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August 19, 2005
Compiled by Delilah Boyd, A Scrivener's Lament

Bells Are Ringing

Who could have predicted that one grieving mother would rouse the national media from its summer slumber, that the president's handlers would wake to mounting opposition and actually lower expectations for his Iraq folly, or that gas pump-sucking SUV-Americans would wake up one day and realize that the goal of oil men is actually to make lots and lots of money? The telltale signs of America finally waking up were front and center this week, and bloggers took note.

Of Mitzvahs And Miscreants

What kind of pissant, two-bit cracker goes out of his/her way to post hateful comments on a site solely designed to post updates and information on a grieving mother's vigil? Crawford Update does nothing more than post information on the events in Crawford, in real time, from a first-person perspective.

When Emily Sharpe posted this week that Fred Mattlage had offered Mrs. Sheehan and her supporters free use of his private property (a true mitzvah in my book), the wingnuts attacked:

Fred Mattlage, The guy must be hard up for some attention. I would of kicked all your asses off my land. Cindy, wake up. your being played like a fittle and your real cause is a big joke. With out the Lib media, you would be nothing. Oh, that's right you a nobody.

# posted by hooya : 8:16 PM CDT

More than 1600 candlelight vigils were held Wednesday night to support Cindy Sheehan's truly noble cause. Irritating the hateful was not on the agenda.

Pundit Wars

Newsmonger, brought to you by "Davenetics, the blog of the next five minutes," links to Harold Meyerson's timely essay on the pundits who worked as backup-singer doo-woppers for the Bush administration's not-so-excellent adventures. Meyerson asks and answers his own question to preface his argument: "Are mere pundits responsible when an administration's policy goes wrong? When their sophistic arguments helped sell and sustain it, very."

Looking for proof positive that our media has been co-opted by PNACers and neocons? Cable News Lies is the hot blog spot exposing our corporate-owned media's seriously right-wing agenda:

American cable news networks have been monopolized by a dwindling number of parent corporations, all of whom have conservative agendas. The cable news networks are also critically dependent upon corporations for advertising. The owners of cable media networks are conservative, like many business owners. As owners, they can dictate editorial and hiring policies. Such a uniformity of ownership means that stories which do not somehow benefit these large corporations may not be run. In other words, the cable news networks are no longer the media of the people, they are the media of the corporations.

Cable News Lies will expose this conservative bias, and end the myth of the liberal media.

Be sure to bookmark Cable News Lies! This blog is a gem!

Mission Not Accomplished? No Problem. Lower Your Expectations

Last week BushCo announced that they've failed to accomplish the mission in Iraq. (Which was all based on lies, anyway. So, hell's bells! What in the world did you expect, wingnuts?)

Going Underground's Paul Nadeau sums up the right-wing's reaction:

Does This Mean We're Giving Up?

This article in today's Washington Post might be using overly defeatist language, but the signs from the administration are the most troubling that I've ever seen.

If it's true, then it means that we're cutting our losses and admitting defeat.

So long, hegemony. Hello, Islamic fundamentalism and China. If all this is true, then we've officially squandered our unipolar moment.

It's times like these that I'm actually glad that BushCo never cracked a history book. Otherwise, they might have learned enough to do even more damage.

Texas Tea (Hold The Sympathy!)

I've read zillions of bloggers' explanations of rising gasoline prices, but the Daily Pundit's theory continues to intrigue me.

Of course, I could be an idiot...

We are told over and over again that the reason gasoline prices in America have shot through the roof is that the world as a whole has increased its oil use so drastically in the past few years that the price increases are unavoidable.

Well, in 2002, world oil production was around 66.9 million barrels per day, and consumption was around 77.5 million barrels a day. American gas prices at the pump in 2002 hovered around the $1.38 mark.

In 2005, world oil production was around 79.9 million barrels per day, and consumption was around 82.6 million barrels a day. American gas prices at the pump in July, 2005 hovered around the $2.30 mark. three years, oil production increased by 13 million barrels, or nearly 20 percent, while consumption only increased by 5.1 million barrels, or 6.6 percent, yet gasoline prices jumped by 92 cents, or almost 67 percent.

You know what? I don't think it's those wild and crazy Chinese commies fueling up their new BMWs that's sending US gasoline prices through the roof, which seems to be the current fave "explanation." Do you?

(I know, I know - somebody will come along and explain why I'm an idiot, and then somebody with better credentials will explain why I'm right, and then somebody with even better cred will point out why I'm an idiot, and so forth, and so on - an experience I've had before, which basically boils down to "nobody knows nothing about nothing....")

