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August 5, 2005
Compiled by Delilah Boyd, A Scrivener's Lament

Lost In Translation

Have you heard the new Republican Party meme? The party of Nixon plans to "refine" the issues by "refining" its message (cue Orwell cringing). We all know their new and improved message will be the same wingnut song, same wingnut verse: "Pretend to join 'em! Then cheat 'em... And accuse 'em of not playing fair!"

This week, our "liberal media" ignored the president's involvement in the Boy Scouts Jamboree disaster, the truly weird "We Republicans Aren't As Mean As Those Other Republicans" club increased their card-carrying membership rolls, and the "bogus accusations" Bozos tried to pull another fast one. It's pretty clear, folks. The more we fight back, the louder they squeal.

Our "Liberal Media" Strikes Again!

Who else but George W. Bush could cause 300 Boy Scouts to fall ill (while waiting for him to arrive) and escape media scrutiny? (Reagan's dead. He doesn't count.) Had President Clinton done this, the press would've been all over it like stink on a skunk. And there's more. When George W. finally showed up, he spent a few seconds eulogizing their dead and the rest of the time trying to convince them to join the military. Random Thoughts From A Wandering Mind posts:

"Kids - now that you're all in high spirits, visit the booths we've set up beside the stage to read through an "information package" on our army. One day when you've reached the draft eligible age, you too can fight for freedom and bring democracy to more countries that don't want us there."

Random Thoughts also posts this pic:

So in Republican lingo (which doesn't translate into any known Earth language that I know of), if you're man enough to survive a heat stroke and/or lightning strike, you must be soldier material? I'll bet the ranch that every one of those boys couldn't wait to get home to the safety of their families after that ordeal.

UK blogger The Disillusioned Kid adds his own disillusionment with scouting and notes the hidden Republican definitions in US scouting lingo:

It might be pointed out that the Boy Scouts of America is a much more reactionary organisation than its British counterpart. It excludes "avowed homosexuals" from its ranks, meaning that gays cannot join either as leaders or members. The reasoning behind this ban? Organisers claim that homosexuality violates the Scouting oath to be "morally straight" and the Scouting law to be "clean"!

In my experience, "morally straight" and "clean" have had absolutely nothing to do with anyone's sexuality. In fact, I've always chuckled at the grimy goofuses who fear homosexual advances. As if.

Refinement? Don't Make Me Laugh!

Republican refinement of the issues (aka "lying with gusto") is the hot meme of the upcoming 2006 election season. For example, did you know that the Democrats staged an extensive vote fraud scam in 2004? Neither did I. And here on Planet Reality, they didn't.

Actually, the whole "American Center for Voting Rights" report was a dastardly Republican front group scam. The Brad Blog has the scoop, and Billionaires For Bush has an online "Block The Votes Heroes Card Game," suitable for playing while you read the list of wingnut sites (and even a TV station) who ran with the bogus story without checking the "non-partisan" claims of these guys:

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, Conservatives For Corker - that's US Senate wannabe Bob Corker - have started a blog for the recent gubernatorial loser, and they claim:

But what you won't find at this website is the personal, mean spirited and often less than clever content so often available at Team GOP, Blogging for Bryant, Voluntary Conservative, et al.

Psst! Check your right sidebar, you corkers! Your links betray your "refined" pseudo-sincerity:

2006 Senate Blogs

  • Bill Hobbs
  • Blogging for Bryant
  • Chattanooga-Hamilton Civic Forum
  • Harold Ford Jr. Blog
  • Moore Thoughts
  • Simply I
  • South End Grounds
  • Team GOP
  • VOLuntarily Conservative

Ya just gotta love those "common sense, conservative values!" As for those sidebar links...

But Wait! There's More!

The GOP just can't stop branding Democrats as eeeviiilll, even when it's their own who betray their so-called common sense conservative values. Pensito Review notes that Republicans are livid because the "ultra-liberal California Supreme Court" ruled in favor of same-sex benefits. Pensito writes:

Not so fast, talibanis. The California Supreme Court is the only branch of the state government controlled by your side.

