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September 16, 2005
Compiled by Delilah Boyd, A Scrivener's Lament

The GOP Motto: F%#k Everyone But Me!

Normally, Republicans don't share their true motto with the general public. After all, their conspiratorial modus operandi has always echoed Brutus, in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (Act II, scene 1): "Hide it in smiles and affability." This week, however, things continued to fall apart for BushCo's flying monkeys, as they revealed their true motto once and for all. And bloggers recorded the GOP's dirty thoughts and deeds for posterity.

Yes, Virginia, it can get worse.

Michael "Brownie" Brown, failed Arabian Horse Association Asshole, got sent to his room (after causing untold suffering and death) by Michael Chertoff, failed Homeland Security Asshole, who was actually number 2 on the causing untold suffering and death food chain... just below George W. "You're doin' a heck of a job" Bush. IO Error covers Brown's reassignment/resignation, Chertoff's attempt to avoid the "blame" spotlight, and George W.'s toothless mea culpa:

Yeah, some admission. It's half-assed and we all know it.

Meanwhile, Bush named David Paulison to head FEMA after the resignation of Michael Brown. You might remember Paulison as the official who told Americans to stock up on duct tape to protect against terrorist attacks against the U.S.

What was George W. thinking? Never mind. DUer IChing has the answer...

Nice catch, IChing!

Speaking of idiots, Laura Bush didn't even bother to learn the name of the hurricane that destroyed New Orleans. Lots of bloggers posted on Laura's "Hurricane Korina" crap, but Maggie2 (at Daily Kos) garnered the best comments. BagnewsNotes has a great analysis of Laura's photo op body language (with drawings). Here's a teaser:

Just Plain Mean

ReidBlog catches Kyra Phillips losing her Hurricane Katrina KKKool completely during her BushBotic attempt to thwack House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. Here's the best part:

If you want to make the case for the administration," said Pelosi, "you should get on the payroll."

Touché. Kyra tried to fight back later, saying "with respect, no one at CNN is on the payroll of the White House or anybody else. ... we have been challenging every authority over this pathetic situation ..." (paraphrasing).

But Kyra, Nancy never said everyone at CNN was acting like they are on the Bush payroll -- she simply said that you are...

I'm sure Kyra lost more than her KKKool after being chewed up and spit out by the gentle congresswoman on national TV. Cue the upchuck squad!

Wingnut Watch

Remember Scoobie Davis? The veteran blogger is still fighting the right...

What Planet is Powerline Blog's Assrocket On?

Assrocket on how Bush and the GOP are poor, defenseless victims:

Here's my point: whatever you think of the mechanics of a particular poll, the direction of President Bush's poll numbers is clear. And it seems clear that Hurricane Katrina, and the outrageous attacks that the Democrats have pursued over the past week, have dealt him, and the Republican Party, another blow. I see no evidence that the Democrats are paying a price for their dishonorable tactics. And they won't pay a price, unless the Republicans start defending themselves and attacking the Democrats the way they deserve to be attacked. The "turn the other cheek" approach that the administration has followed for years--don't respond to attacks, no matter how unfair, just try to ride out the news cycle and move on--has resulted in one needless wound after another, and cumulatively they have now damaged President Bush's standing with the public, likely beyond repair.

Assrocket never heard of Karl Rove?

Move over, Assrocket. Media Matters captured the true feelings of serial radio liar, Glenn Beck:

Nationally syndicated Clear Channel radio host Glenn Beck referred to survivors of Hurricane Katrina who remained in New Orleans as "scumbags." Also, after acknowledging that nobody "in their right mind is going to say this out loud," Beck attacked victims of the disaster in general and the families of victims of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, saying: "I didn't think I could hate victims faster than the 9-11 victims."

As for the other wingnut named Glenn (Reynolds), what's up with all of the rightwing blogs sporting this "Instapundit Must Be Destroyed" logo in their sidebars?

There are only two possibilities: Either they're all out to destroy Glenn Reynolds for some unknown reason, or they don't understand Latin. Pass the popcorn. Both possibilities are laughable.

As for the real truth about Katrina victims, click on The Truth About Katrina and blast both Glenns with the facts!

Karl Rove Is Still A Traitor!

From Buzzflash:

Over the next week, 4 House Committees are expected to vote on resolutions requesting information on the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson in apparent retaliation for Ambassador Wilson's truth-telling about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Most of these markups will be broadcast live on the Internet. --snip--

It is time for Congress to exercise its duty to oversee the Executive Branch."

Buzzflash has the schedule and the links.

Supreme W. Court Watch

Jeff Berman, blogging at TPMCafe, posts the Quote Of The Day (So far):

"They may be misleading, but they are his answers."

