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August 12, 2005
Compiled by Delilah Boyd, A Scrivener's Lament

Origin Of The Specious

While Kansas debated the merits of adding "Praise The Lord" to its state science curriculum this week, bloggers did what they do best: chart the known evolutionary paths of several specious "creations," including TomDeLaymus Sleazoidimus, Cowardus PigFarmum HideOuticus, and Boughticus Babies Blondii (genus RobertsAdoptus). Bloggers also discovered a couple of scientifically sound theories this week, as well.

TomDeLaymus Sleazoidimus

When Tom DeLay opens a foster home for abused and neglected children, there's gotta be a gimmick. Sure enough, the foster home's builder (Bob Perry, who financed the Swiftboaters) just happened to deposit $350,000 into DeLay's PACs and $10,000 into his defense fund.

The payoff? $33 million in builder's fees. American Family Voices has the scoop. By the way, their "Morning Snark" comments are priceless!

Vietnamus Flashbackio

I love the smell of IFILM in the morning. Video blogging is really catching on! hosts all kinds of citizen-made videos and clips from TV and movies, but their new "Warzone" section, where home movies from Afghanistan and Iraq are posted, is sure to draw fire (pun intended) from BushCo's desk-bound warmongers.

Rumsfeldo Muzzle-Us

Hello darkness, my old friend. A Liberal Dose slices and dices BushCo's outrageous blackout of information, which A Liberal Dose calls "The Rumsfeld Muzzle."

In this post A Liberal Dose connects the dots to expose the connections between Rumsfeld and several slain war reporters. Chilling.

Marchus Neoconus (Democrati Non Needient Apply-ere)

Via Atrios, we learn that the Department of Defense is planning a "freedom walk" in Washington DC on September 11th 2005. To me, this makes about as much sense as convicted Nixon administration officials marching to preserve their right to subvert the U.S. Constitution.

This is so wrong on so many levels.

In order to participate in this so-called Freedom Walk, you have to register ahead and show up at 7:00 a.m. for intense security screening. The most pathetic POS requirement?

After you submit your registration, you will receive a receipt with a registration number. Please print out this receipt and bring it with you to the Pentagon South Parking to check-in before the event. You MUST have your registration number to check-in!

Now that's what I call freedom!

Cowardus PigFarmum HideOuticus

Along with the rest of us, Fish Wars On Cars asks: "Why Is George Bush Hiding from Cindy Sheehan?"

Fish Wars On Cars, who tracks American culture wars better than most bloggers, adds:

The cowboy president who urged the terrorists to "bring it on" sends the children of others to their deaths while he cowers behind his security team at his faux ranch playing cowboy, a man so afraid of dissent, his audiences are carefully screened. Inside that cowboy facade is a quivering little coward.

God says to be a good neighbor. Here's a keepsake photo demonstrating the "welcoming attitude" of the property owners across the road from Camp Casey outside Crawford:

For real-time updates on Cindy Sheehan's quest to ask the president a simple question ("What is this noble cause you claim my son died for?"), visit Be patient! Site traffic is through the cyber roof right now.

Dickis MorrisSuckyUptimus (Of Courseus!)

Is Dick Morris sucking toes again? Maybe, but he always just plain sucks. The Gadflyer asks: "I know there's a lot of competition, but is there a stupider columnist than Dick Morris?"

The Gadflyer quotes Dick's latest New York Post (cough) column (cough):

Dick Morris writes that against Pirro, Sen. Clinton will be "disarmed of all her best issues" and that if Pirro posts some early gains, particularly upstate, where it is cheap to do early advertising, Hillary and Bill may read the handwriting on the wall and she may pull out of the race."

How sad. Dick's predictions are always wrong, yet his sucky editors continue to approve his sucky speculation. Oops, I forgot. It's the Post. Never mind.

This just in! Hey, Dick! Did you catch your candidate's "Ashley Simpson Moment" during her kickoff speech? I expect the video to be posted at Crooks and Liars any minute now.

