to the woodshed, and a group of self-proclaimed "naked bloggers" turned out to be, um, not what I expected them to be.

May 20, 2005
Liberals have always been considered easy targets for corporate Republican types. When campaigning for election, Republicans avoid issues like the plague and go straight for the slings and arrows.

May 13, 2005
Just like big screen movies edited for TV, our news has been cropped to fit corporate America's narrow definition of what their BushCo-connected CEOs want us to know. But we want the letterbox version. This week on the blogs, I looked for, and easily found, the rest of the story.

May 6, 2005
Impugn BushCo's Impunity! Not exactly a memorable battle cry, is it? I have to admit that it feels a bit creepy to type the word "impunity" without the preposition "with" coming before it. But that's exactly the point: our side is always stuck in Logos Gear while the other side races along in Pathos Overdrive.

April 29, 2005
The Republican party wants it all. Fortunately, they're having trouble convincing even their own supporters that their path to Happily Ever After isn't thorny and their tactics aren't bordering on Deliverance-style banjo-picking instead of glass-slipper glamour. Consequently, this has been a week of BushCo Fractured Fairy Tales.

April 22, 2005
This week, one day after the College of Cardinals elected their new Pope, a simple Google search yielded 16,800 mainstream print news stories on religion: most reported the play-by-play action in Rome (and around the world); some addressed shrouding scandals behind the term moral values (as in Tom DeLay); and a few even covered the rally for mandatory religious education in East Timor and the difference between belief and religion. The result? A severe case of Faith Fatigue.

March 19, 2005
Paul Wolfowitz in charge of the World Bank. Wow. I just wanna stop and contemplate that for a minute. Wow. To be fair, I want to include what bloggers who defend Mr Wolfowitz say is right about this nomination.

February 25, 2005
The Koufax Awards got tallied and announced Wednesday. For those of you who don't know the difference between the Koufax Awards and Webbies, think about it this way: the Koufaxes (or "the Sandies") are like the SAG or Golden Globe awards, while the Webbies are comparable to the Oscars.

February 18, 2005
No Valentines went out for webloggers from Google this year. Instead, getting your blog googled got a whole lot tougher, beginning with the Ides of February.

February 4, 2005
I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I was lying when I said there was any good news.

January 28, 2005
We got two examples of how the Internet can breathe new life into our abused democracy this past week.

January 22, 2004
The people have spoken and your old Brown Bagger is gonna just shut up and listen this week.

January 14, 2005
If things are so great, why's everybody acting so upset?

January 7, 2005
You and I may have made a New Year's resolution to change for the better, but this week the folks in Washington let the world know they think they're just fine the way they are.

December 17, 2004
It's been good this week to see someone besides the Democrats getting beat up.

December 10, 2004
An unremitting barrage of words, ideas, and stolen graphics zoom past you on a million web logs on the World Wide Information Super Autobahn every minute of the day. If you blink, you miss something. Now the Blog Box is here to make sure at least some of it is covered for you, even if you do blink.


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