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), Chair of the Judiciary Committee regarding John Roberts

It's not John Roberts' answers that bother me. I know he'll make life in this country a veritable hell on earth for 90% of the people. On my blog, A Scrivener's Lament, it was his eyes I was (and still am) worried about.

Remember what Rosemary asked when she saw her baby: "What have you done to its eyes?"

Hm. Now we know why little Jack is such an imp...

Speaking of satanic manics...

Did The Devil Make Him Do It?

Capitol Buzz wants to know...

Thune's Walk of Shame?

A Buzz reader spotted Senator John Thune walking through Washington DC's West End neighborhood at about 7AM this morning, wearing a light navy suit. We mention it only because Senator Thune lives on Capitol Hill. According to the 5/29/05 edition of the Argus Leader, Thune lives in a tiny, $1,000-a-month apartment a block from his office.

So what was Thune doing just minutes after sunrise this morning? Starting his day? Or ending his night?

No free pass for you, Thune. We've given you freepazoids the benefit of the doubt way too many times. No longer, Buddy. As (your narrow definition of) God is my witness, I'm sure you weren't on your way home from a prayer meeting.

Scam Alert!

TVNewsLies exposes "The Relentless BushCo Scam." Here's a snippet:

SCAM 1: If it works once, it will work twice: Bushco did exactly what they did in Iraq. Amid all the confusion and chaos, companies with ties to the Bush White House and the former head of FEMA clinched some of the first disaster relief and reconstruction contracts awarded by the Bush Flimflam Team. Yes - you guessed it, Halliburton was first in line. Hey, someone has to get rich on this, why not the good old boys who profited so richly from the Bush disaster in Iraq?

Bookmark this one! It's a keeper!

Blogging News

Does anyone else have a problem with mainstream news orgs suddenly jumping on the blog bandwagon? CBS News just started one they've cleverly called (Just kill me now) Public Eye. Sadly, it's mostly posts about CBS News, which on the surface seem vague but in reality are meaningless. On the other hand, has managed to stay online with helpful news/blog posts and valuable links in real time, despite having lost their power, their staff, and their ability to publish a print version of the newspaper. There's actually major buzz about the Pulitzer committee studying this exciting phenomenon. That's what happens when journalists/ bloggers save lives. Cop a clue, CBS.

Thanks to The Correction, several news stories this week won't disappear down the memory hole. According to TC, we've run out of money in Iraq, Los Angeles goes dark just as things heat up for George W. and "Brownie," and there's a new terror threat. Coincidences? Thanks for archiving those stories, TC!

And finally, take a tip from aTypical Joe, who writes:

I've seen bloggers complain about sites that charge for content (and ask for tips themselves) and about Salon's Site Pass (a mandatory ad model I quite like) but they're happy to quote and link to Yahoo News stories.--snip--

Yahoo News links go dead too quickly.

Instead I copy a good chunk of their text and paste it right into the search box. From there a list of newspapers with the same story pops up, or sometimes stories with more depth and different takes. It's those I quote.

Thanks, Joe! Good advice!

As for that GOP FEBM motto...

It's Official!

The legendary K.O. said so (way before Kanye West): George W. Bush doesn't like black people.

Apophenia has the scoop (and the Quicktime link).

Dirty Little Secrets

Progressive Phoenix (as in "I rise in flames," cried the...) bares all in a thoughtful post about poverty in America:

We never see the poor in this country except when there is a disaster, and even then its more like media rubber-necking at the scene of a bad accident. Now everybody can see the poor, how they live, and what happens to them when something goes wrong. I think it has been a rude awakening to many people all over the world about the true situation in this country and the exposing of the simple truth.

That we are not special, we are not all swimming in oceans of gold and we are a super-power in name only. People have been saying over and over "this should not happen here" well why not? We treat the poor like dirt, make them live like animals all while telling them to take advantage of what society has to offer. I can only hope that this tragedy opens the eyes of the public to what really goes on around here.


Driftglass has written the best analysis, hands down, of the Grand ($$,$$$.$$) Old Party I've ever read. Here's a preview, but the entire post is golden:

And when you're basic moral precept is Fuck Everyone But Me, you back yourself into a corner where you look absolutely ridiculous trying to judge or mock anyone else's moral choices. What do you care who adults sleep with or marry? What do you care if terrorists kill Americans, as long as they're not you? From what high moral ground do you get off prattling on about the various sins of Bill Clinton or anyone else?

Hey, GOPers! Your true motto is out there now. For all the world to see. Your Fuck Everyone But Me (FEBM) party's over, Republi-can'ts. Your modus operandi won't work anymore. And don't even think about cheating one more citizen out of one more vote! We'll be there en masse, at every polling place in the nation... Taking names, wielding cameras, and blasting the facts in real time. This "long national nightmare" has to end. Now!

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