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October 21, 2005
Compiled by Delilah Boyd, A Scrivener's Lament

Cheers To The Blogs!

Who figured out why BushCo has started blaming the CIA for everything? Who posted the photo that defies Toledo's "gangs in their colors" claim? Who connected Jack Abramoff to both the Republican White House and terrorist-linked Persian Gulf bankers? Who spotlighted the White House "grey zone" around the CIA leak investigation? Who scored an interview with God? Cheers to the blogs!


To Prairie Angel, for awarding the Los Angeles Times her "No Duh" headline award: "Bush Is in No Hurry on Katrina Recovery." Explains that "President 2%" moniker, doesn't it?

To Desi, at Greatscat!, for having the same difficulty I'm having: figuring out which Toledo gang's colors are stone-washed and burgundy.

To Topple Bush. This could be your last warning. Quick! Check it out before the proverbial cat escapes from that bag. I mean it, damn it! Every time I post a back door link to a certain former paper of record's hidden stash, it (the link not the stash) disappears shortly thereafter.

To Think Progress, for giving us the definitive list of nasty neocons involved in the treasonous outing of covert CIA agent, Valerie Plame. This will come in handy when Fitzmas rolls around.

To that beautiful and brazen young blogger, Who am I? Why am I here?, for mapping the "grey zone" surrounding the White House secrets and for bitchslapping those nasty neocons, who called disclosing the identity of a covert CIA operative merely "politics as usual." Way to go, girl!

To The Carpetbagger Report, for reminding us that John Hanna, who reportedly has dropped a dime or two in the Plame outing case, was the main conduit for those specious Iraqi defector reports of Saddam's WMD stockpiles. Hmm. Wasn't Judith Miller up to her carefully plucked eyebrows in those Chalabi/Baseball Cap Guy stories? Why, I believe she was! Shocking!

To Daily Kos, for following the money and bringing us to the soft and oh-so-vulnerable underbelly of that snake, Jack Abramoff. Kos has the goods on Mr. Neocon Money Man, whose influence and deep pockets have funded many of these Republican crimefests. Ahem...

Abramoff seems to be the spider at the center of much of the web of criminal influence peddling that have funneled money into the GOP during the past decade, creating ties between the Republican White House and terrorist-linked Persian Gulf bankers.

Sheesh! No wonder the neocons set out to discredit Ambassador Joseph Wilson. He dared to put country ahead of politics, thereby weakening the Repukes' ability to continue their crime spree. Where's the profit in that, Mr. Ambassador?

To War and Piece, for showing us that a random side note, designed to discredit Ambassador Joseph Wilson and blame the CIA for faulty WMD intelligence, wasn't random at all:

Rove and Libby weren't just telling reporters, "Cheney doesn't know anything about Wilson's trip." No. They created a fuller, alternative narrative: "Cheney didn't know anything about Wilson's trip to Niger, because Wilson only got the trip as a boondoggle from his wife who works on unconventional weapons at the CIA." It may seem like an almost random side note that has cost them considerable trouble. But it wasn't random at all. As we know from recent reports surrounding the Fitzgerald investigation, the Vice President's office was leading an all-out propaganda war - every bit as choreographed as the pre-war propaganda campaign by the same officials - to blame the CIA for the fact that there weren't any WMD to be found in Iraq after all, and the chief stated reason for the war was collapsing.

War and Piece also explains how Senator Pat Roberts (R, Officious Little Prick) coordinated his Senate Intelligence committee's (cough) investigation of the WMD intelligence with - are you ready? - Vice President Dick Cheney.

Thanks, War and Piece! Now we know why the wingnuts are all jumping on the It's The CIA's Fault bandwagon this week.

To Jesse's Blog (by the editor of, for keeping us posted on the abundance of ignorance on display at Freeperville:

Topic: Kristol: 'Mood is Bleak' at White House (uh-huh)

* Defining comment 1: "How does Kristol know? Sources? Why would anyone in the White House leak to him? He doesn't have their best interests at heart."

* Defining comment 2: "So are we to assume Kristol is getting his information from junior aides? I can't imagine anyone who really knows anything actually talking to Kristol about this."