I just wish someone would leak the memo which instructs TV Hair-dos to smile like Cheshire Cats when reporting their "Pain At The Pump" stories. What else could explain their Twilight Zone, smilie-face coverage of such an alarming issue?

The Worm Crawls In

Did you catch Leslie Wolf Blitzer's manic meltdown Tuesday afternoon? It was hilarious! The CNN crawl stopped working, Lou Dobbs Tonight had to be postponed for 30 minutes, and Leslie Wolfie was sure that every major media outlet had also been attacked by this vicious computer virus. I swear, he acted like the world was ending!

Using my trusty remote, I found MSNBC, Fox News, and every other TV network calmly doing their usual thing. (ABC was supposedly affected, but my local affiliate had no problems.) Only CNN's Leslie Wolf Boy was hysterical. Life treats you well sometimes when you least expect it, doesn't it?

According to the Tech Guru, "Zotob is a worm that is spread through a flaw in Windows Plug and Play Buffer Overflow." OK. Whatever. For those of us on Planet I Don't Care How It Works As Long As It Works, the guru also notes that the Zotob worm can run on most Microsoft platforms, not just Windows 2000 - so don't think you're safe, MS users! - and suggests you visit Microsoft Security and download the patch.

Psst! If all of this is Greek to you, any computer savvy teenager can do it for you. Pizza is the standard payment.

On The Lighter Side...

I've become a big fan of Americans Are Dumb, probably because of my appreciation for all things snide and snarky. This blog is not, as its title would imply, a condemnation of our entire population. Each day, Lt. Dan posts links and brief synopses for his "top 3 examples of Americans being dumb." Here's a peek...

August 17, 2005

Today's top three examples of Americans being dumb:

1. At the protest near the president's ranch in Texas a Waco man drove his pickup truck over white crosses bearing the names of soldiers killed in Iraq (from Reuters)

2. They stampeded to get cheap used Apple laptops. One woman urinated on herself rather than give up her place in line. (from CNN)

3. The Jesus Video Project (from The New York Times)

August 16, 2005

Today's top three examples of Americans being dumb:

1. A lot of them use the fake story about Einstein humiliating his atheist professor (by proving the existence of god) as evidence that he believed in intelligent design (from Snopes)

2. "A free thinker is Satan's slave." (from Pandagon)

3. Babies with names that show up on no-fly lists have been prevented from boarding planes in the U.S. (from The Guardian)

What a great way to start the morning without that "what fresh hell is this?" taste in your mouth. Thanks, Lt. Dan!

Splogging Got You Down?

How many times have you searched the web and found the results chock-full o' spam with strings of incoherent code symbols? GRRR! Anything that can be web spammed and email spammed can also be blog spammed. Blog Herald quotes Mark Cuban's excellent post on splogging:

Blogger is by far the worst offender. Google seems to be working hard to adjust their relevancy indexes to exclude splog from having influence on search rankings, but they don't seem to be doing anything more than removing reported splogs (spam blogs). Kind of like going after the zombies one at a time with a shovel. Can we get some help on this, Google? (you can check out to get a feel for just how much splog we are talking about)

Mark Cuban, by the way, is your go-to guy for all blog-related tech things.

When Is A Blog Not A Blog?

What's the scoop on Cincinnati's The Blue Chip Review? It appears to be a bunch of radical right-wingers bashing "DemocRATS" and sometimes even eating their own.

Their gossip columnist, The Whistleblower, who claims the site is NOT a blog, posts...

-- When "Mean Jean" Schmidt gets to Washington, what will her first piece of legislation be? According to Whistleblower Research Bureau Chief Fearless Ferrett, word is she's already busy working on her Bloggers Reform Act of 2006, that'll require hosts to be personally criminally liable for all the lies published on their blogsites. But this wouldn't actually affect the Blower, since we're not really a blogger.

"Not really a blogger?" That site looks like one of those Jeff Gannon right-wing scam deals to me. They offer no evidence that they meet even a single "news service" requirement. Hm. I wonder who's paying the bloggers staff? Probably some Bush Pioneer.

As for Jean Schmidt's plan to hold site hosts legally responsible for "lies" published on their blog sites, I can't wait for Free Republic's reaction to this news.

Liberal bloggers really are making a difference. The more we blog, the more the media has to pay attention; consequently, more slumbering Americans wake each morning with alarm-bells going off. Of course, there have always been Americans who don't need metaphorical alarm clocks: the ever vigilant, the ever questioning, and the ever patriotic - whose persistence and perseverance made this country great.

Know a hot blog that needs some coverage? Send your recommendations to Delilah.

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