Justices on the California Supreme Court include five Republicans, including the chief justice, and one Democrat. The seat formerly held by Janice Rogers Brown, a rightwing extremist tapped by President Bush for the federal bench, remains open awaiting a nomination from Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

5 Republicans and 1 Democrat. Is that what qualifies as ultra-liberal these days? Oops, I forgot - they're "refining the message."

That's Not All...

It's official. Rick Santorum is a dick! Actually, he's a dangerous, pig-ignorant dick. Did you hear the one about Ricky (The Dick) Santorum claiming that the "pursuit of happiness" is harming America? Santorum Exposed has the complete story. Don't forget to scan the comments. My personal favorite:

Liberals love immediate gratification? The people who believe in conservation and REAL sacrifice? As opposed to the free-market uberconsumer/Christofundie end-of-the-world scorched earthers who care for nothing but the bottom line? What a fucking dick.

What about that oath you took to uphold the Constitution, you dick? There's a seriously deadly war going on which you helped start, Santorum, and your ridiculous attacks on the US Constitution betray every sacrifice ever made on the battlefield and here at home.

In Memoriam

Steven Vincent,
Reporter and Blogger

From War And Piece...

Steven Vincent, the journalist who authored the interesting Basra op ed in the New York Times on Sunday, has been killed, shot multiple times after getting abducted with his translator. (He blogged here as well). NPR's Philip Reeves says that Vincent and his translator were abducted outside his hotel by people in a white pick up with "police" written on it, but no license plate. (Vincent describes a similar vehicle used by police loyal to radical Shiite clerics to commit sectarian assassinations in his op ed). His translator Ward al-Khal was shot through the chest, and is hospitalized.

According to Reporters Without Borders, Steven Vincent is the 64th journalist to die in Iraq since March, 2003.

Blogathon 2005

Visit for links to participating bloggers and the charities they've chosen to support. Set your alarm because Blogathon 2005 starts promptly at 9 a.m. EDT. So far, there are 248 Participants, 962 Sponsors, and $28790.39 pledged.

More Blogging News

Major snaps to Operation Yellow Elephant for getting mentioned by Gene Lyons!

(I'm a fan of "Operation Yellow Elephant," a tongue-in-cheek effort to get Young Republicans to enlist. Maybe they should try some Democratic Leadership Council keyboard warriors, too.)

Then And Now

P M Carpenter's post, "The Joy Of Being Republican," lists the greatest quotes of Republicans who whined about President Clinton's recess appointments. Of course, Clinton's appointments didn't include sending a maniac to "refine" the United Nations.

The Upside Of Losing

St. Louis blogger Kn@ppster explains why Paul Hackett's loss in Ohio this week is actually good news for Democrats:

The 2nd has historically been a solidly Republican district. Former US Representative Rob Portman, who left Congress to become the Bush administration's trade representative, polled 72% or more in each of his six races to represent the 2nd. In last year's presidential election, George W. Bush carried the district over John Kerry with 64% of the vote. And last night, in a special election to replace Portman, Democrat Paul Hackett came within 3% of winning -- despite his Republican opponent's 3-to-1 fundraising advantage and despite the Republican National Committee's desperate last-minute media buys. He carried four of the district's seven counties. The only thing that saved his opponent's derriere was overwhelming victory in her home county.

Be sure to read the entire post, which includes Kn@ppster's spot-on analysis of the race. While you're there, be sure to note the hateful freeper droppings (comments in the sidebar) about his blog.

Still hungry for Ohio facts? Simply Appalling sums up (scroll down the page) the Repuke win in a single word: gerrymandering.

District 2 (at the bottom of the map) has been drawn in a U shape and excludes Highland County. Now note that while District 2 as currently drawn went for Bush by 64%, in Highland County Bush also won, but only by 50.82% to 48.72%.

Can you doubt that if a portion of Highland County had been included in the district, Hackett would have left Schmidt at home clipping coupons?

We're making a real difference, folks! Encourage your friends and family to get involved and stay involved. Do it for the troops. Do it for the children. But do it! And remember... if Republicans are squealing, we're doing something right!

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