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December 2, 2005
Compiled by Delilah Boyd, A Scrivener's Lament

'Tis The Season!

We're snorkenpuffling out of Iraq, The RNC's Ken Mehlman can't dance, Tony Blair has evolved - and not in a good way, Al Jazeera responds with a blog, George W. Bush "massacures" another speech - and Christopher Hitchens is finally ready to debate the war? Bushco's lies are the reason for the treason!

A Tale Of Two More Memos

Well what do you know? There were two memos detailing the Bush plan to bomb Al Jazeera. One could be written off as a joke, but two are a lot harder to explain! BlairWatch has been following this story, and their source, MP Peter Kilfoyle, says: "The Times used 'official' leaks; the current document remains top secret - they are livid it is out." BlairWatch also writes: "We have also had it confirmed that Keogh and O'Connor are only facing one set of charges, over one document." Hmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

Do you wonder how Al Jazeera employees must feel, knowing that Bush wanted to bomb them? Check out Don't Bomb Us - A blog by Al Jazeera staffers. On Thanksgiving Day, these brave bloggers posted this:

Would you like to bomb us?

These are the men and women who bring you the news at Al Jazeera. We have a diverse staff complement. Our people are made up of dozens of nationalities...

Can't these freakin' BushBots just be satisfied with a new Bruce Willis pro-Iraq war movie, instead of bombing Al Jazeera? Brainshrub has written a letter to the former bartender and certified chickenhawk actor that's a must read (along with everything else Brainshrub writes). And speaking of chickenhawks, Days has been chomping on Chickenhawk Cheney lately. Another must read from another of the best bloggers blogging.

Back To Blair

Ever wonder how Tony Blair evolved from Clinton clone into George W. Bush clone? The Blue Republic explains it all for you, and it isn't a vision of sugarplums.

Republican Sleazoids

Leave it to Intelligence Squad #117 for regular updates (and mug/head shots) on all of those Republican sleaze merchants. Randy "Boo Hoo" Cunningham has just been added. While you're there, check out the Intelligence Squad blog.

Season's Greetings, Ya'll!

It's that time again! Time to fuss, fume, and fret over next year's election theft prospects. Deerskie (at Daily Kos) thinks election fraud should be our no. #1 issue:

If the GOP can truly steal a national election, it won't matter how low Bush's poll numbers are, how many Repubs are indicted, how many Neocon crimes are uncovered, or how many great progressive candidates we can field in '06.

Deerskie also lists four things we all can do to fight the right's nasty habit of stealing elections, and the comments after the post are worth their weight in gold!

While you're hangin' out at Kos, check out grytpype's idea of a caretaker president (to replace the defective one we have now). You'll be shocked by the choice, but possibly pleasantly surprised. I was. It might work. Then, click on over to for some bad news for Diebold's designs on the great state of North Carolina.

It's also time to start shopping for those seasonal gifts. Don't forget to Buy Blue! And while you're celebrating whatever it is that you celebrate this time of the year, bloggers are making a list of BushCo Lies, Lies, & More Lies - and checking it twice.

Think Progress carves up Bob Wallace's favorite FOX News son, Chris, like the turkey he is in a post called "Fox News Host Chris Wallace Claims Bush 'Never' Linked Saddam and al-Qaeda." South By Southwest notes how short George W. Bush really is. (No permalink. You have to scroll down to Friday, November 25, 2005 for the post.) See for yourself:

Some BushBots, however, prefer to lie by omission...

Bob Woodward Is A Dumb Blonde

So writes Arianna at The Huffington Post. After pointing out that Woodard missed the biggest freakin' story in the world, she aims for his manh... er, livelihood:

Woodward has embraced his inner bimbo and wears his "scrupulous passivity" as a badge of honor, proudly telling Larry King that his "method" means that "everyone in the end... pretty much gets their point of view out." Woodward also told King: "I am strictly in the middle." The problem is, the truth isn't always in the middle; it's often located on the sidelines, or hiding in the shadows amidst the endless rush of detail Woodward so loves to fill his books with.

Ouch! That's gotta hurt! Talk Left also cites Arianna skewering Tim Russert for completely ignoring Woodward's complicity in his own humiliation.

RNC Chair, Ken Mehlman, Is No Fred Astaire

One of CapitolBuzz's captions reads: "Mehlman needs some Gatorade." If you study all three photos, you'll note the obvious: Ken needs to practice breathing through his nose. I guess it could be worse. Ken could've been caught doing the white man's overbite. (Don't forget to read the hilarious comments posted by CapitolBuzz readers, you gaydar gawkers! I did.)

