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July 8, 2005
Compiled by Delilah Boyd, A Scrivener's Lament

Common Sense

I sat beside Ambassador Joseph Wilson at the "Forum On Alternatives To American Foreign And Domestic Policy Since September 11" conference in DC in July, 2003, mere days before his New York Times piece, "What I Didn't Find In Africa," (debunking BushCo's bogus yellow cake claims) was published.

This man is not a crackpot. Nor is he a raving partisan Democrat. Common sense should tell you that Ambassador Wilson is a brilliant, thoughtful diplomat, whose only political concern is, and has always been, to establish and maintain healthy relationships between the United States of America and its global sister nations.

Which is why Karl Rove had to destroy him, of course.

"Karl Rove," the search term, began at #8 and rose rapidly to its present number #2 position at this week. (Number #1 was some UK Vanna White game show chick, who's dealing with the sudden death of the show's host.) Thousands of bloggers are ripping KKKarl a new one, but Jane at firedoglake does it best:

As someone who is still choking on the bile that came up over a bunch of sanctimonious old hacks hijacking the constitution and sitting in judgment of Bill Clinton, I would personally like to invite every one of them to dine on a delightful repast of their own words.

If revenge is a dish best served cold, you better eat fast, you bastards. This one's heating up.

P.S. Oh, NYT, WaPo? You got scooped by the fucking McLaughlin Group. You should all be disemboweling yourselves in shame.

Thanks, Jane! I needed that! For leak updates, Miller-in-handcuffs news, and other play-by-play BushCo treason action, check out the mega-blogs Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo and some blogs you should get to know, including Yatpundit, The Common Ills, Blue Meme, and the au (so) courant Best Of The Blogs. For the 411 on FOX News' strange silence on Rove, consult MoxieGrrrl.

After Judith (Chalabi-loving) Miller smiled for the camera on her way to jail for contempt of court, Ambassador Wilson posted his reaction at TPM Cafe.

Supreme W. Court Watch

Common sense should prevail when George W. nominates a Supreme Court justice, right? Don't hold your breath. Lance Mannion claims (sarcastically) that now is not the time for George W. to nominate Alberto Gonzales, aka The Teacher's Pet, to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. Lance writes:

This isn't a good time to have Gonzales on national television answering questions about torture again.

It's also not a good time for Bush to have to nominate another Attorney General who, in addition to having to answer questions about torture, would have to answer them about Karl Rove and Valerie Plame and the Downing Street Memos and whether or not the President broke the law in lying the country into a war.

On the other hand, Pharyngula is genuinely pessimistic about fighting George W.'s nutcase nominees, considering the Democrats' track record (bending over) on Republican attacks:

One of our problems right now is that it seems like the majority of Republicans will happily vote for any insane far-right boob in the name of party loyalty, while Democrats will take a knife to each other over trivia.

Cheer up, Pharyngula. I hear that Barbara Boxer is ready to thumb her nose at BushCo and go to the mattresses on this one.

Live 8 Bush Boo Boo(s)

Common sense should make at least a few Freepers understand just how hated and reviled George W. Bush is, but NOOOOO. What will it take for freepers to learn just how much the world hates George W. Bush? Thanks to wongaBlog, blogging the Live 8 concert, here's more proof:

David Beckham introduced Robbie Williams - the scream factor doesn't really get much bigger than that!

At various points, the screen showed photographs of the world leaders who'll be present at the G8. Only George W. Bush got booed.

Down On The Farm

Tim Worstal, at the Globalization Institute blog, highlights George W. Bush's sudden overseas announcement that he'll end U.S. farm subsidies, even though the powerful southern sugar lobby sweetened the Republican-controlled Senate's CAFTA voting tally.

The really hilarious part:

By insisting upon endless paperwork on the sourcing and provenance of each and every piece of produce, this scheme will make it extremely difficult for exporters to compete.

The cow goes "moo," the sheep goes "baa," and the farmer goes, "Oh, shit! I shouldn't have voted against all of those public school referendums and pissed off all of those liberal academic types who understand how to fill out all of these Gawd-damned forms. And I shouldn't have voted for George W. Bush!"

Common sense should've taught farmers not to believe anything a guy who turns a pig farm into a theatrical backdrop has to say.

