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July 29, 2005
Compiled by Delilah Boyd, A Scrivener's Lament

What's Hot and What's Not!

What's TV News Hot this summer? Heat waves, missing blondes, the Space Shuttle launch that almost, er, wasn't, and TV commercials for a U.S. Supreme Court nominee.

What's Blog Hot? The truth about White House treason, the truth about John (the TV commercial-product, Supreme Court wannabe) Roberts, the truth about the London bombings, and... well, the truth. Period.

Hughes For America has the cable news networks' latest hot scoop!

This Just In: It's Hot!

Continuing their fetish-like fascination with weather picture Anderson Cooper in a slicker each spring networks like CNN have dispatched sentries on round-the-clock missions to update audiences on three important facts:

1. It's hot out
2. It's going to be hot out tomorrow
3. If you're not careful, you'll get too hot

Hughes continues:

Between the hot, hot heat and America's triumphant return to space, it's surprising that the networks even find the time to fawn over Supreme Court nominee John Roberts Jr. But they do. Just enough time, in fact, for them to avoid TraitorGate altogether. Perhaps if Karl Rove were our solar system's sun and not a treasonous chickenshit, maybe then we'd hear more about it.

What's Blog Hot: Timelines, Resources and Lists, Oh My!

I know I'm not alone in my lust for lists and timelines of anti-BushCo antics, especially those equipped with up-to-the-minute hot links. Many thanks to MIA WMD WTF W for the "manipulation used by the Bush White House to initiate the war in Iraq" timeline. Major snaps to Perrspectives for the excellent (and frequently updated) resource page on Rove, Iraq, DeLay, Judicial Filibuster, Social Security, and other crucial issues. And kudos, of course, to Citizens For Legitimate Government and Buzzflash for their latest breaking news links and their many other valuable resources.

CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and NPR have also jumped on the timeline/resource bandwagon in a big way this week. Hmm. It may take a while, but they almost always catch on.

What's Hot: Asking Questions

What's not hot: not answering questions.

Judging by BushCo's refusal to answer a single question on a single issue, it's obviously not hot to answer questions this summer. Bloggers, however, will keep on asking until the corporate media finally catches on.

Think Progress: "Why Was Rove Editing Intelligence Statements In 2003?"

(By the way, Think Progress also posted a real blast from the past this week:)

10/5/01: Bush Pulls Security Clearances From 92 Senators

"We can't have leaks of classified information. It's not in our nation's interest." - President George W. Bush, 10/9/01

Rigorous Intuition (re Abu Ghraib torture paintings): "Must I paint you a picture?"

And Jesus' General has a question for Rick "Ass-Obsessed" Santorum:

A Question for Rick

When I heard that Sen. Santorum was taking questions for a Washington Post chat, I decided to submit a question I had originally asked him a couple of years ago but failed to receive an answer to:

...I say "man on dog" means some kind of sick sex act. My friend Mike says it's more than that. He says it includes things like when you pack peanut butter in your rear end and then let Butch, your australian shephard, lick at it with his tongue.

I don't see that there's anything wrong with that. It's really no different than having him lick my face and I mostly never allow him to get around to the "north side" if you know what I mean. What's more, since it's not actual sex, it doesn't matter that Butch is male. I mean it's not like I'm doing some kind of homosexual on dog kind of thing. I'm no pervert...

What do you think?

What's Not Hot: A Fortune 500 Company That Claims to be Part of the Government.

Just when you thought the friends of BushCo couldn't get any weirder, Blogesque cites Clear Channel's (in Florida, of course) legal argument that the media giant's stadium should be tax exempt because it's actually part of the local government. Oh, and they also want the neighbors to STFU about their noise violations. True patriots! Barely a blip on the news radar screen.

Also Not Hot: The Blair Bush Project

Leave it to Tony to squander the Clinton-era love affair he had going with the vast majority of the UK population and have himself surgically attached to George W.'s ass. Too bad for Tony (but good for the planet) that the UK press and citizen bloggers still speak truth to power, even after a series of bombings. Bloggerheads' Manic notes that all the makeup in the world can't cover up Blair's bruises in a post called, "Ridding ourselves of the foundation-wearing 'five times a night' appeasement monkey."

Not In The Least Bit Hot, Even If They Think They Are: College Republicans

CampusProgress infiltrated the recent College Republican National Convention... with a camera:

Judging from the number of empty beer cans under this college student's seat, we can only assume he's either really enjoying the speech going on, or really, really hating it. By the way, Conventionette informed me this photo was taken at 10:00 in the morning. Yikes.