Let's Snorkenpuffle

Last week, George W. Bush made his big "How We're Going To Win In Iraq" speech. First of all, I'm waiting for someone to define "massacured" for me. Second, that new coke-jaw/Botox-jerk facial expression makes me want to scream bloody murder. And, third, that backdrop was so weird that I thought the guy introducing George W. was going to ask the president to pick a square.

That was one seriously bad speech, reminiscent of a 5th grade book report, read for the first time - in front of the class - by the kid whose mom wrote it because said kid couldn't be bothered. Of course, Blitzer and the gang proclaimed George W. "presidential" afterward...that is, until someone explained to Wolf that the "A New Generation" section had been lifted from a JFK speech. And the kids on the corner say, "Duh!"

As for the (cough) substance: pure speech writer rhetoric, which on the surface seems vague, but in reality is meaningless. (Note: I lifted that line from The Dick Van Dyke Show.) I agree with Arthur at Once Upon A Time, who wrote this the day before the speech: "We would never, ever withdraw from Iraq! We're going to snorkenpuffle from Iraq!" Arthur, I don't give a damn what you call it. Hell, declare victory and depart the field for all I care. Just do it. Like they did after Vietnam, historians will record the facts - and unlike Vietnam, bloggers will make sure all of the facts are recorded properly this time. So, let's snorkenpuffle, y'all!

If you missed the speech, American Street has posted the "Top Ten Facets of Bush's New Iraq Plan." Here are facets 10-6:

10) Keep coddling al-Sistani and his caviar tastes.

9) No more 'axis of evil' talk. Gotta keep the backroom negotiations with Iran going. It'll be up to the EU and UN to push the anti-nuke agenda from now on. Remind the Treasury Sec to cut a check for a few billion, to keep them ayatollahs happy.

8) Billions more for the Ba'athists. Even after we paid 'em off to skip the first wave of the invasion. Double Dippin' Ingrates.

7) Stay the course in our denials about leaving till the very last minute. Can't ruin my Christmas Surprise to the American public. (I wonder if they suspect anything).

6) Keep quietly threatening my oil pals with less tax breaks unless they get gas down below $2 a gallon. Heh-heh-heh, jest kiddin' fellers. OW! Stop with the titty twisters already!

The top five facets are even funnier!

Blogger News

Throw away your TV. Really. I'm not kidding. Video Blogging (Vlogging) gets easier every day! I'm a big fan of Crooks And Liars and Can-O-Fun, but Throw Away Your TV is my latest blogging tool god. Thanks to TayTV/DUer HamiltonHabs32, I was able to embed a video directly into my blog, A Scrivener's Lament. How cool is that? No conversion. No uploading. Just copy and paste the simple code. Seriously, it's that easy. You rock my world, Hamilton!

Via Thomas Paine's Corner, we learn that Barry Fockler of Barry's Blogs has been threatened by the French Internet Police (actually, the government Internet provider) for publishing those pesky free speech-like blog posts and articles. Apparently, they've even threatened to shut him down and deny him ISP service from any provider in the country.

I don't know anything about anonymous ISP servers and French law, but maybe someone reading this can advise Barry - otherwise, it's off to the local cyber café. By the way, Barry asks that we all contact the president of France.

Two And A Half Years...

...and 2000+ deaths later, Christopher Hitchens decides it's time to debate the war? Thanks to Neil Calkin for the link to David Rees' brilliant Huffington Post smackdown of the besotted sophist:

I am inspired to join this new debate because of something else Hitchens writes in his essay: "As I never tire of saying, heat is not the antithesis of light but rather the source of it."

Whoa... he never tires of saying that. Couldn't you just see that phrase written on a Judas Priest poster? Or what if it had been written on the steps leading up to the temple on the "Powerslave" album cover (IRON MAIDEN)? Then you could imagine yourself slowly ascending the steps, and with each step, reading another of the words: "Heat... is... not... the... antithesis... of... light... but... rather..."

You'll find "Hitchens" in the dictionary, under "arrogance" - the act of making UNDUE CLAIMS in an OVERBEARING MANNER.

When you think about it, arrogance is the main reason for BushCo treason. They all think they're smarter, tougher, and able to control the outcome of the crap they start. When cornered, they just lie about the lies they've been telling and dare to you prove they're lying now or that they lied before - which is, of course, "old news," and Republicans refuse to discuss "old news," don't you know?

Whew! Without the blogs, how would we ever keep up with their gift-wrapped crap? 'Tis the season, y'all! Give the gift of blogging this year! I'll be glad to help you get one started (it's free) for someone you think should be publishing those exquisite rants.

Know a hot blog that needs some coverage? Send your recommendations to Delilah.

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