Looking For More Real News?, the cut & paste news site getting great reviews, serves up stories from reputable global news sites which we normally don't see in our daily mullet wrappers. Here's an excerpt:

Ahead of a meeting with leaders of the world's most powerful nations, U.S. President George Bush has made it clear he's not about to budge on the issue of climate change.

Also bookmark worthy is FPF Correspondent In France, where Barry Fokler also posts news items generally ignored by our corporate-owned news media. Here's an example:

But, for many in the counter-recruitment movement, "Is the draft coming back?" is the wrong question.

There is the "poverty draft" of young people who are told the military is their only path to a career; the "backdoor draft" of the Stop-Loss program which mandates soldiers stay in active duty for up to 24 months after their contracts have expired; "the senior draft" in which reservists (who make up 40 percent of the fighting force in Iraq) are compelled back into active military service; and finally, there is the "secret draft" of mercenaries and private military contractors.

I hope today's recent grads use some common sense when viewing those schmaltzy Hallmark-card-clone "Join up Now!" TV commercials, where the kid convinces the parent by saying, "It's only the Reserves. It's local, and it's training."

Don't you find it surprising, to say the least, that George W. Coward waits until he's out of the country to announce these decisions? Me either.

The Circle Jerk Of Blog Bashing

Common sense should've kept me from clicking on anything to do with blogs published by a major media source, but I just couldn't help it. Some guy named Will, who writes about blogs for the corporate-owned megalomedia entity MSNBC, links to a blogger named Joe, who supposedly claims that blogs are boring. Joe explains:

You have two kinds of boring blogs:

1. Big Fish Bloggers, who are just endlessly talking about the same things, over and over.

2. Small Fry Bloggers, who are regular folks who are (let's face it) regular.

If there's any consolation, no matter how boring your own blog is, it's never going to be as boring as the "Dullest Blog in the World."

That's right. Will links to Joe, who links to the Dullest Blog in the World, which happens to be the most popular blog at and somewhat droll, in a Woody Allen Manhattan-era kind of way. Anyway, it's just a harmless diversion.

While clicking around (trying to find out who or what the hell a wib is), I found this amusing cartoon by Dave Walker:

Cue Gilda Radner, circa 1978! It just goes to show you... "boring" isn't always a dead end. By the way, if you know who or what a wib is, let me know.

More Blogging News

San Francisco Liberal is looking for a few good bloggers! If your heart (along with the rest of your vital organs) is in San Francisco, Liberal Traitor wants you to join his new bloggers group and fight the right-wingers.

Well I think that it's high time that we big bad liberal San Franciscans embrace their insults, and shove it right back in their faces. That's the idea of this blog. They've lowered the bar on political discourse, so it's time to get down in the mud with them, take off the gloves, and sling some shit!

San Francisco Liberal also has two must-see videos, one funny and one rather scary.

Have you learned to love vlogging yet? YouTube has some great videos for you, including segments from the wildly popular underground political comedy feature, "Washington Interns Gone Wild!" YouTube will also host your videos, and it's free.

A little common sense, not Nixon's ratfuckers running rampant in the halls of government, is needed "now more than ever." Office Of The Independent Blogger has a scathingly brilliant "common sense" idea:

Here's a situation where we ought to take a common sense approach toward our diplomacy. Regarding African poverty and global warming, give more money for the former and take more allied steps with Europe on the latter. In exchange for a few extra billion in aid to Africa, and for our joining Europe in setting goals for limiting, and cutting back on, carbon dioxide emissions, insist that they help us in Iraq with money and peacekeepers, with soldiers, with advisors, with public displays of solidarity.

This Independence Day week, I've thought a lot about the legacy of our founding fathers - more precisely, about Thomas Paine's Common Sense, wherein the author draws a distinct line between society and government.

I draw my idea of the form of government from a principle in nature, which no art can overturn, viz. that the more simple any thing is, the less liable it is to be disordered, and the easier repaired when disordered.

Common sense. It's such a simple concept that even Republicans should be able to embrace it. Hey George W. Bush, Rick Santorum, Tom DeLay, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove! Didn't anyone ever teach you any common sense? That simple question alone might just shut them up long enough for at least one Democrat to get a word in edgewise.

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