* Defining comment 3: "Kristol's mood is bleak because he's a homo."

Jesse points out Kristol's PNAC background, explains Kristol's BushCo insider status (thus needing no one to leak to him), and wonders how freepers would react to Ken Mehlman wearing that "homo" label. Thanks, Jesse!

To Mark A. R. Kleinman, for exposing the "vast conspiracy" necessary to make conservatives look so bad these days. Thanks for the laugh, Mark!

To 2 Political Junkies for the Absolut Corruption graphic! Way to go, 2politicaljunkies!

To the Booman Tribune, for asking the question: How fucked is Scooter Libby? Booman includes the facts and the links to the laws that answer the question neatly.

To That Colored Fella's Weblog, for explaining the difference between George W. Cheerleader's "campaign conservative" strategy and his oedipal "moderate Republican" political innards.

To have this long sought chance to tip the High Court their way, made Conservatives like Andrew Sullivan put up with the homophobic hypocrisy, John McCain would be ostracized for sticking to his hawkish fiscal principles, and William Kristol would even tolerate the Dobson Gang.


While Bush oversaw the greatest expansion ever of the federal government and record deficits, replete with corporate giveaways and absurd waste, nary a peep was heard from Krauthammer & Co. And, if similar outrage had ever been expressed by principled Conservatives over such betrayals, Bush’s veto count would not still stand at zero.

So, why should Bush do their bidding now?

To Wisconsin blogger Mixter (Mixter's Mix), for asking why Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (D, Sort Of) is forcing inmates to listen to FOX News. Wonder of wonders! Clarke wants to be a Zell Miller Dem. One problem, though: Clarke has never joined the Democratic Party; he just called himself a Dem to get elected. Nope, he doesn't even qualify for Zell Miller status. Sigh. Doesn't get more pitiful than that, does it?

To ActBlue, for encouraging all of us to say no to Pombo. ActBlue writes: "Richard Pombo is a walking, talking environmental wrecking machine. He is also one of the most corrupt members of Congress. Richard Pombo and Tom Delay are two peas in the same putrid pod."

Rep. Richard Pombo, a California Republican who is chairman of the House Resources Committee, has taken at least two foreign trips costing more than $23,000 that were paid for by the nonprofit International Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources.


He recently pushed legislation through the House that critics claim will gut the landmark Endangered Species Act. And he has drawn fire for a working document drafted by staffers on a subcommittee of his House Resources Committee that suggests 16 national parks should be sold off for development to close a budget gap.

In other words, another all-star Republican.

What a sleaze bucket! You don't have to donate; just get the facts on Pombo and spread them like the manure mound that he is. For more info on Pombo, click on over to The Daily Hammer's Cleaner Congress and/or Disinterested Party.

To Blackprof, for pointing out in his thoughtful post on the More Millions March that gay black men are fighting for their civil rights a second time.

It should not be such a large jump to be able to relate to their brothers and sisters who suffer multiple discrimination because of their sexuality as well. All of us know black homosexuals, whether in our families, our jobs or among our entertainers!!


The Down Low phenomenon, where bisexual men pass as heterosexual and sleep with women, is now well known. Who knows the degree to which homophobia plays a role in these phenomena? In 2005, we need all African Americans, whether heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, to stand up for the civil rights of all members of our community!

To Fafblog, for his in depth interview with God:

FB: So did you ever tell the president to do anything about Valerie Plame? Cause I hear you got subpoenaed to testify in front a the grand jury.

GOD: I won't answer that without the advice of my attorney.

Read the rest of the interview! It's a riot!

To newbie blogger, Jaundice James, for explaining why the Saddam Trial Reality Show was on a 20 minute broadcast delay. Great start to a potentially great blog!

To Stock.xchng, for creating an online hosting service, offering free use of donated images for bloggers, writers, and well... everyone. (Major dial-up warning, but well worth it!) Check it out, donate some photos or graphics, and keep this free service online.

And finally, special cheers to the bloggers who updated daily, who didn't just copy and paste corporate-owned media crap, who didn't fall for either the bogus Baltimore terrorist threat or Saddam reality show diversions, and who worked so hard to connect the neocon dots to tell the whole story!

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