Blogus Importantus

According to, blog use is up 45% from last year. Blog readers account for 30% of Internet users and 1/6th of the U.S. population.

No wonder Rupert Murdoch bought After all, his motto has always been, "Don't join 'em - buy 'em!"

Speaking of blogging, Zoli's Blog wants to know: "How can a Hoax Become the #1 Search Item on Technorati?"

How could this happen? How could such an obvious hoax as "Bush Indictment" become the number 1 search term on Technorati? Wishful thinking? :-)

Technorati Tags: , , , ,
Posted to: PoliticsHumorBlogging

Hmm. Could the answer have anything to do with tagging posts in multiple categories and crossposting from here to kingdom come? Just asking...

Boughticus Babies Blondii?

Speaking of origins, bloggers are wondering where U.S. Supreme Court nominee John Roberts really got those Stepford-looking children, supposedly adopted 4 � months apart in Latin America. Mark Maynard writes, "But they're blond," and links to the New York Times' background investigation of The Supreme Court wannabe, as well as the new article in Time Magazine.

According to Mark, the New York Times claims that the kids hail from somewhere in Latin America. Time, however, claims they were born in Ireland.

Mark continues:

So, it would appear that although born in Ireland, the kids were adopted in Latin America because Irish law doesn't allow foreign adoption. I know that sounds bad, like they must have twisted and broken laws in order to get their hands on these kids, but apparently, at least according to what I'm reading, it's an accepted practice.

Accepted practice? By whom? The eternal brotherhood of the fraternal order of the religious right to buy babies? I suppose such adoptions are possible (like a Jetsons lifestyle is possible). But which "Latin American" country? Like Ireland, most countries either don't allow foreign adoption at all, or they impose strict residency and parental age requirements... stricter than out-of-state tuition rules. Yikes!

According to the U.S. State Department, if Roberts is telling the truth, the children had to come from one of these five countries south of our border:

Dominica: Could be done here, but tricky (4 to 6 months per adoption).
Guatemala: Extremely complicated process, but possible.
Haiti: Simple process, but few adoptions (100-200 per year).
Jamaica: Easy process (50 per year).
Mexico: Adoption laws are governed by individual states (106 in 2000 CE).

I have to ask: if everything is on the up and up, why not prove it? It doesn't take unsealing adoption records to prove it, either. Phone and travel records would do the trick. Come on, Roberts! Isn't the cover up always worse than the crime and/or ethical lapse? Maybe not this time, huh?

Pincus Smarticus
(aka Horseus Mouthicus)

Needlenose blogger Swopa may have found the missing link, or holy grail, or whatever metaphor seems most appropriate, of the Valerie Plame investigation.

Swopa writes:

Who cares if Karl Rove, Lewis Libby, and whoever else may have blabbed about Joe Wilson's wife all told a version of events that the CIA denies? Pincus coyly explains in a paragraph toward the end of his story:

Two other sources appear to support the view that Wilson's wife suggested her husband's trip. One is a June 2003 memo by the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR). The other, which depends in good part on the INR document, is a statement of the views of Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and two other Republican members.

In other words, in the course of an apparent inquiry into who sent Joseph Wilson to Niger, Pincus seems to "accidentally" stumble onto the discovery that the only document backing up the White House/Republican viewpoint is ... the State Department memo.

Hmm. Since Walter Pincus was one of the original reporters contacted by Rove and his plumbers leakers, wouldn't it make sense for him to light the path for Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald if he can? Makes sense to me.

Whether you support the inclusion of divine design (not to be confused with the HGTV show) in science classes or not, one thing is certain: classic research methodology is sadly lacking in our mainstream news sources. The evolution of modern news coverage, without continued free and unrestricted Internet access, will surely lead us into a second "Dark Age" - a term true believers consider insulting - and which they'd prefer to be "blacked out." It just never ends, does it?

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