Some dude who really likes Paul Gourley. Can you believe the fire alarm behind him isn't going off with that pose? Hawt.

The power of seersucker compels you!

What's Not Hot: Being Karl Rove

Blah, Blah, Black Sheep, who normally posts on musical groups, takes time out to roast Karl Rove:

Possible Reasons Karl Rove Told Matt Cooper He'd "Said Too Much"

1. Cooper misheard. Rove actually said he'd "fed too much." You knew he was a vampire, didn't you?

2. Rove still had his iPod playing in one ear and was singing along to R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion."

3. Rove is a lying sack of shit who uses his office for political gain even if it endangers those working to protect our country.

Blah, Blah's post adds new (and disturbing) meaning to one of my (now former) favorite sayings, "Bite me, Karl!"

What's Legitimately Hot: The Space Shuttle Launch

The number #1 blog search this week is "Space Shuttle." Even the ever-cynical blogger, You are all just sheep to me... And I have a kilt took time out from relentlessly bashing Tony Blair to post: "Yes!!!! Go For Launch!"

But uh-oh. Pass the popcorn and stay tuned for Episode 2: The "W Stands For Weird" decision to ground the Shuttle fleet in mid-mission. I'm sure bloggers will dissect this decision six ways to Sunday.

What's Red Hot in Freeperland: Flip Flops in the White House

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! You'd think that the "regular guy," with whom the Sixpack family wants to have a beer, would spend some time getting to know, uh, regular people. Nope. When the Connecticut Cowboy hosted the National Women's Championship Lacrosse team, wingnut bloggers crawled over those beer cans on the floor (see pic above) to slam the young women's' "lack of decorum." Promenadeit harps: "The White House is no place for flip flops, or any ultra casual attire, unless the president is throwing a 'dress down Friday' type of affair, and casual is called for."

Perverted Inverted Student Ministries types: "Those uber-geeks of Northwestern Women's Lacrosse NCAA Championship team recently visited the White House. Unfortunately, some of the girls, especially some in the front row of the photo-op, wore, well, thongs."

And GOPInsight shrieks like a banshee: "Flip-flops, modeled after shoes meant to be worn into a public shower or on the beach, have no business anywhere in the vicinity of the president and his place of residence.)" (sic) We can agree on that point. Please notice, however, that the President was too well-mannered to comment on their clothing. "

No, we can't agree on that point. I'm sure you think that the Bush twins are perfect role models for today's young women. Hmm. Let's compare those young women to Jenna Bush. Is this what you meant by "a 'dress down Friday' type of affair, and casual is called for" activity?

I guess the flip-flops in the pic are appropriate, in your opinion. Cop a clue, GopInsight. Unlike Jenna Bush, the NCAA women's Lacrosse team has accomplished something pretty damned extraordinary. Check out some churches sometime and note the "public shower or on the beach" footwear of the Nazarene, you snarky snotball.

By the way, I've got your "too well-mannered to comment on their clothing" president right here:

One more thing, GOPInsight-Impaired! Before you burst an aneurism over that video of President Well-Mannered, check out Hughes For America's "Parenting Advice From George W. Bush." I'd hate for you to miss it.

What Could Be Really Hot, But... Isn't.

No enterprising Republican has found a way to recycle those old anti-Kerry campaign buttons and slam the NCAA Lacrosse champions at the same time. Noel at A Little Bit Of Everything has, though:

Noel writes:

What angers me more than ridiculous flip-flop argument is the fact that this team's achievement is being overshadowed by this ridiculous flip-flop argument. The Northwestern Women's Lacrosse program is only 4 years old, and in that short time they managed to go undefeated and win the National Title. But unfortunately they are probably going to be more widely known as the flip-flop team.

What's Hot-as-a-Red-Hot-Poker Hot: Blog Swarms, Blog Unions, Blog Rolls, and Blog Carnivals

Never underestimate the power of those in power to underestimate the determination of citizen bloggers. Liberal bloggers are getting organized, and we're determined to make a difference. Check out the the Progressive Bloggers Union and learn how to be part of something truly red hot! And don't forget to join the DU Activist Corps. Making a difference is what's really, really hot this summer!

Know a hot blog that needs some coverage? Send your recommendations to Delilah.

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